Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Very Old Arabic Song - Rings A Bell?

The song you are about to listen to will take you (people in your late 20s to 30s) back about 25 years to the days of the children's programmes on AL Kannah Al Oola (Channel one on Egyptian TV).

There are a lot of things in my life that make me yearn for the days i was a child... this song is one of them.
It reminds me of the days i used to go to School, the days my brother was alive, the days i used to play with nothing else on my mind, the days my father and I used to go to OSCAR super market in Heliopolis and buy HEMAN action characters, the days we used to spend a whole month in summer in our Farm house, the days my cousins and I used to play together, ... aaaah, I can go on and on... i really miss those days...

Link: http://www.funwitharabic.com/song.htm

Mood: Reminiscing :)

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