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Islam - The Proof Why Only Muslim Men Can Marry Non-Muslims!

Only by chance did i bump into this blog:

She (a muslim) seems want to marry a non-muslim. I woudn't have commented except that she said (the meaning of): "no one can prove that ONLY men can marry non-muslims".

Please read her post first, then read mine so you know what she exactly said.

I wanted to send her my humble reply, but she had comments area closed for that post. So, i will put it down here.

Note: I am not talking about "WHY" men only can marry non-muslims (the reasoning behind it)...
I am talking about "THE PROOF" from Quran and Suna that such a law exists.

The Why part can be discussed on a different occassion.


Talking about the proof from Quran or Suna that men can marry non-muslims yet women can not…

I will use some of the comments you wrote (I’ll put them in BOLD) and then comment…

You throw verses at me as if I were an ignorant cow and offer opinions that have absolutely no basis in the Quran.”

Of course the people doing that with you are wrong. We should respect each other even if we have total opposite views.I am with you on that.

Talking of:
(”It is not permissible for a Muslim woman to marry a non-Muslim from any other religion, whether from among the Jews or Christians…”) because there’s nothing to back that claim up.”

I guess what they are talking about is the verse which you mentioned
“The Quran says that NO MUSLIM, man or woman, is allowed to marry a mushrik (2:221) nor a kafir (60:10-11). NO MUSLIM. Period. End of discussion.”

As mentioned here:

">َلا تَنْكِحُوا الْمُشْرِكَاتِ حَتَّى يُؤْمِنَّ وَلأَمَةٌ مُؤْمِنَةٌ خَيْرٌ مِنْ مُشْرِكَةٍ وَلَوْ أَعْجَبَتْكُمْ وَلا تُنْكِحُوا الْمُشْرِكِينَ حَتَّى يُؤْمِنُوا وَلَعَبْدٌ مُؤْمِنٌ خَيْرٌ مِنْ مُشْرِكٍ وَلَوْ أَعْجَبَكُمْ أُولَئِكَ يَدْعُونَ إِلَى النَّارِ وَاللَّهُ يَدْعُو إِلَى الْجَنَّةِ وَالْمَغْفِرَةِ بِإِذْنِهِ وَيُبَيِّنُ آيَاتِهِ لِلنَّاسِ لَعَلَّهُمْ يَتَذَكَّرُونَ

AL Bakara 2:21

If we just agree that Ahl Kitab are not mushrekeen (at least not all of them tab3an, like not all Muslims are mo2meneen), as you said here:
No where in the Quran are Jews or Christians referred to as kufar. A kafir is a “rejecter of the truth”, a person who is convinced of Islam in his/her heart but for some reason or another rejects it.”

Ok, fine. I’m with you.
So, we agree that Muslims can not marry Mushrekeen (Kufar..etc).

Then, we as muslims would say to ourselves, where is the verse that says we (men or women) can marry from non-muslims?? the answer comes within verse which is obvious…

الْيَوْمَ أُحِلَّ لَكُمُ الطَّيِّبَاتُ وَطَعَامُ الَّذِينَ أُوتُوا الْكِتَابَ حِلٌّ لَكُمْ وَطَعَامُكُمْ حِلٌّ لَهُمْ وَالْمُحْصَنَاتُ مِنَ الْمُؤْمِنَاتِ وَالْمُحْصَنَاتُ مِنَ الَّذِينَ أُوتُوا الْكِتَابَ مِنْ قَبْلِكُمْ إِذَا آتَيْتُمُوهُنَّ أُجُورَهُنَّ مُحْصِنِينَ غَيْرَ مُسَافِحِينَ وَلا مُتَّخِذِي أَخْدَانٍ
Al Ma2eda 5:5

So, very clearly God is saying “Muslim MEN can marry Ahl Kitab Women””.Yet, there is no other place in Quran that says:” Women AND men can marry”… if there is, please mention that verse.

Ok, done with that part.

Now, on other things…I totally agree with you in the part you said:

Those who believe (in the Qur’an), and those who follow the Jewish (scriptures), and the Christians and the Sabians,- any who believe in God and the Last Day, and work righteousness, shall have their reward with their Lord; on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve”. (2:62)
Not all who call themselves Muslims will enter heaven. Not all who do not call themselves Muslim will be condemned to hell. Look at 22:17…

Yet, once again I disagree with you about the part:

“Neither the Quran nor the Sunnah explicitely forbid interfaith marriage for Muslim women. YOU are forbidding interfaith marriage.”

Simpley beucase there is a verse that allows men to marry non-muslims (jews or chirstians) and not women to marry non-muslims (as I mentioned in the vesre before). So you were wrong on this one…

Quran as we both agree tells us what is forbidden and what is allowed.
So, here we have Quran in the verse saying…Men can marry non-muslims (and never said that women can marry non-muslims).

Don’t you think that if God would have wanted to allow muslim women to marry non-muslims, God (being who HE is) would have added that both men and women can marry non-Muslims??!!
God is not ONE to forget… 7asha lelAh! As we both of course agree tab3an.

You might say: “Hey, wait a minute, not because HE didn’t mention it in Quran means it’s forbeddin!”. If you say that then you are wrong for two reasons…

One is that God is not ONE to forget… 7asha lelAh! He would be very clear about such commandments.

The second proof is a Suna one, here goes...

Who is our Idol, the one who we took our religion from?
Prophet mohammed tab3an.

