Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My Friends And Girl Scandals!!

Everyone one of us goes through experiences that seem strange or even sometimes funny.
Sometimes my friends and I keep talking about our previous experiences and either laugh about them or feel sorry we did such things.

Since i don't meet my friends that much anymore (being abroad and all), i'll pull their legs with this post.

I decided to share some of the weird, funny, and sometimes bad experiences people I know went through (concerning girls and relationships).
These people can be anyone from my friends, previous friends (lost touch), relatives, people close to me, … etc.

I can see some of my friends freaking out now…lol
Don’t worry I’ll keep it anonymous as much as possible.

Note: All the incidents listed below are from a time our perspective about things was very different. We were either very young (teenagers) or never thought about right and wrong at that point of time (irresponsible besara7a).

Most of the things listed are wrong things (I am not encouraging them in anyway). But, I will tell them exactly as they happened.

Some of the listed incidents might not make sense except for the person related to the incident. Forgive me because I can not make things more clear (we do have common friends reading this and if I clarify more, they’ll know who I am talking about).

Here are some stories (as i remember them)…

  1. One of them once had a girl come to his place (they were alone), the only thing he did was slap her on the back of her neck (darabha 3ala 2afaha)!!?!!!!!
  2. Another one of them once had a girl come to his place (they were alone in the whole building), as he was talking to her outside the flat trying to get her inside the house (she was hesitant), the door slammed behind him and both of them were stuck outside. He ended up talking on the stairs. He was so bored with her…he slept on her legs as they sat on the stairs waiting for one of his friends to get the spare keys!! Yes, slept as in Zzzzzzzzz!
  3. I once went to Friday’s to find my best friend’s girlfriend there with another guy!!!!!!!!! When I told him (after a lot of hesitation), turned out she was double playing (m2artassaah).
  4. One of them went to meet a blind date, before he headed out to meet her... one of his best friends told him:”7atetla3 ashkeef yaaad ya ...” (calling his name). When that someone went to meet her she turned out worse than an Ashkeeef. He dumped her at once and the first thing he did after that was call his best friend to tell him: "m....@! abu ily ye3rafak…”
  5. One of them kept starring for 3 years at a girl at university (she started the staring by the way). In the last term of his final year at university, he got introduced to her. On that day we all were looking at him and he came up to us and said:” la2 mish 3agbany”!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [meaning: Nope, she’s not pretty!]
  6. One of them had a girl come to his house while his parents were away. As they were about to get naughty, his father opened the door of the flat. My friend ran out of his room and started talking to his father. The father felt something was fishy so he told him: ”Go down NOW and get me some bread!”. My friend had no choice, he went down. Meanwhile his father went into his room, looked allover the room but found nothing. The only place he didn’t look at was behind the door, where the girl was hiding!
  7. One of them had a crush on a girl at the university (for 4 years). He never talked to her. 4 years after graduation, he asked me and another common friend to talk to her asking if he could meet her (he was interested in marrying her). She agreed to meet him at a caffee. She and the common friend arrived on time, he arrived almost 3 hours late!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. One of them was alone with a girl in his car in a deserted area (desert road if I remember right). As they were in the middle of kissing, someone knocked on the window and said: ”inzel ya rewesh”. It was the police and the girl was 15 years old!!!!!!!!!!
  9. One of them took a girl to el Sahel El Shamaly (north coast resort area), only half an hour after arriving (seeing her without make-up, no hot clothes…etc.) he said:” yala nerga3 masr!”
  10. The default word anyone in the gang (college friends) used to say (when someone gets to know a hot girl) was:” tab eh?...sa7bet'ha ba2a ya me3alem!”
  11. One of them used to know a "few" girls. He used to introduce his friends to the girls he wasn’t interested in. His friends called it: ”THE GOLDEN QUEUE”. The question was always: ”Eh ya man? maa to7oteny fel golden queue”.
  12. One of them was trying (for some reason without me knowing) to get his girlfriend’s best friend to hook-up with me. When he told his girlfriend about his idea, she said:” daa befakarny bel gebna el beeda” [meaning: “he reminds me of white cheese”]…..looool
