Monday, January 22, 2007

Hilary Clinton The Next President?

Hilary Clinton

For the past few years the star of Hilary Clinton has been rising.
As stated in Al-Ahram newspaper (link: she seems to be getting closer to being the representative for the Democratic party in the next Presidential elections.

What does this mean to us (Arabs\Muslims)?
It means one thing... trouble...big time!

She is known to be a hardcore pro-Israeli fanatic (if it is possible to call someone that).
I know the US foreign policies are always pro-Israeli more than anything else (because of interests...etc.), but this lady will take the word PRO to another dimension.

Rabena yestor!

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Anonymous said...

Mesh 3arfa, I don't think she might be worse that the current ya3ni..

Fadfadation said...

la2... seyatek she said it 3eni 3enaak.

When it comes to the palistinian-Israeli conflicts...she was always on Israel's side.
As in, Israel has the right to build the wall around the palastinian lands (which was condemned by an INternational Court), Israel have the right to go into palistinian lands "any time" to protect itself...etc.

The other politicians (even if they are biased to Israel), they at lease play diplomacy (give you one peice while giving the other 10 pieces).

In Her case, as an actor used to say (whom i don't remember his name): "yaaaa 7alaaawa!"

Fadfadation said...

The only thing she will do which some of us might find useful, is kick the non-democratic arab leaders around.

In which direction? we'll have to wait and see

Memo said...

do you realy think that Hilary is gonna take over anything :?
i dont think so
also she will not be supported that much as she got alot of negative fields in her life taht i guess is gonna be an obsti

Fadfadation said...

Yes, but rmemeber the suduction of electing a women for president is luring over for a while now (setting example, showing how democratic the US is, very strong feminine activists and groups..etc.)

And the moer important thing is... The Republicans have a very shakey look right now after all the crisis caused by Bush. So, whoever the Democrates choose to represent them , has a very good chance of winning (remember what happened in the mid-year elections for the paliment a few months ago...that's a sign).

Om Luji said...

I don't think that the US will ever have a president who is not biased and who will not aim at protecting Israel. Not because of interests, but because that sustains the existence of the US as a super power. The degree of his/her pro-israelism is also a useless issue as long as the US has the Veto. In that frame, Hilary will at least be the first female president of the US.

Anonymous said...

And who "as in a president to come" is not gonna be on the Israeli's side!!!

Fadfadation said...

Om Luji,

The US interests i mentioned include "the existence of the US as a super power" also.

If you want to talk about it, lets not forget that the existence of Israel in this part of the world helps the US sell weapons in the area more than any other country.
Not Only that, Israel (for the Americans) is like another American state.

And if there is anything the Americans have done right in politics (between 70s till 2001), they have learned to make other people fight their wars for them... i.e. Afghani war, Afghani invasion...

That strategy started after Vietnam because of the heavy casualties they suffered (50,000 dead).

But, Bush with his Conservatives went really wrong when they sent US troop in Iraq thinking it will be a picnic... they are loosing men and women every day. American people are hating that!

In all cases, we know that Israel will always be Americas baby.

And as you said...the DARN Vito is always there!

Kareem said...

Tough choice for the American people here .... it's either they elect their first lady president or their first black president. Analysts say the real battle will be between them two ... So far Obama is doing good, but he needs to work more on his PR approach.

Fadfadation said...

I heard about Obama.

i wonder....

Tarek said...


If you don't mind, I've translated/quoted your post here: