Thursday, November 09, 2006

Israel's Massacre Against Palestinian Civilians

Why is it every time a Muslim sneezes anywhere in the world it is covered in the media day in and day out?

Why is it when Israel kills unarmored civilians, International Media only mentions it in short reports and it is never covered with detail or for extended periods of time?

Why is it so that Hamas, Jihad and other Palestinian groups are condemned for bus bombings and are called terrorists (by the International community and Media at least) while Israel does worse than that (as a STATE not a group may i remind you), yet no one calls it a terrorist nation?

Yes, Israel is doing worse... how, read this from BBC for an example:
and this:
..BBC - Palestinians at the bombed site
Check this for statistics:


Total: 247 fatalities
155 civilian deaths
57 deaths of
996 wounded, including 337 children (34%)

Source: Physicians for Human Rights (28 June to 27 Oct)

......BBC - A Palestinian wonded girl

Just before that event happen, a few days ago Israeli troops shot dead unarmed women at a mosque because they (the women) refused to let the Israeli troops capture Palestinians that were hiding in a mosque.
Where were the women right groups?
Where were all the feminists?

If Palestinians were animals (which they are not), at least then some western animal rights\protection groups would have screamed for their (animal) rights.
Let me remind you that Israel has done the above while Palestinians haven't done anything to Israelis recently!
Israel as a state does the worse form of terror.
They do not only bomb property like buses or restaurants (if compared with Palestinian groups), they (Israeli troops) also kill unarmed men, children and women all the time. They demolish Palestinian buildings, they confiscate land from the Palestinians, and they humiliate Palestinians day and night.

After all that is happening, Israel is called a democratic nation fighting for its right and Palestinians are called terrorists, strange isn't it?!!!!!!!

Seem to me that the international community and media (most of it at least) considers Israelis to be humans while they consider Palestinians to be of less status, even less than animals!
Maybe this is related to my previous post about Jews and Media or maybe the one about fear of Islam and misunderstanding.

Yet, there will always be people in the international community that speak out here and there. But the problem is, they are a very few...

Leeek youm ya zalem! Rabena 2ader!

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Bono said...

and they called us anti-Semitic but they are more than that . they r anti-humans . they all butchers having their meals from arabian children blood .
We all know Y that's happend to us . cause we r deserve it . and every died child will point to us in judgmentday to Allah and says "they let us die " and how Mohamed will ask forgiven from Allah to us
we r weak - divided
even hamas ,fath and gehad weak and divided .. they fighting each other they killed each other . they have a highr cause and the fighting on some stubid things
Lak youm ya zalem "we zalama keteer"

شهرزاد Shahrazad said...

When it comes to Israel, different rules apply. That is to say they can, and do, get away with just about anything. Particularly now that it's open season on islam in the media.
The fact that a state is allowed to commit such criminal acts on a daily basis only highlights the hypocrisy of the international community and most importantly the Arab community. I don't agree with the suicide bombings in Palestine because they usually kill children or civilians and don't at all help the palestinians but i have to say that the lack of Arab support for the palestinians means that beit hanoun's not going to be the last and we're in a way used to seeing such scenes in the news and never doing anything about it. If I was Palestinian I wouldn't want to associate myself with Arabs or "neighbouring" countries.

Fadfadation said...

Arabs are divided, Palestinians are divided, muslims are divided...7aga te2ref :(


You have a very valid point.
It is amazing how low we have become :(