Monday, November 20, 2006

Typical Egyptian Newspaper Article #2

Lol... ya gamed!

In continuation to the "Typical Egyptian Newspaper Article" which i mentioned before...

Here i was thinking that Mohamed Ali (the Chief Editor of Al Gomhurriya Newspaper) was going to change the way Al Gomhurriya (government owned newspaper) writes news (specifically that have to do with the president), but he as many others failed!

It is strange how in "government owned newspapers" anything the president does is a "big milestone along the way" or a "drastic change in Egypt's fortune" (3alama fareka)!


Mood: Giggling :)


Nag said...

you should see El Ahram's headline for today.. It was something like "ma3akom ma dam el qalb yanbod" (With you as long as my heart beats!)

I was like, "doesnt he know eno thats not a good thing!"

"Till death us do part"

Fadfadation said...


Please refrain the use profanities.