Sunday, August 27, 2006

Alone in Qatar (Aug-Sep 2006)

Well, ever since i came back from my yearly vacation (1 month) i have been alone. My wife and kid are still back in Cairo.

The house feels so empty without them. Awful!

Strange, you never appreciate what you have till you actually are apart from it.

The bad thing about being in Doha alone is that there are not many things to do or many people to meet.
There are some things like cinemas, Golf, walking on the corniche...etc but with this weather (40s Celsius) it is difficult to actually do most of them. Not to mention the malls which we know inside-out (the ones to visit are about 4).
A new addition is the new Carrfour Hyper Market. It is huge!

Another problem I have is the long working hours i have to go through. We have a 1 hour break. After work i feel so tired i just want to go home and as Egyptians say A'ANTAKH (relax).

Doha now is having a face lift for the Asian games ( that are to be hosted here from 1st of December till the 15th 2006. All streets have been torn apart and are to be re-paved hopefully before the beginning of the tournament. Although, with the rate things are happening i doubt most streets will be finished.
One of the things everyone here noticed is that a bout a year ago they tore everything apart and just left the streets like that for about 8 months with no progress at all. So much for planning!

One good thing to do here is shopping. Ironically I am not into it :(

I'll just try to hold myself together till my family comes back to me... meanwhile, pictures on the PC are my companion.

Mood: Sulking :(


Anonymous said...

erga3 ya teem, erga3 li masr

Anonymous said...

2awya sa7 :)

Fadfadation said...

wa7shani ya masr ...