Sunday, January 28, 2007

When Torture Is An Art...

This is for those who keep calling the government to get rid of the Ikhwan (Muslim Brotherhood).

People tend to talk about (or even criticize) things without knowing the history of things.

The following is from the book "My Third Year In Prison" by Mustafa Amin (co-founder of Akhbar AL Youm News agency in Egypt in 1945). He wrote it while he was imprisoned after the 1967 defeat by the Israelis...

Talking about Hassan Al Houdibi's (one of the former Ikhwan leaders) experience in the political prison :

Talking about arrests and torture (while arresting people):

Mustafa Amin concludes:

I think as reasonable people (as most of us say they are), we need to understand that these people (the Ikhwan and political detainees) were humiliated more than anyone else in this country. Yet, they still stand.

At least lets respect them for what they've been through.


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Mak said...

I don't really know any details about what Ikhwan are and what they stand for but I like them just because they oppose the government.

Opposition is healthy for the country but can be deadly for the opposers.

nousha said...

I remember reading this book a long time ago, thanks for reminding me of the terrible descriptions of torture in the egyptian prisons. Ya khoffi from the truth when -after long years- people start talking about the tortures happening nowadays...

Fadfadation said...


Obviously opposers (especially the ones that the gov. sees as a threat to their thron) are to be tortures like hell! it's disgusting!

Don't mention it. I am sure a few years after Hosni Mubarak passes away, we'll hear at least some of the hidden things that are happening in our country...

Mak said...

"I am sure a few years after Hosni Mubarak passes away, we'll hear at least some of the hidden things that are happening in our country..."

Not if Jimmy takes over we won't.

Only how good his father had done.

Jannah said...

ya Allah! I was just reading Kotb's (Allah yer7amo) tafseer for the Qur'aan... it's amazing, full of deep meanings... So they're at peace now, in heaven ya rab. It is us who are here, waiting, listening, reading... waiting. We're waiting for this dark cloud to go away, for the news to stop shocking us every single day.

Jannah said...

you're tagged!

Fadfadation said...


I doubt that we will see the cloud go away. At least our generation.

wala, you neve know... maybe, hopefully?!

And by the way, this is the first time i get tagged in the blog world.. :)

Jannah said...


Om Luji said...

I recently watched a documentary on the History Channel about Torture Gadgets through the ages. It was such a horrible film, an hour of my own torture. Those who carry out these acts can never be human.
Experts have concluded that the philosophy behind torture was to inflict the greatest physical and psychological pain on the tortured, while making sure he/she stays alive to go back into society and be a living example to others.
In my dictionary this is called "terrorism". And no person, no matter what authority he represents has the right to do this.
Laws were created to punish the guilty and to guarantee that justice be done. Even a murderer does not deserve torture as long as he is facing trial. He can then be executed even, but by law and justice. Why do we have a legal system if its people go on abusing prisoners?
However, allow me to disagree with you final statement: "At least lets respect them (Ikhwan) for what they've been through." Almost all detained criminals in Egypt are subjected to torture, and they endure it, but I don't think this is a reason to respect them.
We can call for the respect of Human Rights.

Fadfadation said...

Um Luji,

We should respect them becuase they are not criminals. THey are political opposition.

The same goes to all political prisoners that have been tortured. We should respect them all.

I am not saying:"lets respect criminals"

Torture is unhuman as you said :(