Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Comments On The News This Week

1- Egypt applied to join UN's Human Rights committee.

كد الدكتور بطرس بطرس غالي رئيس المجلس القومي لحقوق الإنسان أن عضوية مصر بالمجلس الدولي لحقوق الإنسان التابع للأمم المتحدة‏,‏ غير مشكوك فيها‏


Are we crazy? or are we crazy???

2- Egyptian Administrative court overrules President Honi Mubarak's decision to send detained Muslim Brotherhood members to be prosecuted in front of a Military Court.

أوقفت محكمة القضاء الإداري في مصر تنفيذ قرار الرئيس حسني مبارك إحالة 34 من قادة الإخوان المسلمين إلى المحاكم العسكرية ومن بينهم خيرت الشاطر نائب المرشد العام للجماعة.


Although i have a very strong feeling that the government will find a way to work around this verdict, but i have to say... day after day, the Egyptian justice system (judges specifically) proves that there is still hope in this country and there are just and honest people out there in some of the sensitive (effective) positions.

God bless you "few good men" :)

3- The Justice and Development Party in Turkey fails (by only 9 memebers) to gather two thirds of the Parliament for the nomination of Abdullah Gul . The party decided to withdraw their nomination of one of their members for Presidency.

فشل «حزب العدالة والتنمية» الحاكم في تركيا مجدداً في تأمين نصاب دستوري للجلسة البرلمانية لانتخاب مرشحه وزير الخارجية التركي عبدالله غل، رئيساً للجمهورية. وأعلن رئيس البرلمان بولند ارينج أن النصاب لم يكتمل في الدورتين الانتخابيتين اللتين أجريتا


Why did i feel like something will happen. Well, fair is fair... at least they Army didn't intervene. The opposition used a democratic way to achieve their goal, that is what counts.

3o2balna ya Rab :)

4- A Parrot owned by an Israeli couple speaks Arabic and squawks 'Allahu Akbar".

A religious Israeli couple from Ashkelon who purchased a talking parrot was startled when the bird began speaking in Arabic, according to Ma'ariv, an Israeli daily newspaper. Apparently they bought the parrot from an Arab pet shop in order to save money without checking what language Polly actually spoke. The Jewish couple found out the next morning after prayers, when the bird began squawking "Allahu Akhbar!"


Good thing they didn't accuse the pet of being a terrorist :s

5- Bush almost implies that the Queen of England has 200 years in front of the Queen and media!

The most memorable gaffe had been committed earlier that day, when the president almost implied that the Queen was 200 years older than her current age by thanking her for attending America's bicentennial celebrations in 1776.


Even in that, Bush is a screw up! lol

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Sagacious Sara said...

1. We are definitely crazy.
4. Haha.. poor parrot though. Must be confused. And they're trying to teach him hebrew :-S! Seriously. Poor thing.
5. HAHAHAHAHA. He's so dorky! I can't believe they let him in office! Eih dah!?! I think he's the most ridiculed prezzy to date.

Fadfadation said...

no.5 OH YES HE IS! lol

nousha said...

thanks for the news briefing :-)

Fadfadation said...

ay 7'na2a :)

Cairogal said...

"4- A Parrot owned by an Israeli couple speaks Arabic and squawks 'Allahu Akbar".

I don't know that parrots speak any language, though I've seen some pretty amazing things on Animal Planet. I'd imagine that parrot will now begin immitating in Hebrew.

spellz said...

lol @ the Hebrew couples "l mafrood motashadedeen" buying from an arabic shop coz it's cheap :D

about Bush keways eno ma2alsh I thank the queen for disovering America

about our judges yaaaa andaf 7aga fe masr homa wl 3omaal eli kkol shwaya bya3mlo strkes

Turkey... Dont u love dimocracy? 7atta lw kanet 3la 7esab eli enta 3yzo!

thank u for the news

Fadfadation said...


yes, yamanefsy that democracy happens in our country :s