Wednesday, August 30, 2006

New Cars Syndrome (Purchasing Streak)

A few months ago i bought myself a nice new car (thank God for everything).

The weird thing is that now everyone at work is buying new cars. You might say:"so what???". Well, i'll tell you...

Before i got that car everyone for the past few years got small moderate cars (for economical reasons) like Aveo, Corrolla, old Nissans, Optra, Lancer, Sunny, ...etc. And for the last few years my colleagues used to make fun of anyone who spends a lot of money on his car (not that i joined in of course).

So, ever since i bought that new car, most people started selling their old cars and getting brand new very expensive cars. To the extent that even the people who made fun of anyone who had a nice car before, now got new cars for thousands and thousands of Riyals (i'm talking in the 100,000s).

Not only that, one of them actually came up to me and said: "You started it!". And i went: "What the....????!!!!". lol :)

Now this place is turning into a competition arena, everyone is trying to beat everyone to decide "Who has the best car"!
Now there are Mercedes, BMW, Land Cruisers, Pajero, Pathfinder, Audi, ...etc (Sedans and SUVs) all over the place. Most of these if not all are brand new. And all this is since i as one of them said: "Started it"!

This is a clear "New Cars Syndrome".

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