Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Football: Zamalek Beat Rivals Al Ahli 2-0

2aywa ba2a! Shwayet Hawa!
Some fresh air for a change! Zamalek beat rivals Al Ahli 2-0!
Although i don't have time to scratch, i am not in the mood, and i am suffering severe neck and back aches.... i had to blog this!

Al Ahli were totally out classed by Zamalek throughout the match (except for first and last 7 minutes of the game).

Notes on the game:

  • Zamalek's palyer Shekabala Rocks! and Abu El Elaa was good too.
  • As for Ahli, i liked the new goalkeeper Amir (Bilal and Hosni were awful!).

Now, excuse me while i go dance "stir the spoon" on the table near me....
SHAKE IT BABY!!!!!!!! SHAKE IT!!!!!!!

Mood: Ishta belhabal :)


SoRsaRaa said...

let me say first:
congratulationssss for all zamalkaweyaaaaa
they really deserve that victory
and ahly was moving like ghosts
just here but do nothing
i am soooo mafroosa
although i expected that result
enough for ahly, let them have some rest:)
oh by the way
i am sorsaraa
ahlway sameeeeeeem

nice blog, gald to be here:)

Fadfadation said...

Thanks Sorsaeraa.

Glad you like it.

of all names, you chose sorsaraa??? lol

Sagacious Sara said...

Alf mabrouk! Walla, I'm not upset khales that we lost. You guys deserved at least that. Plus, we played crap. I agree. I don't know what the hell they were thinking!

Amir rocks.