Sunday, February 04, 2007

Aaah, England Again :)

Queen Elizabeth II

Aaah, England, how nice :)


As I was going to England I saw the movie THE QUEEN on the plain which was very good. The actress acting as the Queen (Queen Elizabeth II) Helen Mirren was exceptional. I think she deserves an Oscar.

Besides the obvious anti-monarchy movie attitude, I just couldn't’t help it… I had feelings for the Queen. A lot of people (and the news) seems to be hitting at her and at the monarchy.
This lady did a lot for her country and yet a lot criticize her and some want to get rid of the Monarchy as a whole.

I (although of no relevance) can not see England without a monarchy.

The movie was talking about the time when Princess Diana died and the Queen kept silent without showing any respect to the late princes Diana.

There were two strong messages in that movie…
First, as the queen said: ”It seems the values have shifted” when she felt that the people are not the same as they used to be. I feel that all the time, everywhere it seems.

The second thing is that she (being on the throne for about 50 years) didn’t loose her judgment yet, she told the cocky Tony Blair:” You helped me because you don’t want the same to happen when it is your turn to go down.”.
Then she continued: “Believe me Mr. Blair, your day will come. It will come without any warning and before you can see it!”.
Which is exactly what is happening nowadays, his popularity is very low and people are picking on him specifically because of the Iraqi war.

It was said that during the Diana tragedy, 1 out of 4 people in the UK wanted the Monarchy to end. I do know Brits who feel that the Royal family is a burden.

I for one can not grasp the thought that England without the Royal family. The monarchy ages up to 1000 years full of heritage. Regardless of agreeing with the thought of Monarcy or not, i think it is part of this country. England will not be the same without it.

Maybe it’s my grand mother’s sound inside of me whom used to talk proudly about the Monarchy (my British grandmother tab3an). Maybe it’s just me with my love of memories, heritage and history. I don’t know…

The only thing that pops into my mind when I think of this, is the famous saying: “God save the Queen…”.

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Red Tulips said...

I loved this film. Helen Mirren was an absolute delight.

I also did not see the film as pro-monarchy or anti-monarchy. You can take many things from the film, as you see fit.

Best movie of 2006, in my opinion.

Fadfadation said...

Yes, it was very nice.

I had feelings for the queen. The thought that people are picking on someone, always make me turn on the defensive for that person.

Memo said...

I don't know any Brits who feel that the Royal family is a burden but if u do then u will be the first also up till now with my littile knowledge ,yes god save the queen

Jannah said...

Salam alaikum Fadfadation,
Your feelings towards your grandmother (Allah yerhamha) show very much. It's like a mysterious part of your heritage that's always at the back of your mind... Great Post!

Fadfadation said...

Wee3aleko El Salam Wa Ra7mato Allah,

Thanks Jannah