Saturday, October 07, 2006

Annoying Things People Do In Mosques!

Surely each one of us experienced something annoying while going to prayer. Usually, these things have to do with people. Here are a few things that annoy me...

Note: What i am about to say is not common. It does not represent what happens in Mosques generally speaking. But, some of these things happen every now and then by people who are either ignorant or have no idea about decency...

  1. When i go to the Mosque (Masjid) and get ready to pray SUNA prayer, a man decides to leave all the empty areas in the mosque and stand behind me in a line to pray his SUNA prayer. The problem is not that he is behind me, the problem is that he does not give me enough space to bow (Rokoo') while praying. This ends up that my "behind" keeps bumping into his head as both of us are bowing and standing strait during our prayers. Of course to avoid this i have to move forward while i am praying. At the end of my prayers, i want to turn around and tell him in typical Egyptian Arabic : "7abaket ya3ny to2af waraya keda!".
  2. During Friday prayers, while the Imam (Preacher) is preaching and everyone is sitting in his line (Muslim during prayers stand in fine rows), a man who came in late to the Mosque decides to keep pushing people aside to go all the way and try and fit into the front row of people (the row just behind the Imam). That person has no decency for the feelings of other people. He knocks into all lines as he is moving forward, disturbing all people as he goes by. I know that he is motivated by the Prophet's saying that "the best line is the first line of prayer then the following on, and so on" (this is to encourage people to go early and stand behind the Imam). What i want to tell such people is: "Either you come early to be in the first line or for God's sake just sit where you are!".....................eeefff!
  3. Children below the age of 5 whom for some reason their fathers decides that they can stand in line and pray with more elder people can be very annoying too. There is no problem of course doing that "IF" the kid is quite and will not annoy other people. But, to bring your kid who is too young (to understand or know what to do) to pray with elder people, and it ends up that he keeps running between lines, screaming, pulling our trousers, and decides that he (the kid) is an athlete and does a double flip in front of us while we pray...."LA2A KEDA KETEEER!".
  4. Kids from the age of 7 till 14, something is about these kids that is annoying. They are goofy, and very sloppy. They just keep banging and knocking into people. They do everything very quickly (praying) and want to leave quickly. I have no idea why, but i noticed this about that age group. They need to concentrate a bit i was in that age one day, but i can't remember what it was like).
  5. Of course a Mosque is a place to read Quran and pray. But, some people over do it. They decide it is ok to keep raising their voice while reading Quran to an extent that you can barely hear anything but him. This completely disturbs other people who are either reading Quran or praying. Just an advice: 'Keep your voice down, you are not in a competition to decide who has the highest voice!".
  6. People go to prayers in mosques and they smell like a "trash can" (or worse) are very annoying. There are many things in our Religion that emphasize on cleanliness, washing a lot, and doing ablutions (Wodoo'). There is almost nothing we do as Muslims, except we have to shower or wash for (to an extent). Besides that, there are instructions from the prophet (PBUH) about washing teeth, putting on perfumes...etc. But, some people apparently never heard of such things... it is disgusting! mish momkin!
  7. When someone praying next to you has toe nails (foot) that are as long as Bear claws (ma7'aleb Diba). Not only that, but the are also very very dirty! and that person decides that it is ok to stab you in your feet as you are praying near each other (min baab sad el forag been el mosaleen)!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I want to tell him:"keep those claws away from me or i will get an electric saw and chop them off"
  8. Some poeple who seem to think it is ok to use you as a leaning wall as they pray. They just lean with all their body weight on you as you pray Jama'a (gourp prayers). This can be so annoying that you want to turn to him after prayer and say: " atmana iny akoon 7eeta morye7a lee 7adretak!"...grrrrrrrr!
  9. When you leave your slippers outside the mosque and after prayers as you go out, you put your feet inside your slipper and find them soggy wet!!!!!!!!!! some wise guy decided that he has the liberty to take your slipper and go to the bathroom with them and return them all WET! Allaho A3lam what else besides water made it so wet! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!!

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Dida said...


Nag said...


Very, very, very well put..

the thing is, if you ever dare to tell people that it's wrong, you will be faced with "the look".. eno ya3ni you think you're better than us and all.. My father used to get so mad when he tells someone and they go like "khalass ya3ni.. en Allah ghafoor ra7eem"

I think the main issues with women are about children.. el "talzee2" is less..

And btw, about children, its all about parents really.. if you teach children that they cant run, shout, or play in a mosque and that it is a special priviledge to be there, they will act out decently there..

about the smells, no comment.. no need for deodorants or perfumes, soap and water do the trick.. if only ppl use them!

embee said...

It's even worse during women prayers @ mosques regarding the talzee2 bit. We as women are not required to "nesid el fagwat". But no. They have to make sure there isn't a fraction of an inch between both our feet. And if it happens that one decides to close her feet together to avoid the icky neighboring feet, she opens her legs further and might decide to place her foot right on top of mine. "El Sonna keda ya okhti". /me grumles

Fadfadation said...


Tell her el sona is sad el foraj (not to leave spaces), but it doesn;t mean squashing people's feet!


embee said...

Manta betkallim meen ba2a ya dude. I'm grateful we don't have to pray
@ mosques often tbh!

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