Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Football: Zamalek Fails Yet Again :S


This is too much. 7aram ba2a!
Yet again my favorite Egyptian football team (Zamalek) losses another important game.
Our Defence SUCKS!

Amr Zaki (Zamalek Striker) With A Bitter Look After Defeat

A couple of weeks ago Zamalek lost in the African Clubs Championship from a Sudanese team!
With all due respect to our Sudanese brothers and sisters (whom i really like because they are very similar to Egyptians in real life), but for heaven's sake...since when did Egyptian teams have any difficulty beating Sudanese Football teams???!!!!!!!!!

And just last night Zamalek added to my (and all Zamalek fans) misery and lost ON OUR HOME GROUND from a Jordanian team in the Arab Clubs Championship!

COME ON!!!!!! So now we are even beaten by Jordanian teams?!!!
No disrespect to Jordanians (3ala 3eny wee rasy).

Link about the bitter Arab cup defeat:

Not to forget that we are out of the Egyptian League competition!

7anla2yha mneen wala meneen?!

I think it is about time we get some players who WANT TO DO SOMETHING FOR THE CLUB. The youth team would be the best choice!

Isn't it enough that my elder son (who loves playing football) by default loves the color "red"?!
How am i to convince him that Zamalek is worth supporting if we suck at football?!

Note: Color "red" is the color of Al Ahli club whom are the rivals of Zamalek in Egypt. Zamalek wear "White".

My Friends are now saying: "Your son loves Red...that's it! he will be an Ahli fan".
I'm like: "NO! no way, that traitor! 7a7remo min el meeras! lol".

Hopefully sometime soon Zamalek will get back in shape and start winning some trophies like a few years ago (last time 2004).

My Friends always say:"Inta lesa Zamalkawi? change clubs man!"
My Answer to all you out there (including my red color loving son):"Namooto namooto waa ya7ya al Zamalek! beep beep Zamalek!".

Although we (Zamalek fans) are starting to die psychologically with all those

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nousha said...

Yaaaah !
enta lessa zamalkawy ;-P

I am not into football lel `assaf, so I have to endure long debates at work between Ahlaweya and zamalkaweya !!

Frankly el ahlaweya beyes3abo 3alaia !

Fadfadation said...

I thought you were going to day: "el zamalkawiya beys3abo 3alaya"

Om Luji said...

Ya 3am 2oltelak seebak mn elZamalek dah. Da faree2 ygeeb elmarad wla3yazo bellah.
La2 wlazem y3ashemook enhom momken yeksabo. Ra7o gabo 4 goals in Asyout, 7asso enohom fata7o 3akka.
Wallahi wala yestahlo elforga. Di 7aga ten2et!

Fadfadation said...

a3mel eh?! el zamalek fy damy.

3alashan keda damy ma7roo2. lol

Mak said...

lol... let your son choose. Maybe his choice will be wiser than yours....hint hint.

I'm not Ahlawai btw but I just think Zamalek has some serious work ahead of them to regain their position as one of 2 top teams in Egypt.

Fadfadation said...

howa min wa2t maa gaah Mortada Mansour as the CLub Chairman wee el denya 7'erbet.

Yes, Zamalek have at least a couple of years to go to get back on their feet. That is of course if there aer no further problems about the Board of Directors...etc.

Rabena yestor.

Yeah, i will let SD choose for himself. ta7'ayal masalan yetla3!

shafee2a said...

omg, you're could u live with that..loool

Fadfadation said...

Ba2a keda!!!!?!!!

mashy ya Shafee2a mashy!!


bibi-aisha said...

i support Al-Ahly. They recently played in SA & last night a South African team played in Cairo. Im such a traitor to my country- I supported Ahly :-)

I also supported Egypt last year when they won the Africa Cup of Nations

Fadfadation said...


No wonder Egyptians seem to like you (me included) as a sister of course