Wednesday, September 06, 2006

People Who Irritate Me #1

There are some public figures and journalists that really get on my nerves.

Here is the list of people who get on my nerves:

Gamal El Bana (Egypt): The young brother of late Hassan Al Bana (founder of the Muslim Brotherhood).

He just keeps coming up with (and defending) the most weird, unheard of opinions about Islamic rulings. He seems to be living by the saying: "Oppose and you'll be known" (Khalef Tooaraf)!

Sample of his opinions:


Hassan Al Torabi (Sudan): Was part of the Sudanese government. Head of a Sudanese political party.

One day he says something and another he says the opposite. He and Omar Al Basheer (current President of Sudan) applied some laws in Sudan back in the 80s and 90s. Now he is criticizing the government and those same laws (after he was removed from the government). Not to mention his recent opinions about Islam laws.

Sample of his opinions:


Ibrahim Issa (Egypt): A journalist, head of Al Doustour newspaper.

Although i like his political opinions and mockery, i really dislike the stuff he says when he talks about religion. I'll never forget when he accused sayedna Othman Ibn Affan of being unfair amongst other things. He also criticized the Prophet's followers. Too many details to discuss... thinking of it, is he a Shi'ee ?? Allaho Aaalam.


Mona El Tahawi (Egypt): A journalist living abroad (USA i think).

Not sure what her problem is with Islam rulings or anything that represents it. She just keeps launching offensive articles against islamic rulings and anyone who is an Islamist (no matter moderate or not). She of course attacks all Islamic groups like Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, ...etc.

She keeps on and on about how those islamists (in her opinion) if in control of the government, will force hijab (Islamic head dress for women) . When i read that i felt i wanted to say: "Is that the only thing you can worry about? is that the best you can come up with???!!

She even once said the meaning of: "if the MB took over Egypt, I won't go back to Egypt". As if we in Egypt are living in heaven and the MB will ruin it.

WOMAN! If by ture democracy the MB rule Egypt, then so be it!!!!

What really shocked me in one of her articles is that she was criticizing Hamas for many reasons (that's not the problem...) and in that same article she actually said: "And my friends In Israel when i was working there....bla bla"!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Yanharek Abyad! Rabena yekhalehomlek yakhty!).

The strangest thing she ever did (that proves how shallow her knowledge about Islam is) was her participation and defending of Omaymah (the lady that prayed as the imam of 100 men and women mixed up all together and while women had no veils on while praying, in New York a couple of years ago). I can understand if non-muslims find what she (Mona) said seems to be ok. Of course, if you know ZILTCH (nothing) about islamic rulings...Yes, you'll find it ok. But, for muslims this is too much to bear.

Trying to prove myself wrong, I failed to find one article for her that defends islam in anyway. Frankly, I stopped reading her crap!

Sample of her opinions:

To be continued...

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Anonymous said...

Some of these people are really irritating, i agree. But it is always a good thing to not just follow blindly. Thinking about things & looking for interpretations is not wrong. I am not defending them, don't get me wrong. I am just saying that el igtehad should be practiced by more people, people with the proper background of course. Another thing, Ibrahim Issa may be wrong to insult the sa7aba but there is nothing wrong with criticizing them, they are only people, humans, they are not prophets & are not sayedna Mohammad, & akeed they made mistakes, but there must always be the utmost respect in critisizing them & the criticism should be based on sound information. Which reminds me, when did Ibrahim Issa have the time to collect all his information? Ya3ny el ragil beyetkallim fel cinema, politics, religion, when did he read all that he read & gather all that information at such a young age? I find that impressive & i wish more people would have such diverse information & have read so much in different things in life. Anyway, that's just my opinion. Again, i am not defending any of those people.

Fadfadation said...

i get your point.

Ahmed Fayed said...

iam impressed by your full ignorance and closed mind. people like you are the ones that irritate me ,not the great thinkers and activists that are trying to reform our religion and society and take it away from such ignorant, radical, fanatic and irrational people like you. people of your kind are by all means the big obstacles to our freedom of thought and reason.

Fadfadation said...

To Ahmed Fayed,

"ignorance", "closed mind, "ignorant", "radical", "fanatic" and "irrational", and "big obstacles" ...all that is per your saying in

So... in your "OPEN MINDED, LIBERAL, and RATIONAL" mind....
becuase i have a different point of veiw than a person like yourself means that i am all the above, does it then?!!

Seems you have to practice what you preach Mr.Perfecto!

La 7awla wala kowata ila belAh 3ala amsalak...

gjoe said...

i think you forgot to add "Nawal el Sa3dawy"!

Fadfadation said...

la2...dy me7taga post lee wa7daha...looooooooooooooool

Some people are just best ignored :)

Anonymous said...

Salam 3ala el nas el keraam,

Dude that was a one heck of an article, well worded well thought out and above all to the point.

These progressive muslims have many ways to dazzle the mind and hearts reminds me of the first americans whom kept giving the indians beads for more land, well I hope they realize that they are not dealing with indians and that we definitely do not like beads!

Islam is the path to infinity,
Islam is the evolution of religion
Islam is the evolution of soul.
Islam is the death of tradition
Islam is the nature of the universe
Islam is the harbringer of light
Islam is where the darkness ends
Islam is where understanding begins.
Islam is where there is Fear no more
Islam is what makes your core........

Fadfadation said...

We share the same thought it seems :)