Before he passed away (PBUH), he said in his Hajj (Hajj before he passed away):
As mentioned in Sorat Al Maaeda (verse 3):}الْيَوْمَ أَكْمَلْتُ لَكُمْ دِينَكُمْ وَأَتْمَمْتُ عَلَيْكُمْ نِعْمَتِي وَرَضِيتُ لَكُمُ الإِسْلامَ دِينًا {

At this point the line was drawn and the revelation was complete and the guide for us in this life (Islam as a Shareea) was completed. Note, completed as in there is nothing missing! Marriage of course is one of the things tab3an!

So, please answer one of the following questions…
Did the prophet allow any muslim woman marry any non-muslims (although there were many jews in Madinah for instance)?
Did anyone from his followers (whom were taught by him about everything) during his life or even after his death (PBUH) allow such a thing?
Did any muslim woman specifically from his followers during his life or even after his death (PBUH) marry a non-muslim?

The answer is NO for all of them!

And I am sure you agree that neither you nor I have better knowledge of the applications of Islam than the Prophet and his followers, wala eh?????

At the end of the day, you have all the right to marry who you want (non-muslim). But if you will, don’t do it in the name of Islam.
Because you don’t have one proof from Quran or Suna that it is permissible that a Muslim woman can marry a non-muslim (yet, your counterpart has proof men can marry).

Oh and before I end this…

As for the part you said:

“While a lot of you anons like to say that believing in the trinity makes one a mushrik, none of the Christians I know actually ascribe partners to God. And if you talked to any Christian and tried to explain to him/her that they are ascribing partners to God, they’d laugh in your face.“

They might laugh and say we don’t believe that God has a partner. That’s good of course that they believe that HE has no partners.

But, they can not laugh about not saying Jesus is God (as we all know, for Christians Jesus is God). As muslims we don’t believe that. As God said in this verse…

لَقَدْ كَفَرَ الَّذِينَ قَالُوا إِنَّ اللَّهَ هُوَ الْمَسِيحُ ابْنُ مَرْيَمَ

Al ma2eda 5:72

Yet, we (as you mentioned at the end of your post) are not to judge people. We are not to say who is Kafir and who is not. God will do that.
I totally agree with you.

Good luck and God bless us all to follow the right track.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

When Torture Is An Art...

This is for those who keep calling the government to get rid of the Ikhwan (Muslim Brotherhood).

People tend to talk about (or even criticize) things without knowing the history of things.

The following is from the book "My Third Year In Prison" by Mustafa Amin (co-founder of Akhbar AL Youm News agency in Egypt in 1945). He wrote it while he was imprisoned after the 1967 defeat by the Israelis...

Talking about Hassan Al Houdibi's (one of the former Ikhwan leaders) experience in the political prison :

Talking about arrests and torture (while arresting people):

Mustafa Amin concludes:

I think as reasonable people (as most of us say they are), we need to understand that these people (the Ikhwan and political detainees) were humiliated more than anyone else in this country. Yet, they still stand.

At least lets respect them for what they've been through.


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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Adel Adham...The King Of Evil!

Adel Adham (right, obviously!)

Adel Adham for those who don't know was an Egyptian actor (pasted away a few years ago). His stardom was mainly in the 70s and 80s of last century. He was notorious for his evil roles in many Egyptian movies.
Only a few days ago i was watching a movie which he was acting in as the poor step-father of Nabila Obeid. The following scene is was one of his classics:
They enter into the house which Nabila Obeid's belly-dancing teacher rented for them, to find that all the furniture was taken away. The only things left in the house were a lot of newspapers on the floor.
Being a drug addict (in that movie) he pitifully and sarcastically said the following to his wife as he patted her on the shoulder...

Adel Adham:" Yala ya weleya, haty el garayed wee ifresheehom fy ott el noom badal el martaba".
He then almost took one step towards the bedroom and then looked back to his wife and said: "Weee matenseesh ya ro7 omek tegeebey el mol7a2 3alashaan net3'ata beeeh!".

He really was in a class of his own!

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

America That Was, And That Is...

" The difference between America in the 50s and America now, is the difference between the elegance of Fred Astaire and the roughness of Sylvester Stallone."

- From the movie "Alexandria, New York"...Youssef Shaheen.

Fred Astaire
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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Al Arabiya Website, The New Tabloid!

Has anyone (for the past year or so) felt that AL Arabiya news Website has started to turn into a tabloid (sa7afa Safra)?

Read this... (link:

ظهرت في مصر ظاهرة جديدة غير مألوفة تتمثل في لجوء بعض الزوجات إلى عيادات متخصصة في القاهرة لإجراء جراحات إعادة غشاء البكارة، احتفالا بعيد الزواج. ويتمثل في التقليد الذي ينتشر في "الطبقة المخملية" في مصر، ليتزامن عيد الزواج مع "ليلة دخلة" جديدة بعد عملية إعادة الغشاء.

I mean for heaven's sake, what type of news is this?!
Is this the type of news a (supposed to be) reputable news agency should be mentioning? what importance does this represent?!

Of course, not to forget the many "Sexual" related issues that it LOVES to mention almost everyday on its Website!


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Monday, January 22, 2007

Hilary Clinton The Next President?

Hilary Clinton

For the past few years the star of Hilary Clinton has been rising.
As stated in Al-Ahram newspaper (link: she seems to be getting closer to being the representative for the Democratic party in the next Presidential elections.

What does this mean to us (Arabs\Muslims)?
It means one thing... trouble...big time!

She is known to be a hardcore pro-Israeli fanatic (if it is possible to call someone that).
I know the US foreign policies are always pro-Israeli more than anything else (because of interests...etc.), but this lady will take the word PRO to another dimension.

