Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Hamas vs. Fat'h - Why?

I came across the news that Egypt succeeded in calming the tentions between Hamas and Fat'h (Palastine) in Al Ahram newspaper (http://www.ahram.org.eg/Index.asp?CurFN=fron2.htm&DID=8993).

I am not about to argue what each one of them did wrong because each side has it's point of view. But, i am about to ask Fat'h one question...

Why? why is it when you (Fat'h) were in power and controlled the government, Hamas never did to you what you are doing to them now?

Is it just because you (Fat'h) lost the elections to Hamas?
Hamas never went out rioting against Fat'h when Fat'h was in power. They never fought against them in streets...etc. Yet now Fat'h is doing all that against Hamas and it's governement.

It seems that Fat'h live by the saying: " Fyha laa A7'fyha!" (meaning: If i don't get anything out of it, i'll destroy it).

Mood: Disappointed :(


Nag said...

My personal feel has always been that Fat'h are more interested in the political part of it all and not in the "general good".. Internal conflicts and "fetan" are the worst!

Sometimes it is not easy to separate between whether i want victory because "I" want to be victorious or because i want my people to stop suffering..

Fadfadation said...

A lot of people think that about them by the way.