Tuesday, April 17, 2007

American Men And Asian Women...Eh El 7ekaya?!

What's with Americans and Asian Women?

A question asked by people living in the Gulf (UAE, QATAR, KUWAIT…etc). It is quite a phenomena actually.
People see many Americans with Asian girlfriends or wives wondering about in Gulf countries. It seems to be a trend and everyone around here seems to be noticing it.

Of course it is nobody's business, but I guess it's like westerners wondering about Arabs and their admiration for Lebanese women (or any other question about Arabs). Each culture notices something about the other one and starts wondering.

I remember someone mentioned that it is far-Eastern Asians specifically that American males are fond of. Another person once said that it's usually Filipino, Vietnamese, Japanese or even Thai women that are the favorites.

I personally think that's generalizing about the issue which non of us has any statistics to build an argument with. Even if we did, who cares! lol

Of course this does not mean the majority of American men have Asian GFs or wives. But, for Americans that live in the gulf it is noticeable.

Over the past few years, I heard many Americans (sometimes Europeans) talking\commenting about it. Some people I know of heard their American friends also commenting about it.

These are some of the reasons mentioned (to myself or to my friends) by Americans or Europeans about Americans (some times Europeans) and their fondness of Asian women:

Note: Some of the comments below are sexual related and can be offending. Don't say I didn't warn you!

  1. "They are easier to deal with".
  2. "They are much more intriguing".
  3. "They never say no to our needs".
  4. "They are more submissive and men like that, it turns them on!"
  5. "They're good masseuses?!haha"
  6. "I am just sick and tired of American women. They are too demanding, and need to much maintenance to keep them happy".
  7. "Women in our country became too materialistic and demanding".
  8. "They are much better in bed" (excuse the language but that is what is said!).
  9. "Females in the US seem more concerned about gaining everything, they are forgetting that it takes two for a marriage to work out. Asians are more understanding".
  10. "Western women focus on money, eastern women focus and their husbands".
  11. "I married one just by coincidence, no reason behind it.".
  12. "I don't think there is a specific reason for it".
  13. "Maybe they make men feel special??! has to do with some men's ego problems...".
  14. "Asian women are more interesting".
  15. "They look sexier!" (I have a friend who for sure will agree with this one…lol).
  16. "Asian girls will do anything to please you".
  17. "Western women are too noisy!" (beysha7'aro ya3ny wala eh, mish fahem?!).
  18. "It is simple. Asian girls are easier to get. We travel a lot while our families are back home. we need to get some "you know what" and the Asians are there and they have no problem doing it.".
  19. "We work in this part of the world for many years. We seem to meet girls only from Philippines or any other Asian country. It just happens that we fall in love with them.".
  20. "It's all about availability. We are in the middle east and they are available. So what?!"
  21. "Too much mileage on western women"
  22. "We want them for our pleasure, while they want us for our passports… everyone has their agenda!".
  23. "Asian women seem to be more focused on their husbands and families. US women are more focused on themselves".
  24. "Different people have different tastes".
  25. "American women are too bossy".
  26. "It's all about the bed my friend, it's all about the bed!".
  27. "To Asian women we are a dream come true. To Western women we are just another guy!".
  28. "You have to try and see for yourself!!!".
Well, maybe that sheds some light on the issue.
I know some of it sounds harsh (some unacceptable), but we can not control peoples thoughts, can we?!
Besides the comments above, there are many American men who prefer fellow countrywomen. So, the above statements only represent a fracture of Americans.
At the end of the day, I guess everyone has the right to choose what he likes. Wala eh?!

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shafee2a said...

"."Western women are too noisy!" (beysha7'aro ya3ny wala eh, mish fahem?!).
looooooooooooooool...mesh be3eed!
Anyway,it's all about men and thier needs..they're like dolls to them..no one mentioned anything about thier brains..:)

Fadfadation said...

Well it was men who did the talking in all the above.

Yes, non talked about brains.

Yet, surely many think that way (about brains i mean)...i hope!

Ma-3lina said...

Pretty interesting issue even it doesn't concern us but still it;s weird

i huv watched a show i recall it was tyra banks one " silly i know"

nd she talked about that issue that American prefer other nationalities as Asian , nd Spanish girls too

she even got some couples which r really different from each other

like a black with white , black with mexican , white with asian , spanish with black

some of the reasons u mentioned r really funny but still i guess that they felt comfortable with these women nd loved them regardless their nationalities i think Americans r more open to such thing

interesting article

Fadfadation said...


I think no. 11,12 and 19 are similar to your opinion.

Mukhtar Al Azizi said...

so interesting a notice it is!!!
well, I guess there could be more reasons, like the spread of porno sites that depict non-western ethnicities; this might incite some Americans to "explore" new provinces. One should have in mind as well that America is, according to Americans, a land that was DISCOVERED, and this might be part of their culture that finds representation in sex.
Exploring new world of sex: boredom leaves no space, ye know.

good post

Fadfadation said...

I c ur point Mukhtar. Glad you liked it.