Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Court Rules "Moustafa Al Fiki" Won Fair And Square!?!

Wow, two posts in one day! I think this is the first time for me.

The thing is both are fa23!

The supreme court has ruled that the Damanhour City elections for Parliament (back in 2006) was won fair and square by Moustafa Al Fiki (from the ruling so called National Democratic Party) and that there were no forging or manipulation in the election results for that area.

The once apon a time respected "Moustafa Al Fiki"


Back then, out of the 160 judges and counslars that were watching over the election, the respectable Noha AL Zeiny came out and said that the results have been tampered with and that the "Muslim Brotherhood" candidate Jamal Heshmat was the winner by a big margin. Afterwhich 151 other judges and consulars came out and said the same thing.

Even the Independent Judges Club made an investigation and the results proved the same conclusion.

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After all this a court comes and says:"No everything is fine. No problems there. NDP candidate is the rightful winner."

You bunch of .......!

The message from the NDP and Government to everyone not on their side is very clear:

"By using security forces, we'll win".
"By using thugs to scare off people from election areas, we'll win".
"By forging, we'll win".
"By our courts, we'll win".
"By any means we'll win, and you can't do anything about it!".

And then of course not to forget the once respected; now "not at all" Mr. Moustafa Al Fiki capitalized on the court verdict and said: "This verdict said it all. I have a pure conscious now.".

Wa7yat .....?!!!!!!

7asbona Allah waa ne3ma al wakeel!

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Om Luji said...

The caption under EL Fiki's photos says it all.
But I wonder, does a seat in this ridiculous parliament deserve all this? Dr. El Fiki used to win the respect of Egyptians by his balanced views and logical unbiased analysis, although he was from inside the regime. Now, for what price is he giving us his history and dignity?
This makes many young people lose faith. And then you can expect anything to happen. You can expect more terrorists, more spies, more crime, more corruption.
If a person with this history and status gave up on his ideals, what about them, the masses who suffer from poverty, unemployment and ignorance? Begad 7aga te2ref, gatto el2araf.

Fadfadation said...

I personally used to like him. But after what happened, la2 shokran.

Ana ma3aky...i think he ditched all his history by that stupid move!

7aga mo2rafa gedan!

Ra3d said...

it's not 7aga mo2refa, it's 7aga masreya originaleeeee ,loool
ahlan bik

Mak said...

I find this real funny.... according to what you say 152 out of 160 said there was tampering but by some miracle they are all wrong..... LOL

Fadfadation said...


ya3ni na3mel zay sa3d za3'lool wee ne2ool:"mafysh fayda"?

Fadfadation said...


That is what is soo frustrating! mish momken ya3ny el tazweer!

shafee2a said...

ana zhe2t 3ala come they think we're that stupid!

Fadfadation said...

I think it is not that they think we are stupid...

it's about

"By any means we'll win, and you can't do anything about it!".

ya3ny e7'bato dema3'ko fel 7eet.

mahy 3ezbethom ba2a !

Ra3d said...

mesh mawdo3 fi aw mafish fayda. it's about: is it worth it?

Fadfadation said...

Wlahi ya ra3d sometimes i don't know. Are we just wasting our breath and time.

I don't think so. There is hope...maybe not in our generation, some generation after us ISA.

Ra3d said...

keep this up,, we need it :)