Saturday, November 18, 2006

Farouk Hosni And The Veil

...........Farouk Hosni

Farouk Hosni (Egyptian Culture Minister) said last Thursday that he thinks women with veils are taking a step behind. He said that in his personal opinion women should show their hair...etc.
Farouk Hosni in today's newspaper said he respects veiled women and thinks it is their choice (full article go here:

Over the past couple of days there has been a lot of criticizing going on against him for what he said.

Now, here are a few things i think we should keep in mind...

  1. If we want real democracy in our country we have to accept such opinions from people who have a different point of view. The guy said that this is "HIS" point of view. We have to give people the space to express themselves freely as long as they did not insult, curse, humiliate anyone (unlike the Pope comments or the Abdullah Kamal article i talked about before).

  2. If Farouk Hosni said that it (the veil) is not obligatory, than that would not be right, would it? because he would be "BEYFTY" while he has no in-depth knowledge of the issue. When it comes to fatwa, we go to the experts. It's like when you have to fix your car, you go to the mechanic not to the plumber...sa7?!

  3. Regardless of the fact that Al Azhar, mofti masr, the fikh books, the 4 A'ema (Shafi, Hanbali, Malki and Hanafi) and many more all say it is compulsory (via Quran and Suna), at the end of the day it should be up to the woman to decide whether to wear it or not. When a woman does something out of love and devotion to Allah.. she will do her best to show respect to it and try to represent it well. Surely, that is much better than someone forced to do something!
I think that what made all this such a fuss is that he is a minister in our country. As a minister, he has to be very careful what he says.

Now, what Hussein Fahmi (an Egyptian actor) said... that was very rude!

...........Hussein Fahmi

He (Hussein Fahmi) said that women who wear veils are "MENTALLY DEFORMED"..ahy dy 2let adab!

That is not freedom of speech...that's insulting millions of women who have the right to decide whether to wear the veil or not. This guy (Hussein Fahmi) needs to apologize... not Farouk Hosni!

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Ditto said...

Anyone is free to have whatever thoughts or beliefs he want, but when u r a public figure & u r addressing the public through the media, u have to be very tactful, that's what they call "labaqa" and sadly el labaqa is non existent in most of our officials.
El mohim, all this is a waste of time and energy, as usual. We need to be a bit stronger in our religion, it's in our heart first & foremost... and as they say "el kelab ta3wy wal qafela taseer" (i think :)) that is, "the dogs howl & the caravan keeps moving"... so to hell with guy, both of them, who cares what their opinion is, don't give them too much attention & blow things out of proportion & lets just concentrate on what's constructive not what's distructive. It always seems that being distructive is whole lot more fun than being constructive... how sad.

Fadfadation said...

I agree.
There are more important things happening right now.

Like the Judges fight for their independance. Also, the current constitution reforms.

Rabena yestor how these will end up!

Nora said...

Exactly, off course he is free to say his opinion and Islam respects all opinions but not when he is the minister of culture. i can respect all the opinions of Iqbal Baraka, Gamal El Banna,...etc. because they dont hold an official position. I seriously cant understand how can the Egyptian Minister of Culture represent everything but the Egyptian culture. Thats what annoyed me...that I felt through his comments that he wasn't intellectual enough because he was relating not related things to each other like higab and the retreatment of our nation or higab and crimes...AT LEAST MAKE one respects him anymore.

Fadfadation said...

Yeah, you can say that again.
A lot of people are not fond of him aslan...regadless of this issue.

Amet said...

Farouk Hosny was so right .

Fadfadation said...


Putting aside the shar3 ruling.

Right and wrong will differ from one to another.
You find it right, that's up to you. As long as you don't insult, humiliate...etc. anyone.

Fadfadation said...

رئيس مجلس الشعب فتحي سرور قال بعد مطالبة نواب الحزب الوطني باقالة الوزير "إذا أراد الشخص المسؤول أن يعبر عن آرائه الخاصة فليتحرر من المسؤولية العامة التي يتقلدها".

As an official he (Farouk Hosni)had to be careful what he says.
That was my main concern.

Mona said...

I think that's a pity: We, egyptians, instead of emphasizing the great things done for the country by a great figure like Farouk Hosni, we spend a lot of precious time to attack and demolish an artist who, as an artist, expressed his point of view (women are roses), which I approve 100%.
"Courage", Farouk, God is seeing you and knows all you are doing for our EGYPT, so loved. Please, resist and don't resign...for EGYPT. Nobody will dare to oblige you to resign.


Fadfadation said...


"as an artist, expressed his point of view (women are roses), which I approve 100%."

I too think that women are roses. So does every man\woman on earth.

But, how to treat that rose and protect it differs from one person to another.

I am not with making him resign.

But, at the same time he (as an offical has to take care what he says.
Especially that the country he is representing has millions of women who wear Hijab.

So, at least as a man who represents all these millions put their feelings into your consideration.

As Fathi Soroor Said:

رئيس مجلس الشعب فتحي سرور قال بعد مطالبة نواب الحزب الوطني باقالة الوزير "إذا أراد الشخص المسؤول أن يعبر عن آرائه الخاصة فليتحرر من المسؤولية العامة التي يتقلدها".

Fadfadation said...

I think all what is happening concenring this issue is another big waste of time and energy!

Aaah ya balad.

Anonymous said...

Religion to my knowlege is a personal matter (this is how it should be in the 21st century). Unfortunately it is now beeing used (especially in the arab countries)by the goverments as a way to draw peoples attention far from the illicite activities that are going on , religion will make you accept your life conditions because this is god's will !!!! Feeding the people with religion and making it a subject that you cannot talk about and criticise is the target of these goverments . Farouk Hosni may be a remarkable man but he is definitely not a stupid one .Illiteracy hits about 40% of the people in egypt , feed them and give them god's support and they will leave you in peace while you can sell the richness of this blessed country .
What happens if everybody just ignored our ministers comments ?
Thank you

Fadfadation said...

"religion will make you accept your life conditions because this is god's will !!!!"

That is true, but not with a full-stop. In other words, it is true but to a limit!

Because Religion also says we should not accept unfairness, discrimination,corruption, bribery,...etc. It also says that we "HAVE" to fight\resist such things (we as a community).
It also mentions that ruling has to be "SHORA" between people.
And many other things are mentioned in our religion... if we read them we’ll find that the words
"religion will make you accept your life conditions because this is god's will !!!!"
Is part of the truth... but is wrongfully used or in other words a misunderstood concept if just used alone.

I am with you of course that a lot of people in Egypt only want food and a few wisdom words and they'll feel ok and leave you alone.
But, as I mentioned above this is due to a short-sighted view of Islam and not taking our religion’s commandments as a whole.
I am also with you that governments use religion to take people’s attention from other things (political or even economical maybe). Just like they sometimes use scandals in the same manner.
Not all people fall to that, at least not anymore. You for one seem to be one who is aware of such tricks. Lets hope many others are :)

As for Farouk Hosni being a remarkable man, that judgment differs from one person to another, even between people related to Culture (Jamal Al Ghetany for one hates Farouk Hosni).
One thing is for sure, this Hijab comments issue is taking to much time and effort. There are other things to talk about nowadays…

Salemly 3ala el dostoor masalan :)