Friday, October 27, 2006

What Ever Happened To Egyptians?

No, this in not the famous Galal Amin book title. I really mean the title: "What Ever Happened To Egyptians?". I for one am very fond of the book though.

The thing is that i have been hearing very disturbing things about Egypt over the past 5 years. It seems to be getting worse over time :(

From the ugly National Democratic Party, to Egypt's decreasing status in the middle east, to the economic crisis, to poverty, to unemployment, to government service for people, to transportation, to corruption and bribery, to religious tensions between people, to the awful manners people seem to have these days. Everything is terrible and it's getting worse!

I read this post: in MalcomX's blog and this one from HakazaAna Blog and felt that Egyptians are loosing even the thing they were known for "EL GAD3ANA" seems to be scarce now.
I sense that we have lost two things we were always known for: "El Gad3ana" and "El Dam El 7'afeef". So, we are no more very humorous nor are we true "men" and have morals to be proud of.
I know there are many good people out there. But, with all this crazyness we never hear anything about them.

Maybe i am a bit harsh, but what i read in Malcomx's blog was a bit too much for me to handle. I am starting to think Keek was right when he decided to drop it and try life away in Canada.

Although i am in Qatar now, away from all the crazy stuff that is happening in Egypt lately but the impact of such things on me is unbearable.

The last time i was in Egypt (August 2006), i realized a few things:
-Cairo is getting more crowded (3ady).
-People are more aggressive and mean to each other (each year i feel it is worse than the past one).
-Manners are disappearing.
-Showing off is a trend (el tanteet 3ala ba3d wee el manzara).
-People are becoming very rich or very poor.

When i read the Galal Amin Book "Whatever Happened To Egyptians" i found it very informative. i understood what happened to Egyptians up to late 90s.

But, what has been happening over the past 5 years is a very sharp change in the Egyptian society.

I really believe that Egypt needs new blood from top to bottom (i'll do with the top part for now...ya Rab).
Egypt needs new leadership (a leader not a president) that is capable of changing things around and bringing law and order back to the street.

My father-in-law always says: ”Lama tegy tenadaf el selem, bee tebtedy2 min foo2” (meaning: when you want to clean the stairs, you start from the top)….how true!

I sometime really wonder:” Does the Egyptian society need another war to pull itself together?”

Mood: Depressed :(


Anonymous said...

Is it correct to say that the Middle east is still generally much safer in terms of petty and violent crime?
So Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, KSA, Iraq, Iran have much lower crimerates and homicides than western countries?

Fadfadation said...

From what i hear from westeners who come to our countries, yes. strangely enough our countries a safer.

Who would have though !