Monday, February 26, 2007

"Private"... The Movie

I saw most of this movie and i recommend it for anyone. It's an Italian Production done in 2004.
Of course, the movie made no revenue when played in the US theaters (3ady, motawaka3!).

It's about a Palestinian family (man, woman and their 5 children) living in a house that is in the middle of a way between a settlement and a Palestinian village.
This family is warned and ordered to move out of their house by the Israelis for security reasons.
The father refuses and stays there.

Late at night one day the Israelis raid a house belonging to the Palestinian family. As the Israelis raid the house they put all the family into one room and lock it on them till the morning.

In the morning they let the father out and the following conversation takes place (this was full of meanings and is a representation of the real life situaion in the whole of Palestine)…

Israeli soldier: ”Now listen to me carefully, your house now belongs to the Israeli Defense Forces (wa7’denly balko min defense dy?!), the house now is split into 3 section…
The living room is where you will stay every night to sleep (area A).
This location (Area B, they were in the hall way) you can only come in after you get our permission.
Upstairs (Area C, where the bedrooms are) you never go up there, if you do…you’ll be punished”.

The Palestinian father (helplessly): ”Can I go up and get our clothes?”

Israeli soldier: ”Be my guest”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????!!!!!

“guest”?!! "guest"?!!!! sa7e7, seketnalo da7'al bee

The movie is very nice. It shows different characters within the family. It reflects the Palestinian community all represented by a character in that family. The Characters are as follows…

The father doesn’t want to give up his house but doesn’t want to fight because he thinks violence will not solve it.
The mother asks the father to move out of there because she is worried about the kids and what the Israelis might do to the family.
The youngest son is too young to figure out what to do besides being very scared.
The younger daughter tries to bring comfort to the younger brother.
The middle son is the silent type, but he decides to fight back without anyone knowing what he is planning.
The elder son is very negative and afraid person. Wants to leave and go away (irritating... but can not really blame him though, it is a tough situation).
The elder daughter is a fighter by nature and does not accept this and wants to fight back (set beee meet ragel min el a7’er ya3ny!). She doesn’t want to stay low and be treated like an animal locked in a barn.

Tab3an mish me7taag 2a2ool meen 3agabny :)

Watching the movie can be a very emotional experience because you are seeing different people with different perspectives.

The worst part is that you are watching the movie from a very helpless perspective.
All you need to do is put yourself in the shoes of anyone of the family, and you’ll know how desperate the situation out there in Palestine is.

Kaan nefsy akamel el film :(

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Jayda said...

Kaan nefsy akamel el film.

Why didn't you?

Fadfadation said...

It was on TV and i had to do something else. Mish faker waht it

Note: i have the worst memory (generally speaking) a man can have! My friends always make fun of me :)

Jayda said...

You can't remember what you had to do?

Play chess, it'll strengthen your memory. That's if you don't kill yourself from the boredom chess inflicts first.

Myra said...

Never heard of this Movie, but seems that it is a really interesting one, will try to get it soon insha ALLAH!!
Thanks for telling us about it!

Myra said...

Never heard of this Movie, but seems that it's a very interesting one, will try to get it soon!
Thanks for telling us about it!

Fadfadation said...


Kolo ela el Chess... God! i never liked it...

Don't mention it ya fandem

Om Luji said...

Thanks for writing about this movie. I think it is our duty to draw attention to such movies that show the real face of the Israeli occupation.

Mak said...

Where was that on?

I'll look for it

Anonymous said...

:) lol @ kaan nefsy akamel el film, I think I might miss anything for such a movie...sounds interesting, thanks for sharing

Fadfadation said...

Om Luji,
2aywa, especially that it was done well.

It was on Dubai One channel

The movie was on about 3 days ago wala 7aga, and i can not remember why i had to leave. Bas i enjoyed the part i watched.
ana zakeraty day3aaaaaaaaaa :(

spellz said...

" Kaan nefsy akamel el film."
LolI wanted to know the ending

Well I may download it some other time
thank u for the recommendation, I always feel happy whn I see un biased movies about palestine

Fadfadation said...

ayway ya Spellz...belzabt keda!

nousha said...

u've been tagged

Ra3d said...

very interesting movie fadfadation, thanks for introducing it here. i shall look for it
ur right, we can't blame any of them coz it's taugh situation & who knows what any of us would do if he were them.

the lonely twin said...

sounds interesting

Memo said...

ana 3uiza post gedidddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

Fadfadation said...


I'll check the tag when i get a chance ISA.

Ra3d\lonely twin,

Glad you liked it.

ISA...bas feeh zoroof sa3eda delwa2ty, faa ISA a7'er el shahr.
THanks :)