Monday, March 19, 2007

Cairo Ya Cairo...

Well, back again to blogging.

The first thing i have to say was that the past two weeks were great. Saw the family, Friends (missed Mr.K), and my beloved Cairo.

As usual, the shock one gets because of the traffic jams and people's attitudes (aggressive driving) gets worse every year (i think).

It's been almost 5 years since i left Egypt and every year i go back for a visit i feel that those two things are getting worse.
Of course since i love food (classy and bey2a), i had to go and eat at a place i like.
One of my favorite places is "B..." (fatetak ya Mr.K, i guess there's no Bebo in

B... is a bey2a (low class) restaurant in Al Sahel area near Shobra. Here are a couple of fuzzy pics of the dishes we had...

Fereek Bel la7ma...

La7ma ma3a kofta...

Yes, i know...they don't look very encouraging. Let me just say, that these two pictures are the best looking things in restaurant and the area around
A funny incident...

I don't know how many of you (non-Egyptians) know about 6th of October City (North West of Cairo), but i was there and saw something very funny (in my opinion at least).

That something was a sculpture on the road to the city. When i saw it the first time i was like: "What the...!?!?!?!?!".

Actually, i found it so silly that i went back the following morning to take a picture of it.

This is it...

If you can't figure the faces out, let me tell you (from right to left):
  • Najib Mahfouz (Nobel Prize winner).
  • Al Sadat (Nobel Prize winner).
  • Ahmed Zoueil (Nobel Prize winner).
  • Hosni Moubarak (NOFAL prize
I really don't understand what they are trying to prove?!! 3 of them are Nobel winners, what is Mubarak doing up there with them??
The best comment i heard was... "These are 3 Nobel winners and the 4th one is 3abdo Mishtaa2!"
Mood: Cheerful :)


Nag said...

he was there to witness them take it.. or he watched the news... 7aga keda :D

the food pics look scary.. really scary... ya3ni i've tried zizo and 3abdo and similar stuff before.. but this looks "scary" :D

You lived to blog it!

Fadfadation said...

lol...yes it does. And beleive me, you wouldn't want to see the area around it.

we've been eating there for about 6 years now (me and my frineds), strangely enough no one died...yet!

alBono said...

Bebo is the most adventure experience ever
It was so bad lastly and no woman can ever go there ….
We look like foreigners there

Teem this my first time to know about this masterpiece …
It looks like there is a son of Farok Hosny who graduate lately from art faculty
And decide to fill our roads with his pieces of art like Nagib Mahfouz sculpture in
Dokki square … we need telescope to be able to see it

And yes Hosny mubarak "esh 7asharo fe al sora " "bokra yesamoh temthal mubarak"

Mak said...

Welcome back. You missed a couple of tags.

Man, I have to try this food sometime...... looks very.... different.

LOL @ the sculpture. Very funny. I never saw it. I guess these people would've never got their Nobels if it wasn't for Mubarak. I remember when there was an eclipse last year, they put a photo of Mubarak on the sun disk on TV. "W A7eb ashkor el Rayyes 3alashan sa3id el shams titkisif....."

Fadfadation said...

lol 3andak 7a2 ya bono :)

Are you serious they put his pic on the sun disk on TV???!!!!
yalahwi 3ala mas7 el goo7'!

nousha said...

haha :-)
This statue is just so funny,
it should be demolished ! very un-touristic !

Anonymous said...

it is the first time that i c this pic ,iam egyptian but not live in cairo and i ask also what is this may be tomorrow they put his pic in medan ramsis

Fadfadation said...


Very un-touristic, unnecessary, un-.... kol 7aga! lol

Fadfadation said...


When they were about to move Ramses statue from its location in Ramses square a few months ago, someone from the National Democratic Party (El zeft el watany...asdy el 7ezb el watani) suggested the square would be called MUBARAK square :s

Om Luji said...

Welcome back fadfadation. Been quite a while. Hope you had a great time in Cairo. And yes, traffic and aggressiveness have grown intolerable. I add to them pollution.
Oh, what an appetite you have!
As for the ridiculous statue, it is an eyesore really. Apart from the absence of any artistic quality whatsoever, it is meaningless and pathetic. It is a pathetic copy of Mount Rushmore. Notice how Moubarak's face is put higher than any other, although he doesn't belong to the party as you said.

Fadfadation said...

Thanks Om Luji,

Yes, i even noticed that they put him higher than the


Mak said...

ah wallahi.... his pic on the sun.... it just redefines the meaning of WTF

AsrarAlBanat said...

glad you "sorta" enjoyed your stay :)
ps: noticed that mobarak's sculpted head is higher than all the rest??? ya3ny very childish!

Fadfadation said...

Yes, 7aga teksef!

bibi-aisha said...

Another laughable tribute to his insatiable ego.but jordan n syria hav even more posters,pics,etc of abdullah n assad everywhere. The false pride of autocrats..

shafee2a said...

loooooooool...i can't beleive this sculpture!!! Is this real?? what the hell is mubarak doing there??! Oh yes..coz of his 27 years of achievemnts...oh God,this is really a joke! they should've put it near sphinx and the pyramids,he's one of them anyway.However,about the food,omg!! (ana kan a7'ry 3ammo't know if u know it)and about people and the traffic jam..well..i'm sorry to tell you this,but its true,it's really getting worse and sometimes i just think about leaving the car in the middle of the street..!

Juka said...

Welcome back. Sounds like our sunny Cairo was fun. What in the name of anything is that minature mount rushmore???!!!! Gosh!!!!

Fadfadation said...

"one of them anyway" lol

3amo that the fool car near Masaken El Sheraton?


I too would really like to now the name of the THING!

shafee2a said...,it's not a fool car,(wish i could try one though)it's a small place keda fe triumph ta2reban,makes sandwiches we keda..bos howa shaklo 3erra,bas he has good stuff(makes good burger sandwiches),and clean (when i ate there for the first time i waited for a tasamom or something but nothing happened el7amdolelah..)

Fadfadation said...

Eh da?? treumph...dana saken very lcose...only 2 squares away from it.
This is my childhood area and i never knew about it.

i'll check it out next time ISA.

HAve you ever tried "Jezaret Al 3a2laat" 7awawshy??

shafee2a said...

Nop,never tried it,7elw?? i love 7awawshy aslan!! i ate it 3and "3amo 7osny" bardo..acually in the same day i ate the burger..i can't beleive i ate so many things at a time!!..anyway,i'll try it,is it the best in 7awawshy? where is it ?

Fadfadation said...


Bosy...last time i tried it, it was like 7 years ago. It has always been very famous for 7awawshy.
So, i am not sure about it's taste now. But i will try it next time i go to Egypt ISA.

directions to it:
from Medaan Safeer go towards medaan triumph, the gezaret el 3a2laat will be on your right hand.

The 7awawshy starts at night bas in a big over outside the shop.

Now you tell me how to go to 3amo 7amada please.

shafee2a said...

Thx,i'll check it out ."3amo 7osny" law sama7t,ba3den yez3al,bos ana day3a fe shar7 el directions,bas i know that it's on the same line with abo el 3araby beta3 el 3aseer..hope u know it!

Fadfadation said...

lol...3amo 7osni, is that the place's name fe3lan or just the guy's name?

yes i know the juice stall.

shafee2a said...

It's the place's name written like this "عمو حسنى"..loooool,like he's 3amo of all the people.Next time you come,u should go there, i guarantee ;-)

Ra3d said...

heheheh, my sister commented the same on that thg? why that man here?
strange country that sucks begad
lol@ the comment "3abdo moshta2"

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