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Do You Want To Meet The REAL 300??

The Movie 300

Yes, I mean the real 300 warriors not the ones in the new Movie 300!

Some critics have been hammering the movie because of historical errors. The most important one is that the 300 Spartans in the movie who held the hoards of Persians were said to be 300,000 not 300.

I even saw a few days ago an interview with the movie's director Zack Snyder he said that his wish was to make a fantasy, he was not concerned about using 300 instead of the accurate historical accounts. His opinion was to make the movie more of a fantasy for more people to connect to it.

Of course the movie looks fabulous , but my question here is…do you want to meet the REAL 300 from another civilization?

Actually, they were 300 Muslim warriors lead by a renowned leader called Uqba Ibn Nafi in the year 683.

History of Uqba Ibn Nafi and His Conquests:

Note: if you are not interested in the history and want to see the part about the 300 warriors, please scroll down to the highlighted title: “The 300 Story”.

Some historians refer to him as the Arab Alexander (the Arab’s humbler Africa Alexander version).
Born in the year before the Prophet immigrated to Madinah. He was “said to be” the cousin of Amr Ibn Al Aas (per Arab sources, unlike the western version that mention he was his nephew! Wikipedia for example).

Was among the army that went with Amr Ibn Al Aas into Africa (west of Egypt area). He was deployed governor of Barka. From then on, he went to conquest on his own.
In year 55 Hijri he was relieved from his post as ruler which he accepted with no problem (again the western version says he had a grudge… maa 3alena).

During this time one of his army commanders was promoted to fill in his place, that new leader was Abu Al-Muhajir Dinar (western versions say he was not an arab, don’t know where they got that from, maa 3alena!).
Abu Al-Muhajir was successful in converting Kusaila (the toughest and most renowned Berber chief in North Africa) to Islam.
Per the western version (Wiki) Abu Al Muhajir was not an Arab but also a convert to the religion, thereby dissolving any prejudice Kusaila might have had that Islam was only a Arab religion.
Abu Al-Muhajir was a master in diplomacy and thoroughly impressed Kusaila with not only his piety but with his high sense of respect and etiquette.

Uqba was returned to his post in the year 62 Hijri and Abu Al-Muhajir became one of the army commanders once again (if he had a grudge against Abu Al-Muhajir per the western version, would he have let him stay in the army?!! Maa 3alena!).

When Uqba was back in command he always had doubts about the Berber leader’s intension (Berbers fought along side Byzantians and broke truce with Muslims as you will see later) .
Kusaila felt that, and disliked Uqba. He decided to take revenge against Muslims (feeling insulted ya3ny). Kusaila broke off from Muslims and went to get ready to wage war against Mulsims.

Note: if you are a good Muslim, would you go against them and rage war against muslims (put in mind that Kusaila was supposed to be one of them) just because someone doesn’t trust you?? doesn’t make sence to me besara7a!). It is known that Muslims should not do that, surely not for such a stupid reason!

On with the story…

After Uqba's returned, he and his army then continued conquests to the west.

During conquests he had to go to war with some tribes and cities that broke the truce with Muslims.
Two of these were, a king of an area called Waddan whom Uqba cut his ear as a strong message never to break a truce with Muslims again.
The other one was the king of an area called Kosour Kawar. He also cut that king's fingers to send out that same message (tab3an because of those 2 incidents, western historians 7’arato seeret Uqba and call him brutal, although they did say the word “sometimes brutal” …maa 3alena again).

Note: Regardless of Uqba’s intentions (as mentioned above), Islamic Scholars have denounced what he did to those kings and confirmed this is not an Islamic act and it was a big mistake by Uqba (God forgive him for that…ameen).

After many battles which he kicked the hell out of the Byzantines and Berber in every one of them, he and his army arrived at the Ocean in Morocco.

At the sight of the Ocean, he ran into it with his horse and said:
"Great God! if my course were not stopped by this sea, I would still go on, to the unknown kingdoms of the West, preaching the unity of thy holy name, and putting to the sword the rebellious nations who worship another gods than thee."

Regardless of approving what he said or not, notice the amazing devotion… impressive!

The 300 Story:

After finishing his conquest, Uqba ibn Nafi and his army then turned back and went back to Tanja (Tangier, North Morocco) .

