Monday, September 18, 2006

For Wives

One of the journalists i like is a lady called Fawzeya Salama. She co-hosts a show on MBC called "Kalam Nawaaem" (Women's Talk). She also writes articles in Al Shark Al Awsat newspaper. She just reminds me of a typical loving Egyptian mother :)
This week she wrote about a magazine she read in 1955. The magazine had advice for wives, this is part of that article (to read in full goto:

كيف كان الحال في عام 1955؟ يقول الدليل:
اعدي عشاء زوجك قبل عودته من العمل لكي يشعر انك تهتمين براحته.
وكما تعدين العشاء اعدي نفسك لاستقباله. ربع ساعة امام المرآة هي كل ما تحتاجينه لتعديل زينتك وتمشيط شعرك. كوني مرحة لأن زوجك عاد اليك بعد قضاء يوم ممل في صحبة اناس انهكهم يوم عمل طويل. تذكري ان احد واجبات الزوجة الذكية هو توفير الصحبة المرحة لزوج متعب. احرصي على ازالة كل اثار الفوضى من البيت قبل عودته كاللعب والصحف والمجلات المبعثرة.. واحرصي ايضا على هدوء البيت. تأكدي ان ادوات النظافة مثل غسالة الثياب والمجفف وغسالة الصحون قد ادت عملها وسكنت منعا للضوضاء عند رجوعه.
حين يدخل زوجك من الباب اظهري سرورك برؤيته... قابليه بتحية وابتسامة. واياك والشكوى مهما كانت ملحة. فلحظة رجوعه الى البيت ليست هي الوقت المناسب للشكوى من اي شيء مهما كان.
At the end of the article she says...
انتهى الدليل ولكن صلاحيته لم تنته رغم مضي نصف قرن على صدوره. لو كان الامر بيدي لنصحت كل المجلات الموجهة لربات البيوت وبكل اللغات بإعادة نشر دليل المرأة الذكية ومنع عرض الافلام التي تصور المرأة ككائن عار ومفترس يجيد الكاراتيه وتفجير القنابل الغبية. ولوجهت كلمة الى كل زوج انعم الله عليه بزوجة ذكية: لا ترفس النعمة والا زالت.
وما اكثر الرجال الذين لا يدركون ان حنو الزوجة على زوجها نعمة لا تقدر بجاه او بمال. وان الخلق الانساني الحسن يقضي بأن يرد الزوج التحية بأحسن منها
If women would just listen to that advise, marriage would be much easier. The advise is simple:
  • - Make him dinner before he comes home from work.
  • - 15 minutes in front of the mirror before he comes home will help a lot.
  • - Show him you are happy he is back.
  • - Smile.
  • - House clean (and tidy if possible, i know what kids do to the house... lol).

After i read the article, i said to myself "ya salaaam ya madam fawzeya, kalamek dorar!".

If women do these simlpe things, men would do anything to please them in return.

Disclaimer: this article can not, should not, and will not be used against me in anyway :)))

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Nag said...

I pride myself on _not_ being a feminist.. I believe that even working women are wives and mothers before being career women.. YET, lets entertain the thought for a little.. "she" is an imaginary mother who doesnt work.. She wakes him up, makes his breakfast, he leaves to work, she wakes the children, prepare them for school, or if they're younger just shower and dress and feed them.. now she has to prepare lunch, clean the house, and take care of that screaming running little cute monster.. She goes to the supermarket/grocer's where she has an argument with some woman who takes her place in a queue, she scratches her car door while trying to grab hold of her son AND hold the shopping cart at the same time.. she goes home, her mother calls her with some problem about neighbors who hang their dripping laundry over hers.... while trying to talk it out with her mom, her son has made a spectacle of himself and the sofa with the chocolate he got from the supermarket... she hangs up, showers him again, feeds him and off to his nap.. she fixes lunch and tidies around a bit and tries at least to look human before he comes from work... He walks in from the heat of the street, angry about the guy who took his parking spot and about his manager setting unrealistic deadlines... So she snaps, he snaps..

My point isnt that she shouldnt greet him with a smile, its that he should greet her with one as well, because she has had one hell of an everyday just like his day :D

mood: fadya to have written all this!

Fadfadation said...

True, it is a matter of give and take.

Nazareyet EL 2awany AL Mostatraka :)

Anonymous said...

كل سنه وانتم طيبين وربنا يعود علينا وعليكم الايام بخير

Fadfadation said...

Wenta Belse7a Welsalama ya Omar :)