Rabena yestor!

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Friday, January 19, 2007

The MBs Slap Back!

"إن عمق إيمان جماهير حزبنا بالقيم الدينية والروحية إنما تمتد في أصوله وجذوره عبر مجتمعنا وحضاراته المتعاقبة". "ومن ثم نظرتنا إلى بناء الإنسان المصري وتحقيق رفاهيته لا يمكن أن تنفصل عن قضية إذكاء القيم الروحية والدينية لديه وذلك بمزيد من الاهتمام بالتربية الدينية وبث روح التضحية والفداء، لذلك كان طبيعيًا أن يؤكد حزبنا على أن الشريعة الإسلامية هي المصدر الرئيسي للتشريع بحيث يلتزم المشرع المصري بمبادئ الشريعة فيما يصدره من قوانين".
This is not part of the Ikhwan's (MBs) values or thoughts, it is actually part of the NDP’s (National Democratic Party, Hosni Mubarak’s regime) internal constitution values.

And these sentences (among others) were where the slap came from. How?? here’s how…

As we all know, the only sort of real opposition the NDP government has in Egypt is the MBs (Muslim Brotherhood). And because of that, the government is doing all it can to oust them from any chance of affecting the NDP’s control on politics in Egypt.

Lately the government has been putting many of them (MBs) in jail for any reason the officials can come up with. The weirdest one was that 15 of the senior MBs (per the allegations raised by the Public Prosecutor) have provided the 150 (jailed) MB students from the Al Azhar university with money and equipment (not sure what equipment the students needed to do a karate show-off…but, who cares…it’s the security mentality in Egypt. They usually don’t make sense).

Anyways, After all the blows the government has been giving the MBs, the MBs have slapped the NDP back right in the face. And this time the slap was from the NDP internal constitution values.

The parliament (dominated by NDP) is currently discussing 34 (due for amendment) of the Egyptian constitution sections. The NDP is doing it’s best to make sure the new amendments will oust the MBs from getting into power.
The NDP put in a rule that “No Political party is to be based on a religious background” (something to that meaning). In other words, the MBs will have no chance to have their own Political party.

The MBs slap came from here!
In the discussions held last week in the parliament the MB representative Sa’ad Al Hoseni came up with the above phrase which is part of the NDP’s internal constitution.
In other words, the NDP too can not exists (if the new constitution amendment is applied).
When Fathi Soroor (head of the Egyptian parliment) heard this he was shocked. So were many of the NDP reps in the parliment...

وأضاف: هذه صفحات ضمن برنامج الحزب، وقد بدا لكثيرين كأنها تكتشف لأول مرة.. "طلب سرور أن يقرأها فأعطيته له، وبعد أن انتهى منها اطرق واستغرب، ثم اعطيتها لأمال عثمان وقلت لها: "يا دكتورة.. حزبكم سيحل بسبب هذه الصفحات وإلا عليكم تغيير برنامج الحزب وجعله علمانيا. هذه التعديلات ستتسبب في اشكالات، فردت: فعلا هناك اشكالات".

I find this so funny... the NDP dug their own grave! Lol
I am positive they are digging through their books right now trying to get out of this one.
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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My Friends And Girl Scandals!!

Everyone one of us goes through experiences that seem strange or even sometimes funny.
Sometimes my friends and I keep talking about our previous experiences and either laugh about them or feel sorry we did such things.

Since i don't meet my friends that much anymore (being abroad and all), i'll pull their legs with this post.

I decided to share some of the weird, funny, and sometimes bad experiences people I know went through (concerning girls and relationships).
These people can be anyone from my friends, previous friends (lost touch), relatives, people close to me, … etc.

I can see some of my friends freaking out now…lol
Don’t worry I’ll keep it anonymous as much as possible.

Note: All the incidents listed below are from a time our perspective about things was very different. We were either very young (teenagers) or never thought about right and wrong at that point of time (irresponsible besara7a).

Most of the things listed are wrong things (I am not encouraging them in anyway). But, I will tell them exactly as they happened.

Some of the listed incidents might not make sense except for the person related to the incident. Forgive me because I can not make things more clear (we do have common friends reading this and if I clarify more, they’ll know who I am talking about).

