Saturday, December 30, 2006

Executing Saddam On Eid Day?!!!

Saddam Hussein was executed today at 6:00AM (story here:

To start with, i am against everything that Saddam stands for and i am against all what he did. But, to execute the guy on the Muslim's Eid Al-Adha day (first Feast day after Haj), that is very low and disgusting.

Eid days are days of mercy and happiness, not for executions to take place. They (the Iraqi new so called government and the Americans) should have had the decency and wait till Eid is over.

Mood: Disgusted!


Anonymous said...

Sah. I agreed with you. Haram they should let him live to celebrate Eid. But this is an American message to all Arab Dictators, obey USA or you will ended up like Saddam. Anyway the Arab leaders are all cowards and traitors!!! None of them is a man that can say no to America or any western countries!!! Iraqi Government are only puppet and have no say or rights. Iraqis is celebrating this day but what good it is to them?

Fadfadation said...

Besides that he deserves it...

I see it as a complete insult by them to the muslim feelings (doing it at this timing).

It's as if they're saying:"There, in your face!"

mansourawy said...

u right
but who is the next?!