Sunday, October 29, 2006

1973 War Traitors

Seems there is a new Israeli book out that is talking about Israel's war against Egypt and Syria in 1973 .

In this book it mentioned that Ashraf Marawan (the secretary of Anwar Al-Sadat back in the 70s) was a spy for the Israelis (per Al-Arabi newspaper link:

Below is part of what was said in the Al-Arabi newspaper article:

الموساد الإسرائيلى يجدد اتهاماته فى كتاب جديد عن حرب يوم كيبور والأهم من ذلك اطلع رابينوفيتش على تسجيلات المصادر التى زودت إسرائيل بالمعلومات قبل الحرب وبعدها وأهم هذه المصادر العاهل الأردنى السابق الملك حسين وسكرتير الرئيس السادات السابق للمعلومات أشرف مروان.وهكذا فان أهم ما يميز كتاب رابينوفيتش الذى يقع فى حوالى 550 صفحة هو أنه اعتمد على عدد هائل من المعلومات المخابراتية السرية. يحدد رابينوفيتش ثلاثة مصادر أساسية أمدت إسرائيل بالمعلومات قبل الحرب وكشفت لها كل الخطط المصرية بصورة شبه كاملة. ويحدد رابينوفيتش هذه المصادر فى الملك حسين والدكتور أشرف مروان، علاوة على وكالة المخابرات لمركزية الأمريكية ال سي. آي. إيه ويذكر الكتاب تقريبا نوعية كل المعلومات التى قدمتها هذه المصادر الثلاثة.

I knew for sometime now that King Hussain of Jordan before the 6th of October War informed Golda Meir (Israeli Prime Minister between 1969-1974) that Egypt and Syria were going to attack Israel in October 1973.

The first time i knew that was from a documentary on AL Jazeera TV which even got the meeting between King Hussain and Golda Meir from a video footage. It mentioned that he flew by helicopter to Israel to tell them that info.
Apparently he was afraid that if Egypt and Syria attack, Israel would back fire on all countries including Jordan (which was weak to dtriefend itself back then).

When i got to know that, i was shocked and really disgusted with King Hussain. Now here is another shocker... Ashraf Marawan, Al-Sadat's personal secretary!

Although there is always the doubt that Israel is just sending us mixed messages to confuse us. Maybe the guy had nothing to do with them. We'll have to wait and see what comes up in the news later on.

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Nag said...

As far as i remember (which might be total tahyees), AM also happens to be El-Sadat's son-in-law and was involved in a major corruption scandal at some point in time..

King Hussein ba2a, I really used to like the guy, but I've had the chance to sit with people who have first-hand experience of what happened back then...
Among the things he did, do you know the Black September group that did the Munich operation?? Their name actually refers to an incident called Black September ("2aylool el aswad"), where King Hussein personally ordered an operation that resulted in the murder of 3 to 5 thousands...

Some palestinians said he was more brutal with them than Israelis were!

Anyway, it's weird when you feel he was thinking "It's nothing personal, it was for the best of my country.. el wa7ed mesh 3ayez mashakel"

Check this
Not very reliable, but a start

Fadfadation said...

Black September 7adretek ended up with murdering and injuring around 10,000 Palestinians.

I saw the footage on TV, the Jordanian security forces were running after Palestinians in the streets and shooting them to death!

7aga watya!

Nag said...

10,000!! i got the "3 to 5" from wikipedia.. not that the numbers make any difference..

It is almost genocide..