Friday, September 01, 2006

Football - Mohammad Abdel Wahab's Sudden Death

Abdel Wahab (right)
To my shock and many Egyptians' shock, Mohammad Abdel Wahab (Al Ahly Football player, who was part of the Egyptian National Football Team that won the last African Nations Cup in February 2006) passed away yesterday morning (31st of August 2006) during a training session at Al Ahly Football Club in Cairo, Egypt.

This is the announcement from Al Ahram newspaper (

A 23 year old talented young, healthy, fit and promising player with all the future in front of him just collapsed during a training session with a heart attack. My God!! (La Hawla Wala Kowata Ila BelAh, Ina LelAh Waa Ina Ilahi Raje'oon).

This reminds me of my brother. He too passed away a long time ago. He was in his teens. It was a car accident. It was a very tough experience for me and my family. Allah Yerhamo.

Humans tend to find death of young people with no history of deceases shocking (well, I do). We always have this tendency of thinking (forgetting a life's fact) death is only something that gets old or very ill people.

It's a bit scary if you think of it. Anyone of us can die any minute no matter how healthy he is and no matter how advanced science gets. When it's time, it's time! no one can stop it!

The question we should ask ourselves is... are we (you and I) ready for that day?
Most of us willl say: "no and we never will be!".

If that's the case, then we should at least do our best to be ready.

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Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say that his death gave me the same reaction, even though i dont remember hearing his name before..
I keep thinking, did he see it coming? Did he have time to say shahada? Did he have time to repent anything he did?

When you grow old or fall sick, you start to wisen-up (at least most people do) and start to get more in touch with your spiritual side.. But for the rest of us, will we ever have this chance to wisen up?

If I am blessed with a good health, do i repay it by being ungrateful to that fact?

Fadfadation said...

I can see that most probablely your a girl :)
Girls and a only a few guys don't know much about football.

As for your comment, I see your point.