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Egyptian Gov. Crack-down on Muslim Brotherhood

Part of an article in Al Masri Al youm (to read in full goto:

كتب محمود محمد وعماد فؤاد

جانب من الجلسة
طالب ٩٩ نائبًا من نواب الإخوان المسلمين والمستقلين في مجلس الشعب، بعقد جلسة عاجلة للجنة حقوق الإنسان بالمجلس، لمناقشة الانتهاكات الخطيرة من قبل الحكومة، والتي تصفي حساباتها السياسية مع خصومها، خاصة الإخوان المسلمين الذين فازوا بـ ٢٠% من مقاعد البرلمان في الانتخابات الماضية.
وأشار النواب في مذكرتهم إلي قيام الحكومة باعتقال أساتذة الجامعات وآخرهم الدكتور محمود عزت الأستاذ بكلية الطب بجامعة الزقازيق، أمين عام جماعة الإخوان، ولاشين أبو شنب عضو البرلمان السابق، رغم إصابته بشلل نصفي. وطالب النواب بمحاكمة وزير الداخلية ورجاله ممن انتهكوا الدستور،

It is obvious to everyone here in Egypt that our beloved government is cracking down on everyone who dared and pressured it for democracy and legislations reformation.

Around a year and a half ago when the Egyptian gov. was getting a lot of heat from USA and EU for applying democracy, the gov. (The National Democratic Party) was forced into giving more space for other parties and their reps. to move and express themselves more freely and openly.

Although the Egyptian media was not fair at all in the coverage of the non-ruling parties in the parliament elections and the presidential elections, some people came into the picture in a way that seems to have scared the ruling party and it's gov.

One of them being Ayman Noor (Al Ghad Party) which the gov. jailed for an accusation that he forged his party's registration papers... now what a coincidence, they found that out just after he got more than half a million votes in the presidential elections!!

The other group of people who came in strongly into the picture (although they have been always present for the past 80 years as being strong and of substance) were the Muslim Brotherhood (Al Ikhwan).
There are different explanations for their sudden and surprising rise and winning %20 of the parliament seats although there were many violations by the police or thugs pushed into the streets via security forces to force people away from election voting places to make sure the MB reps. never win.There were also some very well known cases of forgery done on purpose against the MB reps. who won some seats (i.e. Damanhour area with the once respected Moustafa El Fiki of the National Democratic Party...not anymore!).

Photo (Baheyya blog) - Police Blockage (Parliment Elections 2005)

One of the explanations is that the Gov. let the MBs win to scare off USA , as if it is saying "if you want democracy in Egypt, you'll end up with these people ...islamists".
Another explanation is that the Gov. had no choice but leave MBs and try and beat them at the elections to show everyone (inside and out) that the MBs are not a strong group as everyone thought over the years. Yet, when the MBs made shocking progress (shocking for the Gov.) in the first phase of the elections the Gov. Cracked down on them to stop their progress in the second and third phases of the elections.

Now after reading the above newspaper article from AL Masri Al Youm, it is obvious that with the US busy with all it's administration's screw-ups all over the world and maybe even that same admin. worried that real democracy in Egypt will bring islamists (even if moderate), the US backed off and stopped pressuring the Egyptian Gov. Only then did the Egyptian Gov. decided to get ride of the biggest threat (to the gov. of course)..the MB! and stop any reformations for the time being (maybe just do one or to pathetic adjustments to save face).

The issue is simple, the MBs won and will win (if there ever will be clean and democratic elections without security forces intervening as always) because of four clear reasons:

1- MB reps. in general are known to serve their communities. 2- MB are known (generally speaking) to be (Aydehom Bayda'a) not corrupt people unlike other well known hated persons in the National Democratic party and it's gov reps.
3- People want change, people are sick and tired of the National Democratic Party (democratic...yeah right...humph!).
4- The mast majority of Egyptians love their religion and will backup anyone who respects that and tries to put it in action.

Lately, the Gov. and it's media pros (pros of suck up that is) are playing a very dangerous game. Frightening Christians about the MBs winning in the future (which if you think of might actually happen one day if given the chance).

If you thinkof it for a minute, Egypt has always been an Islamic country with Islamic oriented rulings since the 600s. So, if an islamist will rule...WHAT'S NEW??? as long as our Christian brothers get their rights and are treated fairly.

But nooooooooooooooo, the Gov. has to make it a point to scare Christians and the whole world that the Christians will be ill treated if MBs or any other islamist will take control (as if this Gov. is not the cause of most of the problems between Muslims and Christians in this country).

I do agree that MB do need to be more clear about a few things they have said in the past. And they should do a new Constitution for their group clearly spelling out how they think about everything and what they'll do if in control.

Someone might say "how do we guaranty that MBs will stick to what they say and not change when they gain control?". The answer is simple, we are not God to know the intentions of people. We can only judge per what is in front of us. Another thing, look at the situation now... does the NDP do everything they say they will???!

And to answer that question better, we need to make sure we have a real democratic system in which through elections we (the people) can remove any party that will not abide to what it says just like any other democratic country.

Anyway, God only knows what will happen in the future. But i see this going one way till the next parliament\presidential elections in 2011... breaking down the MB will be the priority of the Gov.

Will they succeed????

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