Saturday, January 27, 2007

Adel Adham...The King Of Evil!

Adel Adham (right, obviously!)

Adel Adham for those who don't know was an Egyptian actor (pasted away a few years ago). His stardom was mainly in the 70s and 80s of last century. He was notorious for his evil roles in many Egyptian movies.
Only a few days ago i was watching a movie which he was acting in as the poor step-father of Nabila Obeid. The following scene is was one of his classics:
They enter into the house which Nabila Obeid's belly-dancing teacher rented for them, to find that all the furniture was taken away. The only things left in the house were a lot of newspapers on the floor.
Being a drug addict (in that movie) he pitifully and sarcastically said the following to his wife as he patted her on the shoulder...

Adel Adham:" Yala ya weleya, haty el garayed wee ifresheehom fy ott el noom badal el martaba".
He then almost took one step towards the bedroom and then looked back to his wife and said: "Weee matenseesh ya ro7 omek tegeebey el mol7a2 3alashaan net3'ata beeeh!".

He really was in a class of his own!

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Kareem said...

Ahh ... I really love this man ... I remember when I was hooked on his "Ezayek Ya Otta?!" line when we were in college. And his popular "Fee nas welad kalb, we fee nas WELAD SETEEN KALB" Allah yer7amo ba2a.

Fadfadation said...

Yes, lol...kaan Gamed moot.

"Izayek ya otta" was his trade mark...