Here are some stories (as i remember them)…

  1. One of them once had a girl come to his place (they were alone), the only thing he did was slap her on the back of her neck (darabha 3ala 2afaha)!!?!!!!!
  2. Another one of them once had a girl come to his place (they were alone in the whole building), as he was talking to her outside the flat trying to get her inside the house (she was hesitant), the door slammed behind him and both of them were stuck outside. He ended up talking on the stairs. He was so bored with her…he slept on her legs as they sat on the stairs waiting for one of his friends to get the spare keys!! Yes, slept as in Zzzzzzzzz!
  3. I once went to Friday’s to find my best friend’s girlfriend there with another guy!!!!!!!!! When I told him (after a lot of hesitation), turned out she was double playing (m2artassaah).
  4. One of them went to meet a blind date, before he headed out to meet her... one of his best friends told him:”7atetla3 ashkeef yaaad ya ...” (calling his name). When that someone went to meet her she turned out worse than an Ashkeeef. He dumped her at once and the first thing he did after that was call his best friend to tell him: "m....@! abu ily ye3rafak…”
  5. One of them kept starring for 3 years at a girl at university (she started the staring by the way). In the last term of his final year at university, he got introduced to her. On that day we all were looking at him and he came up to us and said:” la2 mish 3agbany”!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [meaning: Nope, she’s not pretty!]
  6. One of them had a girl come to his house while his parents were away. As they were about to get naughty, his father opened the door of the flat. My friend ran out of his room and started talking to his father. The father felt something was fishy so he told him: ”Go down NOW and get me some bread!”. My friend had no choice, he went down. Meanwhile his father went into his room, looked allover the room but found nothing. The only place he didn’t look at was behind the door, where the girl was hiding!
  7. One of them had a crush on a girl at the university (for 4 years). He never talked to her. 4 years after graduation, he asked me and another common friend to talk to her asking if he could meet her (he was interested in marrying her). She agreed to meet him at a caffee. She and the common friend arrived on time, he arrived almost 3 hours late!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. One of them was alone with a girl in his car in a deserted area (desert road if I remember right). As they were in the middle of kissing, someone knocked on the window and said: ”inzel ya rewesh”. It was the police and the girl was 15 years old!!!!!!!!!!
  9. One of them took a girl to el Sahel El Shamaly (north coast resort area), only half an hour after arriving (seeing her without make-up, no hot clothes…etc.) he said:” yala nerga3 masr!”
  10. The default word anyone in the gang (college friends) used to say (when someone gets to know a hot girl) was:” tab eh?...sa7bet'ha ba2a ya me3alem!”
  11. One of them used to know a "few" girls. He used to introduce his friends to the girls he wasn’t interested in. His friends called it: ”THE GOLDEN QUEUE”. The question was always: ”Eh ya man? maa to7oteny fel golden queue”.
  12. One of them was trying (for some reason without me knowing) to get his girlfriend’s best friend to hook-up with me. When he told his girlfriend about his idea, she said:” daa befakarny bel gebna el beeda” [meaning: “he reminds me of white cheese”]…..looool
  13. One of them was known to be a big liar (lies about anything, just for the sake of it). The only time he didn’t lie in a relationship (wanted to get married), he was refused by her father. The father said: ”no he is a big liar” (although for the first time ever , he didn’t lie about anything at all!)
  14. One of them ended up kissing a girl everyone used to feel she was grouse. When eveyone heard about it, everyone said:”i333333333 gatak el 2araf!”. He was very happy about it!
  15. One of them had a indecent movie with him (film sakafi). His sister saw him taking it out of the video device, she asked him suspisiously: “what movie is this? who does it belong to?”, he spontaneously said: ”fadfadation” (saying my real name of course)…. Although I had nothing to do with the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I asked him: “Why did you say my name since I didn’t give it to you”, he said:” if my sister or even mother knew that you are the one this movie belongs to, they'll believe me when i say it is not an indecent movie”!
    Allah yesam7ak yaly febaly…shabahteny!
  16. Three of them were all dating the same girl at the same time!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. One of them was fond his neighbor. He got to know her and used to talk to her on the phone. Once, she called him at 2AM saying: “I've been kicked out of home, please let me stay at your place” (he was a guy living alone). The guy closed the phone and moved elsewhere.
  18. One of them went to Dubai on a trip. He was in a hotel and an Asian girl gave him the “you-know-what-looks” (obviously a hooker) , he left the place at once (not wanting to giving in). When he was back home, he told the gang:” lama shoftaha betbosely, fala2t” [when I understood what she wanted, I left at once”]. Another one of the gang’s face turned red. When asked: “why are you pulling faces?”, turned out his wildest fantasy was an Asian woman! till now (6 years) the guy is still pulling faces!
  19. One of them meet with a blind date, he didn’t like her at all. As he was taking her home, she put her hand on his hands (which he had on the gear stick while driving) thinking he'll like that. He told her:” law sama7ty sheley eeedek, mish 3aref 2asoo2!” .
  20. The same guy while still in the car with her, was so annoyed with her that when she put her head out of the window (for the wind to go through her hair), he said: ”da7’aly raasek badal lama tet2te3!”
  21. One of them was once leaning on a car with his body towards the street. A car passed by (full of girls) and he was pinched in his behind!!! (not really a pinch if you get what I mean).
  22. One of them used to say when he sees an attractive girl: ”El bet dy 3ayza tet3ad!”
  23. A girl at university used to keep on and on criticizing one of our friends. She used to say things like: ”eh el habal ely beya3melo da?!”, and :”eeeef! daa insaan 3’areeb”. One day he went up to her and asked her to be his girlfriend, she agreed at once!!!!
  24. A mother of one of them used to keep bugging him about marrying the girl next door. He didn’t like her at all (she was overweight and not pretty). He told his mother to for get it. The mother being an Egyptian “to the core” mother told him: ”Leeh yabny?! dy weshaha taba2”. [meaning: her face is round like a plate” thinking that it is a sign of beauty]! ..mothers! what do they know :)
  25. One of them found a girl waiting for him outside the building he lived in (he knew that girl for a while in the past). He asked her: ”what are you doing here?”, she said: ”ana 7amel minak”!! [meaning: “I’m pregneant and you are the father”]. It was obvious she was "around" too much and had no idea who the father really was simpley becuase he never even touch her!!!
  26. One of them had a female friend that used to interfere with all his love stories (spoiling them with her opinions). I told him: “Be careful! She has plans for you”. He said: ”No, no… she is just a friend. I’ll not fall for such a trick”. A few years later…they got married!!!!
  27. One of them got to know a 38 year old divorcee (a mother of an 11 year old). She offered him (indirectly) money and to join her at her house in Hurgada (resort on the red sea)!!!!
  28. One of them was dating a girl and then (out of the blue) she invited him to her wedding! believe it or not… he went!!!!!
  29. One of them had the "hots" for servants (7'adamaat). You can imagine what happened to him after the Nancy Agram famous video clip "Mafysh 7aga tegy keda"!

