Monday, August 28, 2006

Typical Egyptian Newspaper Articles

Things like the article below really frustrate whoever reads an Egyptian government owned newspapers. Read this news slip from Al Akhbar newspaper...

تأييد لسياسة الرئيس مبارك من فتيات مصر بالمعسكرات الصيفية

كتبت فاطمة السيد:

أكدت فتيات مصر المشاركات في المعسكرات الشبابية تأييدهن لسياسة الرئيس مبارك الداعمة للسلام والاستقرار بالمنطقة حفاظا علي متطلبات التنمية وتهيئة المناخ لتوفير فرص العمل لشباب مصر وطالبت 2800 فتاة شاركن في المعسكرات من مختلف المحافظات بضرورة توحيد الصف العربي في اطار كيانات تحافظ علي وحدة الأمة العربية ومستقبل شبابها. كما أكدن علي ضرورة فتح قنوات للحوار والتواصل بين شباب الوطن العربي وتوحيد الرؤي تجاه القضايا المصيرية. وصرح الدكتور صفي الدين خربوش رئيس المجلس القومي للشباب بأن التثقيف الفكري للفتيات من خلال برامج وأنشطة المعسكرات الصيفية في كل من بورسعيد ورأس البر والاسماعيلية يهدف إلي تشجيع الفتاة علي المشاركة السياسية والتنمية.

Now how ridiculous can they get?!! VERY is the answer!

Do you want to convince me that 2800 Egyptian girls actually said that they agree with Hosni Mubarak's policies about peace, how to unit Arabs and so on???!!!

Any Egyptian knows what Egyptians really think of Hosni Mubarak and his policies which lead to our current so called prosperity.

It seems that the same people who used to write in newspapers from the days of Abdel Nasser are still around. Writing nonsense and think they can shove their thoughts down our throats...

it's as if everyone is screaming "help!!!!" and then the newspapers relay it on as..."the people are saying thank you my lord"!

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Anonymous said...

shame in u all bloggers u opened the door to israel and america to eat our meat .to take our lives
i still don't know why u young guys and girls don't think for one moment who is behind all what happening to us.don't blame the governmanet they are not right but also not bad ,who want to change is us,first begain with urselef everyone should do that,than ask others to change from their self,in the police there is good policeman and bad ,like everywhere else,and instead of making the people blow up in the governmant,let them help the government because if really we care about egypt we should stand all together specially now,before the american make new middle east.
u know why all this happening in egypt because many people forget about god,and some other wanna earn money without asking from where it comes,and other wanna kill to steal,and other watching sexy movie on the cable and don't have money to marry,will the governmant be in every house to tell u do this and don't do that?
i didn't see a clear pic to the girls who was in down town but let me tell u something in eid from many years my parents doesn't allow us to go outside home and this becoz young guys are many in the street,and u know when guys come together they maybe drunk,or taking drugs or had watch a tape,so there mind will not be stable . about the girls i noticed that lately many girls doesn't wear properly,they don't dress what match with them ,many of them u can see parts of her body,and we came at the end and say to guys what are u looking at? this is nonsence, we are not in europe,we are in egypt,in middle east plz girls wear properly.
second thing instead of eating each other and blaming each other look around and try to see our real enemy who want us to keep being occupied in ourselefs and eating eachother so they can eat us so easy .
they make our guys ,(the army of tommorow)drinking and taking drugs and thinking is sex.
they make our girls( mum of tommorow) waisting her time in what should i wear and should i make plastic surgery,or do i have to etc...,and making her away from her role that god make her too which is making agood kids with agood minds.
at last i hope u all wake up.

Fadfadation said...

As you said...
"many people forget about god"
"i noticed that lately many girls doesn't wear properly,they don't dress what match with them"
mohagabaat and non mohagabaat may i add.

I agree with you on those...

All that you said is in a lot of people's minds. The thing is, that does not mean we can not criticize something tat is wrong.

For instance, when the government forges elections... that's wrong and we have to condemn that! and so on...

thanks for sharing your opinion

Anonymous said...

yeah but there is many way to say no to the governmant or let her see that we r not agree with her.
i saw many(mozahrat)since i was in college some was in peace and other were containing damaging of cars and pushing poeple.
so u can see that sometime another people who have mind in another thing go through this mozharat ,so we can't blame governmant coz they take both of naive and not naive person coz before u start something u have to know what will u do and when and first of all with who ?
not coz u read or see mozhara u go to it without u know.
let us say for ex: this issue about this young man kareem i don't know what he says to make them arrested i feel he maybe is inocense but i wanna to know exactly what he said to make el ahr say that to him,than i can give him my vote if he deserve it .
so what i am saying that coz of many mistakes we have in the governmant young guys are going to blow without thinking where to blow up

Fadfadation said...

I see your point.

I too think that young people can loose thier minds.

One way to avoid this is...
more freedom to express ourselves (without insulting each other), this will let some heat out but in the right direction.

Rabena Yestor