Sunday, April 08, 2007

Tagged: Which World Leader Are You?

Tagged (indirectly by Om Luji, A.K.A. Hitler...hehehe)...

In continuation to the tags i've been tagged (sounds Here is the second tag (still one to go and then i'm done).

My my... Gandhi zaat nafso, that's nice (a7'galtom tawado3na) :)
The strange thing is that i took the test about 3 times and got the same results.

I hearby Tag:
Sahfee2a waa o7'taha

And anyone reading this now :)

Mood: Cheerful :)


N said...

Gandhi...mmm interesting...perfection is important to u??!!! gayez :)... bas seebak inta, u look exactly like him only fairer LOL


Fadfadation said...

lol. yaaaah, ba2a ana 7elw keda :)

Fadfadation said...

sa7e7 ya N, what's yours? please send by email.

Jayda said...

Enta masebtesh 7ad ma-tag-etoush! lol

Thanks for tagging me, I'll get right on it ya Fadfadation. :)

spellz said...

I did z test 2 times wana nyma tle3t jfk
after waking up and nes-cafe I became mother Teresaa

Ra3d said...

woooow. Ghandhi!!!i won't aspire for better.
will do ur tag soon
now i mean :)

Fadfadation said...

i'm still lagging one behind, lol

wade7 inek moody mooot (in a good way since both charachters are good).

I wonder what you'll be

Ma-3lina said...

Thanks alot for the TAG nd i will do it as soon as possible , very nice one actually

Mak said...

lol...Gandhi. I think that's the best character. I came out Lincoln...twice.

K said...

Hey man, where's my message? And why are you moderating the comments??!! isn't it against the freedom of speech/charter of rights/deceleration of independence ... etc?

3eeb awy ya Teem

Memo said...

ya salam 3la elnas ely 2lbha alb 7'saia ya r2i2 ya kibir
bas aw3a tkon shbhoooooooo

I am Hitler

N said...

Ya Fadfadation, the 9 question test resulted in JFK :) but i took the 45 question test twice... & guess what, ana kaman Gandhi :)


Fadfadation said...

Decleration of

Ya ostaz keek, wade7 inak mish metabe3 el blog min fatra check this:

that was why i did this.

I am only moderating one person, anyone else can say what they want ya ma3lem K.

wee ba3deeen STOP USING MY REAL NAME OR ANY OF MY NICK NAMES ON MY BLOGS...ana motarad min el

Fadfadation said...


Ana 2alby 7'

You're the second Hitler i know of!

Ana shabaho (Gandhi) bezabt bas abyad :[ lol
Actually i am the complete opposite.

Fadfadation said...


You're Gandhi too. Interesting...

3'areeba both Gandhis...sa3aba shwaya dy.

You're JFK aktar i think.

SaRaH said...

Ghandi.. My my this sounds nice.. I will get back to you by this tag ASAP ya Basha

Anonymous said...

ana tle3t JFK !!

Fadfadation said...

wade7 ino masr malyana JFKs :)

K said...

Well the only thing I think I share with Einstein would be the terrible hair do. I don't really believe in these test. You should try the famous Myer-Briggs one.

nesrina said...

Guess what... I am Gandhi too :)

Fadfadation said...

K besara7a inta sha3rak ba2a 3'eer 3adi lol!

Nesrina, welcome to the club :)

Nag said...

I am Abe Lincoln :) Peaceful nature and harmony blablabla..

(and will end up being assassinated!)

Fadfadation said...

ya sater, leh el tasha2om

Om Luji said...

Hey ya fadfadation.. Khalas you proved that you are the angel and I'm the devil? If there is any justice in this world our results would have been switched.. lol.
You still have a direct tag ya Gandhi. Better be real this time :)

Fadfadation said...

shof el zolm beta3 el

Ya sety, ana ba3taref odaam el denya kolaha aho that i am not an angle (actually this reminds me of a post i did with the same name...hmm), anyway...

wala tez3aly, ana Hitler, wee malo kaan ragel moseeba min yoomo :)

Yes, i still have your tag to do...and 7ader ISA 7aksef 3an el

nousha said...

done ! :-)