I guess these are more than enough…
I am sure each one of my friends knows which ones are related to him (for those friends who are still in contact of course).

And in case you are wondering... No! not all the people I know are twisted, superficial or crazy people…lol

Besides, most of them changed to the better now.

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Friday, January 12, 2007

Tackling The Shei'a Dilemma

The main reason behind this post is to answer two things:

  1. Are Shei'a something to worry about?
  2. What in the Shei'a idology is against (opposes) the Sunni view? how to answer them back?

Lately, there has been this fuss about Shei'a in Egypt.

I am of course an Egyptian Muslim. Egyptians are Sunnis except for a very few Shie'as which we started to hear of recently.

In Egypt a few years ago, if you'd go up to someone and ask him are you a Sunni or Shei'e, he'd reply and say: "What's a Shei'e?".

According to most sources, including the US Library of Congress, present estimates indicate that approximately 85% of the world's Muslims are Sunni and approximately 15% are Shei'a all over the world, and around three quarters of those (Shei’a) reside in Iran, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan and India.

After the Americans invaded Iraq in 2003 and all the blood shed that started out there, Egyptians started to hear in detail about Shie'a (except for intellects who already knew about Shei’a).

Also, with the beating Israel had (military wise at least) from HEZBULLAH (Shei'a Muslims) in 2006 (2006 war Israel waged against Lebanon because of the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers by Hezbullah), we heard even more about Shei’a.

During the war, there was a FATAWA from a Saudi Sheikh (ibn Jibreen) that we (Sunna) are not to support them (Shei'a).
Moreover, Israel and the US keep calling Iran and any similar group (Shei'a group) terrorists...etc.

In my opinion, all that is crap! because we as Muslims (whatever we are) our issue in life is "AL HAQ" (What is rightful).

We are commanded by God to stand with what is right. Even if it is a KAFR (infidel) if you think of it, and he is MAZLOOM (oppressed or so), we should help him!

Without any doubt what happened in Lebanon in 2006 by Israel was outrageous (the scale of retaliation by Israel was absurd). And we will always support HEZBULLAH and\or anyone (Patriot) who’d stop Israel’s attack on Lebanon.

Don’t give me that crap about who started the war because you’ll be neglecting 58 years of wars and the fact that Israel is occupying parts of Lebanon (Mazare Shebaa). I will not go on about who’s fault it is because that argument will be too long to discuss in this post!

Anyway, this is not the topic today. What triggered my topic today was the following... A while ago, i was watching "Ala El Hawa" on Orbit channel. The issue was about Shei'a and Sunna. I said to myself: "yoooooh, not again..eeeef!".

To tell you the truth, i am really sick hearing about it. I knew about them (Shei’a) and about their beliefs for sometime now. But, i thought i'd do more research about them and see what i come up with to try and decide once and for all... What are the differences between Sunna and Shei'a?! are Shei'a something to worry about?

Here are the major things (will highlight them in BOLD text) we as Suna have a problem with Shei'a about (actually, i wouldn't be caught dead agreeing with them about those topics):

  • Shi'as recognize the authority of the Shi'a Imam (also called Khalifa Ilahi) as a religious authority, though different sects within Shi'a Islam dispute the rightful succession of this Imam and the current rightful successor (Twelvers, Ismalis, and Zaydīs, for instance).

So, even one of their main basics is disputed amongst them. But, we can exclude this for now and say maybe the Twelvers who represent %80 of Shei’a are the right ones.

  • They believe that the Imam does not make mistakes.

Well, that is not right of course, for only Prophets can have that (by God’s will). The Imam is human; he can try and be the best he can… but he will make mistakes (I am talking about ordinary mistakes not big sins) that is human nature!
As the prophet said (meaning of):”All mankind make mistakes and the best of those (mankind), are the ones who remorse and ask for forgiveness”.

  • They think Abu Bakr (1nd Islamic leader after the Prophet), Umar Ibn Al Khattab (2nd Islamic leader after the Prophet) and Othman Ibn Affan (3nd Islamic leader after the Prophet) took what was not rightfully their’s (the leadership of the Islamic state) with the help of the Prophet’s followers (Al Sahaba). Shei’a say that Imam Ali should have been the successor of the Prophet.

Now that is the worst of all!
Not only are they accusing the prophets friends and followers (who gave everything for this religion and delivered his message after his death) of being unfair and power seekers, they are also accusing the prophet of not knowing how to choose his own friends and companions.

By them accusing the Sahaba (Prophet followers) of such bad things, it’s as if the Prophet even doesn’t know who is good and who is bad (although God is with him since he is a Prophet).

Don’t you think God would have told him (the prophet) to stay away from all those followers if they were so bad?!!! Or at least to warn people before he died since all his followers were bad?!!!

The three (Abu Bakr, Umar and Othman) were the prophet’s best friends. The Ahadeeth (Prophet’s sayings) that state their status are numerous (for instance, remember that the prophet choose non but Abu Bakr to be with him on the “Al Hijra” Journey to Madinah, and many other incidents) and even Some verses in Quran were related to them (like agreeing with Umar on a verdict on war prisoners..., and many other incidents).

For God’s sake, it is ridicules to say that all the prophet’s followers conspired after his death to give the leadership to Abu Bakr.
You want to convince me that suddenly all the followers just became bad people?!!!