There Uqba allowed his troops to break up and go home (thinking everything was safe now). The remainder of the army that stayed with him, about 300 was vulnerable and exhausted (per Arab and Muslim source they were 300, western ones say around 5000…weird how the westerns historians “supposingly” seem to always know our history more than us…lol).

Kusaila (the notorious Berber chief) knew about the 300. Kusaila then joined with the Byzantine forces and organized an ambush. The Byzantine-Berber force, about 50,000 strong (per western versions) ambushed the 300 Muslim warriors.

Here, the last scene was dignified by an example of national virtue.
Abu Al-Muhajir Dinar, who had disputed the command of Uqba at some point and failed in the attempt, was led about as a prisoner in the camp of Uqba.
The Berber thought he might join them to take revenge against being imprisoned by Uqba; he disdained their offers and revealed their designs to Uqba.

In the hour of danger, the grateful Uqba unlocked his fetters, and advised him to retire; Abu Al-Muhajir chose to die under the banner of Uqba, his brother in Islam.

Embracing as friends and martyrs, they unsheathed their swords, charged against their enemies, and maintained an obstinate combat, till they fell by each other’s side on the last of their slaughtered countrymen."

Imaginary illustration of the battle

I can almost see those brave “300” Muslim warriors hurdling on their horses towards the 50,000 rival army crying out the name of Allah. I can almost sense the feeling of martyrdom flowing within them before they clash with their rivals.

What a graceful and honorable end…

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N said...

Uqba Ibn Nafei...yaaaa...the green book with the drawing of a man on horseback holding up his sword... u reminded me of ayam i3dady :) It is a great story. It makes one feel very proud.

So Mr. Snyder's "opinion was to make the movie more of a fantasy for more people to connect to it."! Real life stories & history offer much more captivating & inspiring stories than any fantasy could... law nakhod balna bas :)

Excellent & very informative post.

Fadfadation said...

Thanks N.

Yes, I too remember that book. When i first heard about the Movie 300 i said to myself: "wait a minute, this sounds familiar!". I then remembered Uqbai Ibn Nafi (one of my favorite stories).

You know what, i wish we'd make a big (really big) movie about those great leaders and battles.

3ala nakhod balna bas :)

shafee2a said...

Yes, i wish we could produce such a movie,i don't know why not? money problem? good script? good story? direction? bgad we should...specially these days..people all over the world want to know about Islam .The best one i ever saw was "Al Resala",it was owesome,Mostafa el Akkad is really a genius.We should make something new..zehe2na ba2a men el aflam ely kol shewaya tet3ad fel monasabat el deneya di..!

alBono said...

Very nice ya teem … nice attached the 300 movie with the uqba real story
I just wonder why we cant make a movie like this "check the movie website" it's all in green screen , nothing real and low cost
We "Muslims" have great stories about "foto7at" even "tarek ibn ziad" have a wonderful story and I saw it "mosalsal" was good one but rated as "a7san al w7sheen"

Bring talent director, good actors, pay good money "badal ma al waleed ibn talal 3amal yegeeb mo3'aneen hals " and let's make new "omar al Mokhtar"

Sure it will make good image for us for those "the west" who judge and no one able to judge on them and call it "freedom"

Fadfadation said...


Yes i agree... "Al resala" and "umar al mukhtar" were the best two.
After them i'd say maybe "Kingdom of Heaven" becuase it was fair to a great extent.

Belzabt...na3mel 7aga 3aleha el 2ema. And show the honourable many parts in Islam.

bibi-aisha said...

Yeah,its time the muslim world start doin somethin to challenge hollywoods distortions about islam.gr8 post-a refreshin history lesson.todays warriors r denouncd as terrorists.but while palestine remains occupied,all muslims shud b ashamed for our lack of victory

Anonymous said...

there r a lot of subreption to our history specially our islamic history and also we share in it u can c it in our public historical series like khalid ibn elwaleed ,haroon elrashed,....,ect. the people who donot know believe that also children i love historic movies but not this kind who defeature the history there r good movies like gladiator,troy.

Ra3d said...

very informative & interesting. i felt proud for a while being arab muslim

Fadfadation said...


Destortion of Islam seems to be a trend now. We are the new vilen of modern times :(

Thanks, and your not alone on that one.