Thursday, November 30, 2006

Quran - And The %95!

Wow, interesting fact... %95 of Quran is about belief, ethics, values, and morals.

Of course i knew that Islam concentrates on these things more than anything. But, i never thought about percentages before.

In a symposium co-presented by Egypt's Grand Mufti Ali Joma'a (Article here: , the Mufti said that about %95 of Quran is talks about belief, ethics, values, and morals while only about %5 talks about worship and how to do things related to it (i.e. Hajj, Fasting, Alms, Zakah...etc.).

In the article the Mufti also mentions that %95 of Suna (Prophet's sayings and doings) also talks about values, ethics, and morals.

The below part of the article is what i found interesting and actually down to the point...

في محاولته للتدليل علي الحالة المرضية في المجتمع وتأكيد ان الدين تناول الأخلاق والسلوك بسعة لم يتناول بها العبادات قال فضيلة الدكتور علي جمعة ان القرآن به 6 آلاف آية تقريبا 5% منها تتناول أحكام الفقه الإسلامية و95% تتناول العقيدة والأخلاق فالعقيدة والأخلاق هي الشاغل الأكبر في القرآن الكريم كذلك إذا نظرنا الي السنة وجدنا المرويات تتجاوز 60 ألف حديث منه ألفا حديث تتناول الفقه فقط وبقيتها تتناول الأخلاق والعقيدة والقيم أي ان الفقه نال 5% أيضا من السنة و95% شغلتها الأخلاق لذلك عندما أراد ان يحدد الهدف من بعثته قال: "إنما بعثت لأتمم مكارم الأخلاق" وحين وصفه الله سبحانه وتعالي قال: "وإنك لعلي خلق عظيم"

Our problem these days is that a lot of us are more concerned with the how to do the worship part (of course it is important, but not alone!) than giving enough attention and effort specifically to the "ethics, values, and morals" part.

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Shatla said...

It is first time to heare such precentage but it ensures that this religion is the truth cause it affects and involves the life of people not only the spirtual part

شهرزاد Shahrazad said...

Yes, it's very interesting that the quran and islam in general is not as legislative as say judaism, which is more concerned with rules and laws etc. This seems to be a point missed by many islamic scholars today.

Adham said...

So how come 95% of what we hear is from this 5%?

Fadfadation said...

We have a great religion but what can you do about Muslims these days...
As we say in the IT world, the problem is not in the System (Islam). The problem is in the User (Muslims these days)!

You are right, it is a point missed out!
or in other words not concentrated on enough.

That is exactly our peoblem these days :(