In other words, you want to tell me that all the thousands of followers that were in the Madinah (city)… men, women, youngsters, all decided to betray when the prophet died?!! Ba2a da kalam ye7’osh el 3a2l?!
And do you want to tell me that when Abu Bakr took leadership by conspiracy (per the Shie’a view) no one objected?!
Even Sayedna Ali (the prophet's cousin whom Shei'a beleive should have been the Prophet's successor) didn’t object or even protest in a strong way when Abu Bakr, Umar and Othman were the consecative leaders of the nation before him (obviously he didn't object, since he stayed in the Islamic state under the first three leaders).

What does that tell us?
If he (Sayedna Ali) really thought that Abu Bakr or Umar or Uthman took what was not rightfully their’s, him being who he was wouldn’t have just stayed quite.

Actually, him being who he was (as we both Suna and Shie’a know him) would have stopped it and proclaimed what is right. He was no coward (7asha Lelah)!

  • The collection of Hadith venerated by Shi'a Muslims is centered around narrations by members of the Ahl al-Bayt (Prophet’s family), while some Hadith by narrators not belonging to the Ahl al-Bayt are not included.

That is a big draw back by them.
Shie’a think that (as mentioned in the previous point) the followers are not good people (or at least not worthy of taking prophet saying from them).
That’s ridicules for they (the Sahaba) were around him (the Prophet) all the time. And they are the ones the prophet taught Islam to. It is they who delivered the message to us (from one generation to another).

Shie’a think that Ahl Al Bayt members should be the successors of the prophet and they are the only ones who know what is right in this religion.

This of course is against what the prophet said:” There is no difference between an arab or a non-arab (Ajami), neither is better than the other except the one who is of more virtue”.
As mentioned in AL Hojorat Sora (verse 49):

إِنَّ أَكْرَمَكُمْ عِنْدَ اللَّهِ أَتْقَاكُمْ إِنَّ اللَّهَ عَلِيمٌ خَبِيرٌ

Being good is by who you are and what you do, not by who you are a descendent of (with all due respect for Ahl AL Bayt whom we love and cherish as Suna).

We as Sunna love and cherish Ahl AL Bayt. We pray (do Dua’a) for them in our prayer to God everyday. We know the value of them all. That is a fact Shei’a seem to miss out.

  • Shei'a believe that there is no set time for Asr and Ishaa prayers (not sure about this one).

And that is outrageous because Quran says in Sorat AL Nisaa (verse 4):

إِنَّ الصَّلاةَ كَانَتْ عَلَى الْمُؤْمِنِينَ كِتَابًا مَوْقُوتًا

Shei'a hitting and cutting themselves on Ashura day

The strange thing is that the prophet told us to fast the day of Ashura (that order was way before Al Hussain was killed), yet the Shie’a do other things on that day like morning, cutting themselves with knives, beating of their chests and slapping their faces..etc. (Latm wee ta2tee3 ya3ny minel a7’er!)

  • Shie’a seem to put sayedna Al Hussain (Prophet’s grandson) at a high state almost similar to the prophet himself. A lot of things in their religion are all about Al Hussain:
  1. They go for Hajj (pilgrimage) to Karbela (where Al Hussain was killed) which is outrageous because that is not stated in any part of Islam. Neither in Quran or Suna (which is where we get our rulings from).
  2. They call their gathering places for prayers “Al Huseeineya”.
  3. They idolize him (Al Hussain) in posters …etc.

We as Sunna also put him (Al Hussain) in a high status. But, not to the extent performing Hajj to the place he was killed (kdea out of the blue). This has no basis in our religion.

  • The Shia and Sunnis differ in their view of “Aisha” (one of the wives of the Prophet Muhammad). The Shei’a have a dim view of her character whereas the Sunnis consider her an exemplary woman.

Although Aisha is usually described as Muhammad's favorite wife and she is called Um AL mo’meneen (mother of the believers) like the rest of the prophet’s wives and believed to have been his only virgin wife, Shei’a think badly about her.

Some of them use the incident when Aisha was wrongfully accused of adultery. Even though, Muhammad (PBUH) received a revelation from God that the allegations were false as mentioned in One passage of the Quran, "Verily! They who spread the slander are a gang among you..." (24:11).
After that incident Muhammad received a revelation from God directing that adultery be proven by four eyewitnesses, rather than simply inferred from opportunity (like what happened with Aisha).

It is really disgusting that Shei’a use this against her (those who do at least).

Another incedent they use against her was (according to some accounts), when Muhammad's wife “Umm Salama” was given a skin filled with honey, which she shared with her husband. He (the Prophet) was fond of sweets and stayed overlong with “Umm Salama Hind bint Abi Umayya”; at least in the opinion of Aisha and her co-wife Hafsa.
Aisha and Hafsa were jealous. They agreed to tell Muhammad that the honey had given him bad breath. When he heard this from two wives, he believed that it was true and swore that he would eat no more of the honey. Soon afterwards, he reported that he had received a revelation, in which he was told that he could eat anything permitted by God In the following verses, “Muhammad's wives are rebuked for their unruliness your hearts are inclined (to oppose him)". (66:1).
Muhammad, saddened and upset, separated from his wives for a month. By the end of this time, his wives were humbled and harmony was restored.

So, they (Aisha and Hafsa) are two humans (wives) that felt jealous. Humans make mistakes as I mentioned before (another proof that Ahl AL Bayt are human and make mistakes, since the wives are from Ahl Al Bayt).
The prophet forgave them after a month. If they were bad people, surely the prophet was not going to keep them as wives…wala eh?!

