Sunday, January 07, 2007

Alone in Qatar #2

I have to say that the traffic load in Qatar went down noticeably.
This is due (most probably) to the the Asian games coming to an end last month (which was a milestone for the Qataris), Haj, Adha vacation, Xmas and new year vacations. All these happening at the same time made a lot of people leave Qatar and travel abroad.

Today on my way to work, i noticed the traffic load picked up again. Seems a lot of people are back now. Of course this is nothing compared to Egypt (Cairo to be specific).

Talking about Cairo, i heard that this year the cold is outstanding. It is cold to an extent that people are wearing like 3 pullovers indoors!!!!

Qatar too is facing a strange cold weather. As far as one of the local newspapers, it has been 30 years since they had such a cold and rainy climate in Qatar.

One of the British guys working here said: "Hey, it feels like home!". On that day the sky was grey, there was no sun at all, and it was raining dogs and cats as they say. So, no wonder the guy said that.

I'm back alone again in Qatar. Family back in Egypt.
If it wasn't for some studying i have to do (and some new games i have), my moral would have been in the gutters.

The house seems so quiet, it is weird. I miss my kid running around like crazy all over the house and demanding i play with him all the time (although that ALL THE TIME was very tiring for an ANTEE7' like me).

Besides that, I am going through a very strange phase. I do not want to sleep at all!
And for the ones who know me, THIS IS VERY VERY STRANGE! lol

I cooked my first rice bowel. First time in the cooking world and i think i did a good job (thanks to my wife's directions).

One good thing is that the days are going by very fast. I can't wait to go back to Egypt soon ISA.
I will be traveling to London end of this month (ISA). This will shorten the "waiting time" i have to go through till i go back home.

Well, have to go now... Ta ta :)

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two_dishes said...

I came to this blog via comments in The Arabist I think. Good, personal postings. Thanks. I read 5 or 6 of them. Blogging about the mosque and girl stories were both interesting!

Fadfadation said...

Thank you for the kind words...

Strange how small this world has come to. Someone from Detroit knowing things happening to an Egptian living in Qatar.

Hope to hear from you again :)