Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Cairo In The Old Days #1

Look how lovely Cairo was (early 1900s)...

Lever used to place the Lion Statue at Kobri Asr Al Nil (Bridge)
Kobri Kasr Al Nil
Kobri Asr Al Nil

Kobri Abu Al Ela

I have no idea where this is :)

Currently Where Cairo Opera Is
Maadi Club Skating Area

Mena House Hotel Near Pyramids (IMAGE!?!)
Maadi House Sale Ad.

Mood: Pleased :)


ditto said...

beautiful, another city totally. kinda makes u wonder, do we have to have a monarchy with very strong ties to europe & lots of foriegners living & running our country in order for it to be beautiful, clean & classy?

Anonymous said...

egypt was clean .some day

Fadfadation said...


Lelasaf :(