Another proof that she (Aisha) is his the most beloved wife to the Prophet’s heart (in his last days) was during Muhammad's last illness, he sought Aisha's apartments (after asking his other wives if he could do so and they all agreed). The Prophet died with his head in her lap (the Sunni take this as evidence of Muhammad's fondness for Aisha).

The final accusation to Aisha… Sheia take it against Aisha that she went to war against Sayedna Ali after the killing of Saydna Uthman (third leader after the prophet) by some people who fludded Al Madinah (were Uthman and most prophet followers were).

Well think if it, she knew that Sayedna Uthman (3rd islamic ruler after the prophet) was killed in cold blood by some people. She gathered an army to fight them (since Sayedna Ali couldn’t do that at the time). At least that was her perspective to what she was doing.

Wait a minute…think of this…a muslim woman leading an army 1400 years ago…and they say Islam oppresses women…YEAH RIGHT! Lol.

On the other hand Sayedna Ali was the ruler and didn’t want mutiny which would mixup his preparation to deal with the killers. He had to stop her first (since she has a whole army).

Even this allegation (gathering an army aginst Sayedna Ali’s wish or order) was a difference in interpretation of the situation and how to deal with it.

Sayedna Ali after winning the battle (battle against Aisha) sent her back to Madinah without even saying a word to her or allowing anyone to come close to her or who were with her (in her defeated army).

If she was so bad (as some Shei’a think), do you think that would be the way to treat her?
In conclusion, any allegations against Sayeda Aisha (Radya Allah 3anha waa Ardaha) are nonsense!

  • During prayer, it is the Jafarī (Shei’a) view that it is preferable to prostrate on earth, leaves that are not edible, and/or wood, as these three things are considered purest by the Prophet in Hadith specifically mentioning Tayammum. Hence many Sheī'a use a small tablet of soil (a mixture of earth and water, and often taken from the ground of a holy site) during their daily prayers upon which they prostrate.

Nothing in Quran or Suna says that we take a piece of wood, leaves or whatever and put it under our forehead as we touch the ground.
I haven’t the faintest idea where they got that from. Especially, that they get the rocks from where Sayedna AL Hussain died (which happened many years after the prophet’s teachings about prayer and how to perform prayers have been reveled). Sob7an Allah!
But anyway, we can ignore this one since they think “it is preferable” not compulsory.

  • They dislike Salah EL Din because he ended the Fatimi empire in Egypt.

Well… Being who he (Salah El Din) is to us, I will not comment !!

The above are the major things I disapprove with the Shie’a about.
There are other things that differ in both views (Sunni and Shie’a) like Mut’a Nekaah (marrying for pleasure for a certain time) which Shei'a think is ok, or how they pray, ..etc.

In conclusion, there are (obvious) differences between Suna and Shei’a. There were always conflicts (historically) between both sects.

So, to answer the first question of this post...

I for one have no problem with them if they (the Shei’a) don’t insult the prophet’s followers, the first three leaders of the Islamic world, or Sayeda Aisha (God bless them all).

I am not worried about them at all. They can believe what they want, but without insulting… that’s all.
And finally, i think it is important to mention that the Al Azhar (one of the main centers of Sunni scholarship in the world) had a ten year long exchange with a Shia scholar.

After a long period of discussions, they announced the following on July 6, 1959:
"The Shi'a is a school of thought that is religiously correct to follow in worship as are other Sunni schools of thought."

But, we have to notice that the FATWA said “correct to follow in worship as are other Sunni schools of thought.". It said in "worship" as in how to worship not as in everything the Shei’a say or do.
It didn’t say that the Shie’a insulting the prophet’s followers, the first three leaders of the Islamic world, and Sayeda Aisha is ok. The insulting part is not worshiping it’s something else.

Another important part in the fatwa is this…
Muslims must know this (Jafari Shei'i school is a way of thought), and ought to refrain from unjust prejudice to any particular school of thought”.

Note: the above statement is about Islamic schools of thought that abide with Quran.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Justifying Saddam!

A part of an article by Rola Kharsa in Al Masry Al Youm newspaper (link: triggered an important question...
Read it and lets think of this...

وتاريخ العراق مليء بالدماء لذلك كان لا بد لمن يحكم أن يتوقع الانقلابات في كل ثانية، وأن يدير شؤون البلاد بيد من حديد. سمعت كثيرا عن جرائم ارتكبها صدام حسين كانت أشبه بالأساطير، مثل قتله معارضيه وإعدامهم، أو حتي قتله صهريه بعد فرارهما إلي الأردن وعودتهما بعد أن وعدهما بالأمان، وحنث بالوعد،

As it says, Iraq has a very bloody history full of coupes and assassinations.
Now, here's the question...

If you were in Office (being the President of Iraq) and someone tried to assassinate you (think Al Dujail case, where She'a people tried to kill him in their village when he was there on a visit) or tried to do a coupe against you (think Al Anfaal case or Halabja, when Kurds rebelled against the Iraqi Gov.), wouldn't you punish anyone involved?
In other words, wouldn't you as the President be obliged to get rid of anyone who wanted to do such a thing?

Any constitution gives the government the right to punish anyone who tries to harm the country in anyway (including assassinations and coupes against the President). So, why do people say that Saddam was wrong when he punished people who did the above incidents for instance?

What i wrote above crossed my mind when i read the article. Not only me though... some people have actually said this to defend Saddam's acts (Moustafa Bakri rings a bell?). But when i think of it more...

