Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Al Arabiya Website, The New Tabloid!

Has anyone (for the past year or so) felt that AL Arabiya news Website has started to turn into a tabloid (sa7afa Safra)?

Read this... (link: http://www.alarabiya.net/Articles/2007/01/22/30975.htm):

ظهرت في مصر ظاهرة جديدة غير مألوفة تتمثل في لجوء بعض الزوجات إلى عيادات متخصصة في القاهرة لإجراء جراحات إعادة غشاء البكارة، احتفالا بعيد الزواج. ويتمثل في التقليد الذي ينتشر في "الطبقة المخملية" في مصر، ليتزامن عيد الزواج مع "ليلة دخلة" جديدة بعد عملية إعادة الغشاء.

I mean for heaven's sake, what type of news is this?!
Is this the type of news a (supposed to be) reputable news agency should be mentioning? what importance does this represent?!

Of course, not to forget the many "Sexual" related issues that it LOVES to mention almost everyday on its Website!


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OpeRon® said...

I do not see any problem in publishing this type of new per se, because, we "the arab world" are dramatically complaining about the fogging of media .. however, when the media is releasing any outrageous news, we get pissed off "how paradoxical"

But, On the other hand, I do have to comment on the "Specialized Clinics".. for a few reasons:
1- who gave those clinics the license to perform such procedute?
2- This procedure is ethically banned unless it is indicated for a rape victim with psychological compromise effect Or As a secondary procedure after penetrative surgery in a virgin female.
3- Who is the freaking doctor who spent his life studying & end up by restoring Hymen to married females!!

I am sorry but I do have to doubt the validity of this piece of news due to reason # 1 ..

Fadfadation said...

I agree with your comments.

Yet, i do not think that the "complaint of fogging news" has anything to do with this type of news... sexual sleezyness is not what we need (i am not talking about this particular news).

Well, i guess this is the cost of wanting free press..etc.

My main point in this post was: " Al Arabiya" is not suppsoed to be a tabloid...so why is it acting like one?!

If you are reputable, you will\should act like one!

OpeRon® said...

Xcuse my ignorance. . I do not read Al Arabia .. but I got your point of view

Fadfadation said...


wala excuse wala 7aga...
You aren't missing much...lol

Om Luji said...

That's media. You can't really draw a line where tabloid begins.

Fadfadation said...


GO down to the closest post stand and look at the newspapers and magazines... you'll easily know which ones are tabloids.

Daa fyh minho 7agaat the maximum you can say about them, is that they are ... min ta7t beer el selem!