Friday, January 19, 2007

The MBs Slap Back!

"إن عمق إيمان جماهير حزبنا بالقيم الدينية والروحية إنما تمتد في أصوله وجذوره عبر مجتمعنا وحضاراته المتعاقبة". "ومن ثم نظرتنا إلى بناء الإنسان المصري وتحقيق رفاهيته لا يمكن أن تنفصل عن قضية إذكاء القيم الروحية والدينية لديه وذلك بمزيد من الاهتمام بالتربية الدينية وبث روح التضحية والفداء، لذلك كان طبيعيًا أن يؤكد حزبنا على أن الشريعة الإسلامية هي المصدر الرئيسي للتشريع بحيث يلتزم المشرع المصري بمبادئ الشريعة فيما يصدره من قوانين".
This is not part of the Ikhwan's (MBs) values or thoughts, it is actually part of the NDP’s (National Democratic Party, Hosni Mubarak’s regime) internal constitution values.

And these sentences (among others) were where the slap came from. How?? here’s how…

As we all know, the only sort of real opposition the NDP government has in Egypt is the MBs (Muslim Brotherhood). And because of that, the government is doing all it can to oust them from any chance of affecting the NDP’s control on politics in Egypt.

Lately the government has been putting many of them (MBs) in jail for any reason the officials can come up with. The weirdest one was that 15 of the senior MBs (per the allegations raised by the Public Prosecutor) have provided the 150 (jailed) MB students from the Al Azhar university with money and equipment (not sure what equipment the students needed to do a karate show-off…but, who cares…it’s the security mentality in Egypt. They usually don’t make sense).

Anyways, After all the blows the government has been giving the MBs, the MBs have slapped the NDP back right in the face. And this time the slap was from the NDP internal constitution values.

The parliament (dominated by NDP) is currently discussing 34 (due for amendment) of the Egyptian constitution sections. The NDP is doing it’s best to make sure the new amendments will oust the MBs from getting into power.
The NDP put in a rule that “No Political party is to be based on a religious background” (something to that meaning). In other words, the MBs will have no chance to have their own Political party.

The MBs slap came from here!
In the discussions held last week in the parliament the MB representative Sa’ad Al Hoseni came up with the above phrase which is part of the NDP’s internal constitution.
In other words, the NDP too can not exists (if the new constitution amendment is applied).
When Fathi Soroor (head of the Egyptian parliment) heard this he was shocked. So were many of the NDP reps in the parliment...

وأضاف: هذه صفحات ضمن برنامج الحزب، وقد بدا لكثيرين كأنها تكتشف لأول مرة.. "طلب سرور أن يقرأها فأعطيته له، وبعد أن انتهى منها اطرق واستغرب، ثم اعطيتها لأمال عثمان وقلت لها: "يا دكتورة.. حزبكم سيحل بسبب هذه الصفحات وإلا عليكم تغيير برنامج الحزب وجعله علمانيا. هذه التعديلات ستتسبب في اشكالات، فردت: فعلا هناك اشكالات".

I find this so funny... the NDP dug their own grave! Lol
I am positive they are digging through their books right now trying to get out of this one.
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Ma-3lina said...

they r going for this new strategy i think after " farouk hosny" incident

about putting them in jail , they r used to do that long time ago but nowadays it 's increasing nd becoming public 3eni 3enak keda

gr8 article nd gr8 analysis for the situation

Fadfadation said...

Thank you Ma-3alina :)

Rabena yestor and Egypt doesn't turn inti another Tunis :(

Dida said...

I would love to see some brand new political party emerge & take power while the NDP & MBs are busy fighting like street dogs like that. Frankly, i'm sick of both parties & all their members, zehi2t minnohom! They've all lost credibility. Religion is a personal matter & what the political party in power should be worried about is feeding, educating, sheltering & employing the masses, and really truly caring about Egypt with no hidden agendas (anyone would get more 7asanat by doing that). It's about time netre7im min el abuse of islam & let people worship Allah freely without having a political issue be the undertone of every Bism Allah or Allaho Akbar! Islam's been there for centuries, we're not rediscovering it now, however the poor are getting poorer & the few rich ones getting richer & Egypt is going down the drain with no one giving it a second glance...aho da howa 3ein el haram!

OpeRon® said...

VERY intriguing post.. I always refrain from talking about politics until I really have to, however, we all do understand that democracy is not the only feature of our government .. PERIOD

Fadfadation said...

In Politics there will always be quarrels.

It will be the same with any new political party.

Fadfadation said...

Yet of course, we do need new REAL parties for a change!

Memo said...

I don’t think they are going to consider new polices due to religion or due to people real needs the only thing that they are taking care of is the protection of polices due to a lot of circumstances that is going on this days and yet all of the coming changes are just made for the best of the parties maybe be or the politician needs maybe some global economy
Don't know!

bibi-aisha said...

When will democracy come to the arab world? its clear mubaraks son will take over,and the oppression will continue

Jannah said...

Great analysis Fadfadation!

The MBs are seeing almost their worst days now, yet they're still slapping back!

Fadfadation said...

Sometime i have doubts...

I mean, when will it be that someone other than the NDP will get a chance of ruling.

We need change, desperately!