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Sheikh Abdul Hamid Kishk

Sheikh Abdul Hamid Kishk

Yes, Kishk! as in the Egyptian meal Kishk :)

Abdel Hamid Kishk (for those who don't know him) was a famous Islamic Scholar. He is considered one of the most famous 20th century preachers in the Arab and Islamic world.

Sheikh Kishk was blind, yet he sure had vision!

The peak of his fame was between 1967 and early 1980s. He had more than 2000 registered khotab (preaches or speeches).

He was known for his bitter sarcastic criticism of the regimes in Egypt, from Jamal Abdel Nasser's national security forces to late President Anwar Al Sadat.

He was first arrested in 1965 (during Jamal Abdel Nasser's realm) and remained detained for two and a half years. He was imprisoned in the notorious Tora and Abu Zaabal prisons and not to forget the awful Military prison (the worst prisons in Egypt and maybe the whole region).

Also, he was arrested in 1981 (the famous September 1981) when Anwar Al Sadat imprisoned about 1500 people who opposed him and his rule.

Just after Sheikh Kishk was imprisoned in September 1981, late President Al Sadat criticized Sheikh Kish and Mohammad Hassanien Hekal (famous Egyptian Journalist) by name on TV in a speech on September 5, 1981!

Shiekh Kishk was ill treated every time he was in Prison (with no regards to him being blind or old). When he went out (after Al Sadat's assassination in October 1981), it was known that his health deteriorated massively.

Although his criticism was sometimes (to me at least) a bit over the edge, he was notoriously known for his criticism about society, politics, actors, and singers.

His Friday prayer preaches (or lessons) drew a crowd of about 10,000 every week. He used to preach in a mosque in Kobry Al Koba district in Cairo.

I remember that my father-in-law (who was in his early 20s back then) once told me that he and his friends (among many others) used to go from Mohandessin district in Cairo (west Cairo) all the way to Kobry Al Koba (east Cairo) just to attend Sheikh Kishk's lessons.
They used to love his hilarious criticism of Al Sadat's regime.

Here are some of his famous (sometimes hilarious) sentences during his Friday preaches:

Note: I was about to translate them, but i found that they will not mean much in English. So, sorry this one is for Arabic speakers only :(

  1. استووا واعتدلوا ..المباحث يوسعوا لإخواننا المصلين شوية !!

  2. كان يقول في إحدى خطبه ـ بالمعنى وبالمصري ـ :(( كنا نبحث عن إمامٍ عادل آمْ طِلِعْلِنا عادل إمام)

  3. وخطبه التي يتهكم فيها على أسماء الحكام العرب ..((حسنى مبارك؟؟ حيس لا حسن ولا بركـــــه !! أنور السادات لا نور ولا سياده ؟؟))

  4. ويروى أيضاً عن الشيخ - رحمه الله - أنه قال :((الظلم تسعة أعشاره عندنا في السجن ، وعشر يجوووووب العالم كله ، فإذا أتى الليل بات عندنا))

  5. ويروى عن الشيخ أن مسجده مزحوم بقوة ذات جمعة ، فقال :((إخوّنا المباحث في الصف الأول يتأدموا - يتقدموا - علشان إخونهم المصلين في الخارج))

  6. روى عن الشيخ أيضاً :((اللهم صلي على الصف الثاني ، والثالث ، والرابع" فقيل له "والصف الأول يا شيخ" فقال "دا كله مباحث يا اخوّنا))

  7. يقول عن توفيق الحكيم عندما قال آدم عبيط : ((توفيق الحكيم حيث لاتوفيق ولا حكمة))ثم يتنهد الشيخ ويقول متأسفا : ((هؤلاء هم أدباؤنا))

  8. قول عن بابا الأقباط: ((آه ياني يللي مالناش بابا))

  9. من أقواله - رحمه الله - التي تستحق أن تكتب بماء الذهب قوله :((الدنيا إذا ما حلت أوحلت وإذا ما كست أوكست وإذا أينعت نعت)

  10. وقال عن ام كلثوم :((امرأة في السبعين من عمرها تقول:خدني لحنانك خدني))فاستطرد الشيخ: ((ياشيخه خدك ربنا))

  11. وقال عن عبد الحليم حافظ :((وهذا العندليب الأسود عندنا ظهرت له معجزتين الأولى يمسك الهوى بأيديه و التانية يتنفس تحت الماء))

  12. ومره من المرات قبض عليه، فضابط جديد يحقق معاه فقال: ما أسمك قال: عبد الحميد كشك (والمفترض أن الشيخ مشهور عند المباحث) قال: ما عملك فقال الشيخ: مساعد طيار (و معلوم أن الشيخ كان ضريرا)

  13. عرض عليه الخروج من مصر فقال: ((هذا التولي يوم الزحف))

One of the interesting facts was how he passed away. He passed away in a way a lot of Muslims would like their lives to end.

On a Friday, he headed to the Mosque he used to preach at and prayed a Salat Taheyat Al Masjid (a non-obligatory prayer when Muslims enter a mosque).

As he was praying (during his second Rakah), he bowed into the Sujud form (head touching the ground) and he never got up.

He passed away as he was doing a Sujood, the most humble and submissive action in prayer towards God... what a way to meet God! masha2 Allah!

Allah yer7amo, and forgive him for any mistakes, Ameen.

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jessyz said...

Allahuma erzukna 7usn el 7'atema.
Sheikh Kishk was one of Egypt's amazing minds I hope we will have similar men and women in our communities for the coming generations to learn from and enjoy.

nousha said...

what a beautiful death!!

Fadfadation said...

Yes, he was outstanding.

Fadfadation said...


lol..when you say it that way, it sounds strange...lol

But you are right, for muslims this is one of the ways a lot of people would like to meet God with.

