Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Crime Uprise In Qatar

One of the things i noticed when i first came to this nice little country is that it is REALLY safe. Of course the main reasons for having low crime rates are prosperity, small population and Islamic law application on criminals.

Back in 2004 when i first came it was normal to see people leaving their cars with engines still running outside of a bank or so while he\she left the car to get something from inside.

If a small crime happens, it was the story everyone would talk about and all newspapers would be mentioning.

Now (3 years later) with the influx of foreign workers (Asian mainly), the hick in prices, and bringing in more singles (instead of family status people which is cheaper on any employer) things are changing.

Read this from the GULF-Times (Qatari newspaper):

A CAR, parked in front of a house in the Doha Jadeed area, has been stolen in broad daylight, sources said yesterday.The owner had left the car with its engine on and had gone to his house to collect some papers. When he returned after about 10 minutes, the car was missing. The owner has lodged a complaint with the Capital Police station.


For many, this was a surprise. Things are changing and very fast.
Now we are hearing of prostitution cases (rare but it happens), a lot of theft cases, sexual harassment, and even adultery cases.

One of the famous theft cases is the snatching of women's bags inside big malls.

I wish the Government here would have a committee of sociologists come up with recommendations on what to do to face this new wave of crime.

Of course compared to any other country Qatar is still very safe. But, one just hopes it stays that way.

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Deeeeeee said...

My spare tire was stolen today... parked a few buildings away from where I live.. Nowhere seems to be safe anymore! I find accidents even more frustrating than crime... especially those that occur as a result of 'carelessness'.

Fadfadation said...

In Cairo these things have been happening for a while ya Deeeee.

Sad but true!