Thursday, August 31, 2006

Naguib Mahfouz (The End)

Photo - Al Ahram Newspaper

Naguib Mahfouz has passed away the day beffore yesterday Tuesday the 29th of August 2006. You can feel the sorrow and pity in many Egyptians you'll talk to.

I wasn't really into his works that much, but the man as a Novelist has to be remember with all due respect. He was after all the first Egyptian to win a Nobel prize in literature in 1988(

Allah yerhamo...


سلمى صلاح said...

Naguib for me is the most respectable of all the egyptian noble winers..
He got it due to going back to our roots,wether u like his books or not u can only agree that everything about him is so egyptian.

God rest his soul

Anonymous said...

I agree there.