  13. One of them was known to be a big liar (lies about anything, just for the sake of it). The only time he didn’t lie in a relationship (wanted to get married), he was refused by her father. The father said: ”no he is a big liar” (although for the first time ever , he didn’t lie about anything at all!)
  14. One of them ended up kissing a girl everyone used to feel she was grouse. When eveyone heard about it, everyone said:”i333333333 gatak el 2araf!”. He was very happy about it!
  15. One of them had a indecent movie with him (film sakafi). His sister saw him taking it out of the video device, she asked him suspisiously: “what movie is this? who does it belong to?”, he spontaneously said: ”fadfadation” (saying my real name of course)…. Although I had nothing to do with the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I asked him: “Why did you say my name since I didn’t give it to you”, he said:” if my sister or even mother knew that you are the one this movie belongs to, they'll believe me when i say it is not an indecent movie”!
    Allah yesam7ak yaly febaly…shabahteny!
  16. Three of them were all dating the same girl at the same time!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. One of them was fond his neighbor. He got to know her and used to talk to her on the phone. Once, she called him at 2AM saying: “I've been kicked out of home, please let me stay at your place” (he was a guy living alone). The guy closed the phone and moved elsewhere.
  18. One of them went to Dubai on a trip. He was in a hotel and an Asian girl gave him the “you-know-what-looks” (obviously a hooker) , he left the place at once (not wanting to giving in). When he was back home, he told the gang:” lama shoftaha betbosely, fala2t” [when I understood what she wanted, I left at once”]. Another one of the gang’s face turned red. When asked: “why are you pulling faces?”, turned out his wildest fantasy was an Asian woman! till now (6 years) the guy is still pulling faces!
  19. One of them meet with a blind date, he didn’t like her at all. As he was taking her home, she put her hand on his hands (which he had on the gear stick while driving) thinking he'll like that. He told her:” law sama7ty sheley eeedek, mish 3aref 2asoo2!” .
  20. The same guy while still in the car with her, was so annoyed with her that when she put her head out of the window (for the wind to go through her hair), he said: ”da7’aly raasek badal lama tet2te3!”
  21. One of them was once leaning on a car with his body towards the street. A car passed by (full of girls) and he was pinched in his behind!!! (not really a pinch if you get what I mean).
  22. One of them used to say when he sees an attractive girl: ”El bet dy 3ayza tet3ad!”
  23. A girl at university used to keep on and on criticizing one of our friends. She used to say things like: ”eh el habal ely beya3melo da?!”, and :”eeeef! daa insaan 3’areeb”. One day he went up to her and asked her to be his girlfriend, she agreed at once!!!!
  24. A mother of one of them used to keep bugging him about marrying the girl next door. He didn’t like her at all (she was overweight and not pretty). He told his mother to for get it. The mother being an Egyptian “to the core” mother told him: ”Leeh yabny?! dy weshaha taba2”. [meaning: her face is round like a plate” thinking that it is a sign of beauty]! ..mothers! what do they know :)
  25. One of them found a girl waiting for him outside the building he lived in (he knew that girl for a while in the past). He asked her: ”what are you doing here?”, she said: ”ana 7amel minak”!! [meaning: “I’m pregneant and you are the father”]. It was obvious she was "around" too much and had no idea who the father really was simpley becuase he never even touch her!!!
  26. One of them had a female friend that used to interfere with all his love stories (spoiling them with her opinions). I told him: “Be careful! She has plans for you”. He said: ”No, no… she is just a friend. I’ll not fall for such a trick”. A few years later…they got married!!!!
  27. One of them got to know a 38 year old divorcee (a mother of an 11 year old). She offered him (indirectly) money and to join her at her house in Hurgada (resort on the red sea)!!!!
  28. One of them was dating a girl and then (out of the blue) she invited him to her wedding! believe it or not… he went!!!!!
  29. One of them had the "hots" for servants (7'adamaat). You can imagine what happened to him after the Nancy Agram famous video clip "Mafysh 7aga tegy keda"!

I guess these are more than enough…
I am sure each one of my friends knows which ones are related to him (for those friends who are still in contact of course).

And in case you are wondering... No! not all the people I know are twisted, superficial or crazy people…lol

Besides, most of them changed to the better now.

Mood: Cheerful :)


OpeRon® said...

Now, that's an interesting post.. so FUNNY ! it's like a soap Opera :S

Juka said...


Fadfadation said...

Yes, it does... :)

The amazing part of all this is the change in character that occurred on most of us.
When we look back at such things we feel so different now (a good type of different).

