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Communism And Religion (The Middle-East)

Part of an article by Anis Mansour (Link:

والإنسان مؤمن بطبعه أو بغريزته‏.‏ وهناك طريقتان للقضاء علي الصراعات الدينية‏.‏ إما بالوعي والتسامح وإما بالقضاء علي الأديان كما فعل الاتحاد السوفيتي والدول الشيوعية‏.‏ ولأن الإيمان عميق فلم تكد تنهار الشيوعية الأوروبية حتي استعاد الدين عرشه علي القلوب والعقول‏.‏ وسقطت أصنام لينين وستالين‏..‏ وهذا أساس الخوف من الدين‏..‏ خوف كثير من الاصنام أن تسقط‏!‏
How true!
To simply put it, taking out religion is out of the question. Eventually, failure is the result.
Communism failed for more than one reason (obviously). One of them was Religion (and i am talking about the Middle East mainly).
On a sort of related topic, I find it very strange that some people keep demanding the separation of Religion from politics, economy,...etc. (the secular ideology). I know their reasoning but i do not agree with it.
If you think of it, our past as a vast nation (spread out from Morocco to China and from Spain to Somalia) was built on one main thing, Islam.
And when we applied Islam right, we lead the world for 800 years (scientifically, economically, socially, ideology wise...etc.).
Of course there were glitches here and there within the peak of our civilization but this happens with all civilizations!
So, to say that development and progress won't happen without a secular way of life... that contradicts to a historical fact (a 800 year one!).
The trick is to apply a progressive Islamic ideology (moderate).
Which rules to pick and apply... we'll need a lot of research, discussions, and poll results to get to the bottom of that! and as long as we do not deviate from Quran and Suna, we''ll be heading the right way ISA.
I agree that it will be difficult to apply Islamic ideologies nowadays with all the challenges around us (economic system based on thoughts that contradict Islamic ideologies, social injustice, vast corruption, international interference, different interpretations of Islamic rules...etc.).
But, we have to start somewhere... sometime... i hope!
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Juka said...

Actually Islamic banking is making a comeback everywhere other than here in Egypt. It's become very popular in Europe and the Gulf.

Fadfadation said...

Yeah, tell me about it!

I have forigners here at work asking about it...

The possiblity of making more money is higher in Islamic banking.

Although, they have to remember that they might also lose some money if there were no profits.

OpeRon® said...

Very true.. I can't agree more ..