Thursday, April 26, 2007

Football: First Egyptian Female Footballer To Make It In Europe

Naomi Bakr In An Interview With A Spanish TV Channel

An Egyptian football player called Naomi Bakr will soon (ISA) be the first Egyptian female player to make it as a professional footballer in Europe.
Naomi is 13 years of age. She is part of the Barcelona football school in Al Rabwa Club (local Barcelona sister club) in 6th of October City (North West of Cairo, Egypt).
Naomi played 3 games for Barca during her trail period to join the mother club in Spain, she scored 7 goals (way to go Naomi!!!!!!!).
She did so well to the extent that a spanish TV Channel had an interview with her.
Soon a representative from Spanish club Barcelona will come to sign a contract with her. Afterwhich (ISA), she will move to Spain and play for the famous club.
Walahi 7elw el kalam dah :)
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Ra3d said...

s really some amazing news, bravo 3aliha
Viva barcelona in all forms

SaRaH said...

Quiet impressive.. I am real proud of her.. Thanks for the half full of the glass view I really needed it..

Fadfadation said...

My pleasure to share such positive news.

Lets hope more of this comes on.

nousha said...

This IS good news :-Dthanks for sharing

Zeek said...

Naomi is part of the FCBescola as you stated, which is now located in Palm Hills (Rabwa was hosting it for one year only). Anyway I was working for Stryx Sports Marketing ( - the company running the academy, and the one which brought it to existence in the first place. I interviewed Naomi a couple of times, and let's say that she is an intelligent bright young lady. She has a passion towards football that is not easy to find. I saw her in Moscow last May in the Manchester United vs Chelsea Champions League Final. She was playing football in the airport, and whenever she moves, she makes sure that there is a ball in her hand! That's the type of girl we're talking about.