Monday, October 30, 2006

Abdullah Kamal Lashes At Muslim Women's Veil

One of the journalists (if we can call him that) that I really despise is a person called Abdullah Kamal. He is the Editor in Chief of “Rose Al Yousef” Newspaper in Egypt.

....Abdullah Kamal

Besides being known as the man belonging to the National Democratic Party (the ruling party for more than 25 years in Egypt), he is is also known to have a problem with anyone who is not pro-NDP.
From Islamists, Nationalists, to even Liberals (remeber his attack on Hala Moustafa?)…anyone who is not pro-NDP was\is\will be attacked by that Abdullah Kamal in that awful newspaper.

I even remember when he attacked Amr Adeeb (a very famous presenter of a TV talk show called “Al Qahirah AL Youm” on Orbit Channel) becuase Amr didn't support trading with Israel (while Israel was killing poor Palastinians).

Seems now the Mr.Karioka (ma3a i3tezarna lel fanana ta7eya karioka) has decided to lash at millions of muslim women, this time he is he is attacking women wearing veils (Hijab).

In his "Rose Al Yousef" Article dated 28-10-2006, he actually called the Hijab a symbol of racism against Egyptian Christians???!!!!
His opinion (if I understood correctly) is to take it off muslim women. In that way all chirstian and muslim women are the same.

Eh el habal da!!!!

I will not talk about Hijab being compulsory and proof behind that. I will not talk about the fact that even some jewish and christian women wear veils (religous ones specially, think nuns..etc.), I'll talk from two other points of view…

If you are liberal as you say you are Mr.Kamal (walanta kamal wala neyla), then you were suppose to (from a liberal point fo view) defend "freedom of chioce" and let women decide for themselves whether to wear it or not. Not just say "take it off" min dema3'ak keda!

And for another point of view, I dedicate Mr.Kamal this part of an article by Gamal Sultan (co-founder of Al-Misryoon Electronic newspaper) from Al-Misryoon Electronic newspaper (for full article go to:

ألا يستحي كاتب مصري من أن يدافع رئيس الكنيسة الإنجيلية في بريطانيا عن حق المسلمة في ارتداء النقاب أو الحجاب ، بينما رئيس "الكنيس" الصحفي في القاهرة يطالب بنزعه عن رؤوس الملايين من المصريات ومطاردة كل محجبة في الشوارع والمدارس والمستشفيات والمصالح الحكومية ، ألا يستحي هذا المعتوه من أن يوجه الإهانات إلى عائلته ذاتها والتي فيها عشرات من الفتيات والسيدات من المحجبات ، ألا يستحي من أن يوجه الإهانات إلى زوجات وبنات قيادات القوات المسلحة وقيادات أجهزة الأمن ذاتها بكل أفرعها وقيادات المجالس التشريعية والأحزاب والمؤسسات القضائية والرقابية

Allah Yehdena Gamee3a.

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ditto said...

Abdullah Kamal unfortunately is one of the worst journalists in Egypt, and it's sad that he's in charge of Rosa, Allah yer7am Fatma Alyoussef & Ihsan Abdel Kodoos.
We ba3dein, howa khalas mashakelna khelsit & the veil is suddenly everyone's problem?! Eli tet7agib tet7agib, eli matet7agibsh matet7agibsh! Eh el moskhela?
Why do we label each other - mo7agaba = perfect muslim, anything else = fagra? No one gave anyone the right to judge. We are losing the beautiful characteristic of Egyptians of being tolerent of all different sorts of people. Khalas, instead of uniting under our Egyptian flag, veiled people are uniting under the veil, others r uniting under the cross. We r getting carried away with the West's ignorance of our culture & r now benakol fe ba3d. i7na na2seen!! Kol 7ad beyenhash feena, mesh ma32ool we can't unite & r getting lost in useless arguments keda.
Things are being blown out of proportion & ben7amillha aktar min ma ta7tamil. Why is it that personal choices r now public debates? Ya nas unite 3al modesty, el 7eshma wel akhla2.
If we really want freedom, let's free our minds first wennaby and get our priorities straight.

Fadfadation said...

Yeslam Fomak\fomek...
"We ba3dein, howa khalas mashakelna khelsit & the veil is suddenly everyone's problem?! "
"Why is it that personal choices r now public debates? "

Anonymous said...

The fact that some Jewish and Christian women wear veils "religous ones specially think nuns..etc" is not a fact at all! In fact these are archaic traditions just as the Niqab es 3ada kabaleyya.

Fadfadation said...

Well, think of it this way...

They (some jewish and christian women)put it on as a sign of virtue or something of the sort regardless religious reasons or not...sa7?

So, even people from other faiths wear it, no matter what the reason behind it is. bas.