Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Immigration - Mr.K vs. My Experience

One of my best friends has joined the increasing list of people i know leaving Egypt to work abroad.
Mr.K is not only going to find a job abroad, but he is actually immigrating to North America... Rabena Ma'aah!

I know exactly what he is going through. I pity him very much. After all, i was in his shows a few years ago as i left to work in the Gulf (awful experience).

I remember the day i had to go to the airport. My fiancee (now wife) passed by me and took me to the airport. I even still remember being in the car next to her (she was driving) and looking up towards my parent as they stood in the balcony waving their hands. Seeing them vanish from in front of my eyes as the car moved along the road was devastating. I actually shed tears and looked outside of the window most of the way to the airport (not wanting my fiancee see me in that state).
We arrived at the airport, i said goodbye to my fiancee and left her (feeling awful of course). As i entered the airport i realized that my life will never be the same from then on.

All that was years ago, now in 2006 (after working in 3 different countries) i got used to going back and forth between Egypt and other countries.
The lesson learned... eveything will be ok and everyone gets used to change. The important thing is to have faith that God will bring us the best out of everything, as long as we try hard and ask Him for the best.

Mr. K, good luck man! Who knows, maybe one day i'll come visit you with my family in your new habitat ISA (InShaa Allah).

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Nag said...

For someone who loves Egypt as much as i think you do, you do your best to stay away from it :)

You and K took a very brave step.. Most people are just complaining but can never change their lives.

Ironic though, while other nations are waiting for "the return", we're waiting for "the leave".

HANY said...

i'm in the same situation as ur friend allah help us all

accept my regardes

Fadfadation said...

Everyone want s to leave. Even poor people prefer to take the risk of dying in the sea while sneaking from Lebya to Europe than to live in Egypt... :(

dida said...

Lesson learned actually is that there's no place like home. Egypt, with all its problems, is & will always be home. The people, family & extended family, loved ones & friends, the gad3ana (its no longer an Egyptian trait unfortunately but there are still some people who are gid3an), the culture, the memories... those things can never be found anywhere else. If our beloved Egypt just knew how much we loved her, maybe things would be different & no one would think of leaving.

Shatla said...

I love to say that it is not one way rule for everyone to act the same as K, who I really Ask Allah to help him in his JOURNEY,But I want to mention only one rule in Egypt life, If you are not here in Egypt carring about the country ,trying to help people to change, changing yourself, looking or participation in change please do not hesitate to leave the country cause you will not find the normal life for the normal citizen.Egypt is corrupted and the corruption seems to be distributed like cancer and the you will live here to fix or GO GO GO out.Thus does not mean it is mistake or cowerdy movement to leave the country at all but It is a proper situation of many people.K my only advice do not live lonely and try to find the good muslim people to live with