Sob7an mo3'ayer el a7waal.

Dida said...

da inta fedee7a beshakl LOOOOL ya 3am ostor 3al nas 3ashan ma7adesh yefda7ak inta we leiltak tekoon soooda LOL
but i must say, it is amazing that you can remember all these things...given your terrible memory! ;)

Fadfadation said...

Actually, some of them i was the one involved..hahaha!

la la baharag...or am i?

Anyway, it's anonymous.. so, i think we are all covered.


Nag said...


However, i think you need some feminist to reply to you :P

I thought the general "look-and-feel" of the stories were a bit derogatory to females, walla eih?

I get very defensive when it comes to defending fellow women!

Jannah said...

Scandals raheeba! :D
I wish the girls with similar behaviour (to the ones involved here) would read them, and realise that the guys are talking, laughing and afterwards... forgetting they ever existed!

Fadfadation said...


Of course the image about women is bad in most stories.

That is because of 2 reasons:
1- We were young and irresponsible (no sense of right and wrong at that time).
2- The girls (in some stories) were obviously not of good caliber. They degraded themselves.

I have to be honest, we too were wrong, not only the girls.

You are right.
If girls would only know what men say between them (and never tell girls about it). I think most women would think a hundred times before giving an inch to a man (even if it was out of love).

Although, the stories mentioned (most of them) had nothing to do with love.

I know feelings between to people in love might make them do wrong things (ethically, religiously...etc.). And i know it is hard to stop it. But, min el a7'er you'll both loose. ANd i have seen it happen so many times.

Glad you enjoyed the post:)

Nag said...

hmmm... you're getting into dangerous territory.. My point only is, I really hate the way the wrong-doing is placed "mostly" (not all) on the girl..

The possibility that a guy "yefdah" a girl is much more than vice versa.. Even tho girls are stereotyped as talkative (and they are).. being in love doesnt justify it, i agree, but the guy moves on whereas the girl has to live with the "stamp"..

lol i turned it into a serious issue without planning to, but i've been meaning to blog about that lately...

Fadfadation said...

the guy moves on whereas the girl has to live with the "stamp"..

You're right. This is what happens

Myra said...

I have nothing to say except that I'm really shocked of how girls are acting these days... i feel ashamed of that.
Anyways funny post yet advisable!

Fadfadation said...

What you read is nothing. There is much worse.
There are weird extremes in our society. I heard on "Al Qahira Al youm" TV show on Orbit channel a while ago that there is something called "Zawaag el sina".

A man marries a woman by implanting a tooth from his mouth in the woman's mouth and vise versa (through a dentist).
The weird part was, the man was calling the program and hesitant if that marriage was 7aram or not!!!
He was dead serious!

When asked why or how he got this idea, he said i heard people marrying through "Zawwag El Dam"... so, i said why not do this!!!

Weird weird wierd...

Myra said...

Oh my GOD! about the blood marriage, yeah i've heard about that, bas kaman sina??!!!sina sina we el balad khalas ha tekhrab khales....bas i really i wanna admit something, most of nowadays girls are damn "zeft", not them all tabaan "cuz i'm a girl,brrr :p" bas really they are.
yalla Rabena yestor alina!salamz!

Ma-3lina said...


u reminded me with Friend's episodes

very funny nd i believe it took time so u could remember all these incidents

but i never thought that there r girlz that behave that way like the pregnant one !!

mercy on us

hend said...

nice stories and funny

Fadfadation said...

Glad you liked them...

bibi-aisha said...

Oh my word!i shud hav known this while i was livin in egypt.i was led to bliv egyptn girls r so not like that.but guys r the same everywhere. Altho one thing i did like was that guys wont just hit on u.or at least not if u r in hijab.i was told only the sleazebags do so.my frnds bf,an egyptn guy,told me these guys also dnt respect the girls who do respond.interestin and funny read.glad u'v changd!

nousha said...

Your post really made me laugh :-D

But let's talk seriously a little, I hope that these incidents were useful to you, not only for your present time, but also when you have kids and they are teenagers,,, how would you raise them in order not to go through the same mistakes? or will you let them make the same mistakes in order to learn from them? will you be the cool dad or the harsh one?

Fadfadation said...


Walahi, i ask myself the question many times (i have a boy AL 7amdo lelAh). The cool or the harsh??

