Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Arabs Pleased Abu Trekka Is Out?!!!!!

African Football Association (CAF) announced that the final 3 list for Best African Player of the year has been narrowed down to : Drogba (Ivory Coast), Eto (Cameroon), and Essein (Ghana). That is after excluding Abu Trekka (Egypt) who was in the final 5.

As i read the news on Al Arabiya website (link here: http://www.alarabiya.net/Articles/2007/01/01/30395.htm) i was shocked by the comments from some of our Arab brothers, especially Moroccans.

Of all people i had the thought that Moroccans and Egyptians are on good terms. We (Egyptians) always cheer for their national team when they play in the world cup..etc.

But, for me to see comments like ..."The only thing Egyptians are good at is eating Fool and Tameya" and "Poor Egyptians, they do not know what football is"... and many other comments that show deep hatred and dislike.

It is like what happened in the last African Cup (2006) in Egypt when we (Egyptian Public) got to know from the news agencies that Tunisians are always cheering for teams playing against Egypt. While at the same time in Alexandria (where the Tunisian team was playing), the Egyptians were cheering for the Tunisian team...
Of course after knowing that all the Egyptians felt deeply offended and stopped cheering for Tunis.

I am really shocked... read the comments in the link and see for yourself.

Yet, to be fair I have to say...not all Arabs are like that. Some (even from North African countries) support Egypt.

As for me, i'll keep on cheering for any Arab country (especially Tunis and Morocco) no matter what some idiots say about Egypt!

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Anonymous said...

fwiw, eto'o is from cameroon

Fadfadation said...

Oh yes, sorry about that you're right..

I'll fix it :)