Sunday, August 27, 2006


Well, i guess i should start by mentioning where i am currently.
Right now i'm living with my wife and child in Doha, Qatar. We have been here since 2004.

Here are a few things about Qatar...
Qatar's population is around 800 thousand. Around 280 thousand are qataris. The rest are from different nationalities. Mainly, Palestinians, Lebanese, Egyptians, Filipinos, Indians, Nepali, and a few other countries.

You will notice (as usual in most Gulf countries) the large Egyptian community. Anywhere you go you'll hear that famous Arabic Egyptian accent all over the place (aaah feels like home).
Egyptians here are mainly either working in Banks, schools, ministries or ordinary labor.
going into many of the Masjids (which is one the things i like to do) you'll notice that most of the Imams (Islamic Clerks) are Egyptians (although this has been changing recently).
It is said that the reason for that is that in the 1960s a lot of the Ikhwan Muslimeen (Muslim Brotherhood) people fled from Egypt to Qatar (including the famous Sheikh Qaradawi whom i admire and respect). That generation of MBs took prestigious places in the Ministry of Islamic affairs and were dedicated to the welfare of Islam in this nice little country.

The other nationality you'll also notice is the Lebanese. There are a lot of them here. Most of them fled from the Civil war (1975-1990). A lot of them were even born here.
Of course nowadays with the economic boom here in Qatar many others came in.

Qatar is a nice small place compared (size wise) to our beloved (yet suffocating) Cairo. From what i see this place will transform into a mini-Dubai (competing with Dubai is their target) in the next few years.

A couple of pics of the corniche (2004)...

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