I am sure non-muslims reading this will go "huh, a nice way to die, what are thses people talking about?!"


soreal said...

how true!!

its really difficult to communicate that idea to them

elmohem... allah yer7amo we yer7am gamee3 motana we yer7amna agma3een... amen.

we inshallah tefdal mesr waladah..

Fadfadation said...


Yes, Ameen.

As for non-muslims, i think it should be a simple explaination,

We all will die, so why not hope we die a death that will help us in the next life?

what is better than meeting God while we are doing the most submissive action towards him during prayer?


Amre El-Abyad said...

Well, i have no doubt he was a muslim. But i'm sure he didnt know anything about Islam.

Islam opened the way for a great cosmopolitan civilsation which created modern experimental sciense, arts, poetry, tolerance multiplicity and unity .

The likes of kishk will only bring us back to middle ages and make the muslims weaker.

3dowon 3alm 7ayron min sadeekin jahil.......

Ma-3lina said...

wow , rabna yr7mo we yr7mna game3an.

wonderful article especially his sayings r very funny .

thx alot for putting that smile on that miserable face :)))

Fadfadation said...


A man that was objecting with all he had against tirany to you is a man who bring us backwards????

walahi, yes he is human and surely he made mistakes, but he sure was much more of a "MAN" then many others in his time...and maybe even in ours ya basha!

Wee leeh el 7ozn bas?!
maho kolo by3ady :)

mbthe2nd said...

we ba3deen ba2a?
kol el nass bete7sedna 3al baba beta3na ? :)

Fadfadation said...

walahi fe3lan...at least el baba has some power infornt of the governement.

As for muslims, leena meen netlam warah :(

Mafysh 3'eer Rabena, 7ayegy yoom el denya tet7asen ISA :)

Sagacious Sara said...

Thanks for that food for thought. Its not everyday I hear stories like these.

Deeeeeee said...

I've heard a lot about him before.. the mosque is actually a walking distance from my home. I am definitely in search of his biography after reading this. :)

Fadfadation said...

If you find any interesting book plz tell me.

thank Deeeeee

Fadfadation said...

Best description about Sheikh Kishk from Al Masri Al Youm:

رحم الله الشيخ كشك.. كان خطيباً عظيماً، مفكراً محدوداً، سياسياً ضعيفاً.. إنساناً بلا حدود!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't he claiming that Muslims who entered paradise would enjoy eternal erections and the company of young boys draped in earrings and necklaces," and promising them "an eternity of blissful pederasty."?
Was he a homosexual?


Fadfadation said...


It is very easy degrading people and acusing them of stuff, isn't it!?!

No, he never said or did such things as far as everyone is concerned.

Acussations are very easy to scatter around. At the end of the day, what he did (really did and said) is what counts.

Ya reet nataki Allah fel amwat shwaya.

Laa 7awla wala kowata ila BelAh.

Anonymous said...

salamz to all. i just wanted to reply to the two people who criticized the sheikh for

a) preaching eternal erections and love to boys.

first, i've listened to the majority of kishk's lectures and god knows that he never mentioned anything even close. do you think he would have such an audience if he was a pervert?

second, do you know who accused him of such?? it's judith miller in her book. judith miller is the person who preached on evidence the new york times about sadam's wmd's during the escalation for the war. she was also the person who declassified a cia agent (joseph wilson's wife) and imprisoned.

b) as for the backward sheikh trying to return muslims to the middle ages...

realize that muslims owe it to their religion, not intellect or nationalism that they once had some dignity in the world. look all its branches today, the majority can no longer afford bread!

it was muslim sheikh's like ibn sena (averoes), taqi al din al basri, ibn al jazari, ibn khaldoun, ibn jabr, etc. who led the muslim scientific revolution! in fact, it's interesting enough to realize that they lived their lives struggling the tyranny of the nationalists of their times and many were repeatedly tortured and imprisoned.



albmuslim said...

Allahu Akbar wal-lilahil-hamd

Fadi S - Lebnon said...

salam for who deserve it!
i want to say to that person (if we can call him that!)- that the person who will "bring us back to middle ages and make the muslims weaker"
is that people like him and not the "Sheikh", and not all thing in middle ages is bad you know, like now not everything is good!!!!!
finally there things i disagree with the sheikh but:
1- i respect him a lot
2- he is better from me "And God Knows"
3- that doesn't mean to attack him or saying anything bad about him.
God forgive him and all muslims i hope.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy some more

zaki said...

More of sh. Kisk's biography etc.


I say as Imam Malik said: "Nothing will rectify the later part of this ummah except that which rectified it at the beginning".

For those who equate returnig to the Qur'an and Sunnah according to the way of Salaf as 'being backward', shame on you!

Abu Dujana said...

salam al, amazing character, have not any of his lectures been translated in English, I guess we should learn the language, but it would be nice if someone somewhere transcribed his lectures into Engliah. We pray Allah SWT grants his Jannah

Yusef said...

To all those who have said negative things about the Sheikh, my Sheikh, i ask them to reflect on the manner in which he died and make your own conclusions. Anybody who dies in a state of total submission to God, like the way the Sheikh passed on, is a very honorable person. He has attained the highest degree of self actualisation; and by the way not as argued by Maslow. Having had the privilege to listen to the Sheikh's messages, not only was he courageous, he was knowledgeable, thoughtful and blessed with oratory skills. I am thinking of someone to match him. His ability to provide solutions to the many social problems mankind faces would even have meemerised the likes of Comte, Durkheim and Karl Marx.

Abu nurdin swalahadin said...

A.a very beautiful lectures.my sheikh is one of his students this means that we are geting the knowledge of sheikh kishki through him.muslims should unite under 1 umbrela the quran and sunnah.wabillahi tawfiq