I guess it will mainly be the cool. When need ed the harsh.
The important message i will try to deliver is that even if i am harsh, i will be on his side (helping him i mean, not covering up on him tab3an).

I think teaching him not to fall in the same mistakes is the message.
Wether he listens to me or not, i can not forsee. I will just keep praying for him to avoid and MASAYEB...

Ameen :)

Bono said...

sorry 4 late
i know everyone of them

i had a good one
three of them (i'm one of them) going in blind date with two gilrs

1- first nothing pronounce like it should be
for example
X1 : hey gilrs , where u will meet us "Mobile"
Girl1: what about new cafee in the midan lebnab " midan lebnan "
and the words came like
chikan rull "chicken roll"
sesars cafee "cedars cafee"
etc ....
2- second in the check time LOOOOL
hobl mooot
3- one of them is english teacher
the i realized why i'm not good in P and B pronunciation cause for sure i had one like this when i'm student then i want 2 kill her then

and temmy there's alot ... u r not updated .. next time u visit egy i'll tell ya LOOOOL

shafee2a said...

first of all,hilarious post.This phase of life is always crazy..lol.second,i know that we became a messed up contradicted society in Egypt (and in most arab countries in general),and u can see two parallel directions:crazy complicated fundementalists,and others lost in some wild life.And,"gawaz el Sinna"...WTF..?!!

Fadfadation said...


First of all welcome to my blog :)

As for the two trends in Egypt and the Arab world, well it is true to a great extent... but, i have meet many people who really are moderate and religious.

The problem is that these poeple (the moderate ones) do not go out in the media (tab3an...lol), and usually are the silent type (fy 7alhom).

That's why we never hear about them.

But i am sure, igf you think for a while, you'll find that you know quite a few.

As for Zawag el sinna...etc
DY NAAAS MA3ATEEEH... ay kalam fel izaaz

shafee2a said...

thx,welcome to mine too:).yes,it's true that there r few moderate people,and its true that they're few.most of (or maybe all) my friends r moderate(or else they wouldn't have been my friends).may be some of them have some extreme thoughts,but it's okay with me as long as they're not going crazy about it.(i welcome other opinions u know,even if they sometimes give me high blood pressure)any way,the worst thing is another kind of terrorism that's usually practiced against those moderates(threatening thier modesty) which is intellectual terrorism "erhab fekry".which happens everywhere,and (unfortunately) specially in mosques.To the extent that i hear lots of girls just stop going to those mosques,coz they get criticized (and sometimes harrased) by other girls.I'm NOT exagerating 3ala fekra.

shafee2a said...

Thx,welcome to mine too:).All my friends (from my point of view) are considered moderates,(or else they wouldn't have been my friends).Although sometimes some of them have some extreme thoughts but it's okay with me as long as they don't go crazy about it(i welcome other opinions u know,even if they give me high blood pressure).It's true that the moderate people are few.But there's another thing going on in our countries that is worse that terrorism,intellectual terrorism,"erhab fekry".That kind of terrorism threatens their "modesty",and it's (unfortunately) usually practiced in Mosques!.Alot of girls i know (and some are veiled) have been criticized ( and sometimes harrased) in those mosques,so accordingly,they just stopped going there.I'm NOT exageratin 3ala fekra.All the People just want to preach we 7'alas.3aysheen el door.

Fadfadation said...

Yes, i know...girls can be very mean to each other.

It's good thing you are keeping an open mind though :)

Deeeeeee said...

Loool @ post!! LMAO... but definitely.. there's waaaay too much of "irresponsible kind of fun" on every line of the post...(felt like parts of the movie El-Sellem Welte3baan!). Amazingly, I didn't feel sorry for most of the girls... most of them sounded too slutty for my sympathy.
As for number 24... e7em.. leih ele7rag da?!! Mothers always know best! :P

Fadfadation said...


A lot of people seem to say the same thing about those girls...lol

besara7a they were not the ones you'd call bey7termo nafsohom.

Actually, we too were not that good :(

i'm glad you enjoyed reading it.
And yes...what do mothers know... :)

eldood said...

dude, LOL WTF, i mean.... memories ya man. Gad3 yala ya tsheem ---->

Christine said...

eida your stories are maskhara... I laughed so hard reading them at work today LOOOOOL.. .enta teifatas emin el daheik

Fadfadation said...

lol...thanks Christine. Glad it made you laugh :)