Yes, he as a President has the right to punish anyone evolved...but, not without trial!
Although if you think of it, even if there was one, Saddam's regime would have made sure all got executed!

The tricky one is the coupe, how can a large group of people rebel against you and you not go to war to stop their rebel act?! it is almost impossible!

After wondering for a few minutes... the answer to resolve the pain of thinking for an answer popped into my head....
"If he was a fair man, non of this would have happened!" .... or would it?

By the way, I am against everything this man did.

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Monday, January 08, 2007

Communism And Religion (The Middle-East)

Part of an article by Anis Mansour (Link:

والإنسان مؤمن بطبعه أو بغريزته‏.‏ وهناك طريقتان للقضاء علي الصراعات الدينية‏.‏ إما بالوعي والتسامح وإما بالقضاء علي الأديان كما فعل الاتحاد السوفيتي والدول الشيوعية‏.‏ ولأن الإيمان عميق فلم تكد تنهار الشيوعية الأوروبية حتي استعاد الدين عرشه علي القلوب والعقول‏.‏ وسقطت أصنام لينين وستالين‏..‏ وهذا أساس الخوف من الدين‏..‏ خوف كثير من الاصنام أن تسقط‏!‏
How true!
To simply put it, taking out religion is out of the question. Eventually, failure is the result.
Communism failed for more than one reason (obviously). One of them was Religion (and i am talking about the Middle East mainly).
On a sort of related topic, I find it very strange that some people keep demanding the separation of Religion from politics, economy,...etc. (the secular ideology). I know their reasoning but i do not agree with it.
If you think of it, our past as a vast nation (spread out from Morocco to China and from Spain to Somalia) was built on one main thing, Islam.
And when we applied Islam right, we lead the world for 800 years (scientifically, economically, socially, ideology wise...etc.).
Of course there were glitches here and there within the peak of our civilization but this happens with all civilizations!
So, to say that development and progress won't happen without a secular way of life... that contradicts to a historical fact (a 800 year one!).
The trick is to apply a progressive Islamic ideology (moderate).
Which rules to pick and apply... we'll need a lot of research, discussions, and poll results to get to the bottom of that! and as long as we do not deviate from Quran and Suna, we''ll be heading the right way ISA.
I agree that it will be difficult to apply Islamic ideologies nowadays with all the challenges around us (economic system based on thoughts that contradict Islamic ideologies, social injustice, vast corruption, international interference, different interpretations of Islamic rules...etc.).
But, we have to start somewhere... sometime... i hope!
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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Alone in Qatar #2

I have to say that the traffic load in Qatar went down noticeably.
This is due (most probably) to the the Asian games coming to an end last month (which was a milestone for the Qataris), Haj, Adha vacation, Xmas and new year vacations. All these happening at the same time made a lot of people leave Qatar and travel abroad.

Today on my way to work, i noticed the traffic load picked up again. Seems a lot of people are back now. Of course this is nothing compared to Egypt (Cairo to be specific).

Talking about Cairo, i heard that this year the cold is outstanding. It is cold to an extent that people are wearing like 3 pullovers indoors!!!!

Qatar too is facing a strange cold weather. As far as one of the local newspapers, it has been 30 years since they had such a cold and rainy climate in Qatar.

One of the British guys working here said: "Hey, it feels like home!". On that day the sky was grey, there was no sun at all, and it was raining dogs and cats as they say. So, no wonder the guy said that.

I'm back alone again in Qatar. Family back in Egypt.
If it wasn't for some studying i have to do (and some new games i have), my moral would have been in the gutters.

The house seems so quiet, it is weird. I miss my kid running around like crazy all over the house and demanding i play with him all the time (although that ALL THE TIME was very tiring for an ANTEE7' like me).

Besides that, I am going through a very strange phase. I do not want to sleep at all!
And for the ones who know me, THIS IS VERY VERY STRANGE! lol

I cooked my first rice bowel. First time in the cooking world and i think i did a good job (thanks to my wife's directions).

One good thing is that the days are going by very fast. I can't wait to go back to Egypt soon ISA.
I will be traveling to London end of this month (ISA). This will shorten the "waiting time" i have to go through till i go back home.

Well, have to go now... Ta ta :)

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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Arabs Pleased Abu Trekka Is Out?!!!!!

African Football Association (CAF) announced that the final 3 list for Best African Player of the year has been narrowed down to : Drogba (Ivory Coast), Eto (Cameroon), and Essein (Ghana). That is after excluding Abu Trekka (Egypt) who was in the final 5.

As i read the news on Al Arabiya website (link here: i was shocked by the comments from some of our Arab brothers, especially Moroccans.

Of all people i had the thought that Moroccans and Egyptians are on good terms. We (Egyptians) always cheer for their national team when they play in the world cup..etc.

But, for me to see comments like ..."The only thing Egyptians are good at is eating Fool and Tameya" and "Poor Egyptians, they do not know what football is"... and many other comments that show deep hatred and dislike.

It is like what happened in the last African Cup (2006) in Egypt when we (Egyptian Public) got to know from the news agencies that Tunisians are always cheering for teams playing against Egypt. While at the same time in Alexandria (where the Tunisian team was playing), the Egyptians were cheering for the Tunisian team...
Of course after knowing that all the Egyptians felt deeply offended and stopped cheering for Tunis.

I am really shocked... read the comments in the link and see for yourself.

Yet, to be fair I have to say...not all Arabs are like that. Some (even from North African countries) support Egypt.

As for me, i'll keep on cheering for any Arab country (especially Tunis and Morocco) no matter what some idiots say about Egypt!

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