Sunday, May 06, 2007

TIMES: Amr Khalid On "The People Who Shape Our World" List

Amr Khalid On TIMES 100 List
Amr Khalid hit TIMES’ "The People Who Shape Our World" 100 list. He came as no.62 in the most influential "Heroes and Pioneers".

Amr Khalid was also rated no. 13 on the TIMES 100 readers POLL. He came as the top Egyptian, Arab and Muslim on the list.

Snapshot from TIMES' "100 Readers POLL"

Walahi i believe that he deserves this.

Like him or not, but you have to agree that this guy "is" very influential.
The amount of people that have been "positively" changed by his message (masha2 Allah) is huge not only in Egypt but even beyond.

I personally owe this guy big time!
He was one of the main reasons God put in my way to make a change in my life (hopefully to the better…lol).

I remember when i first heard of him it was back in 2001 (much later than many people). Some people used to talk about him and i was like: "huh, meen da?".
Later on, some of my friends started going to his Hossari Masjid lessons in Mohandessen (a Cairo district).

I once turned the TV to Iqra TV channel to check out what he is all about. I have to be honest, I hated his voice!! (yes very
His voice tone reaches a high pitch when he gets existed (at least it used to). This made me say:" Naaah, i don't like him.".

After a while, i thought:” That judgment was very superficial, i didn't even listen to what he has to say". I then sat down, heard him and found out that this guy has a message worth listening to and a message that is of value.

The guy wants us to be proud of our heritage, our religion and have faith in ourselves.
His message is clear: “Be a Muslim that would make God and his Prophet proud of you”, “Be the best you can at what you do”.

And bottom line: “LEAD BY EXAMPLE.“ was his message.

The lessons that i liked most were "Waa Nalka Al Aheba" (about the prophet's companions), "Ala Khota Al Habib" (about the Prophet's message and life), and current series "Da'awa lel Ta'ayosh" (about the 4 greatest Imam's of fikh in Islam and the message of tolerance).

Anyway, i hereby post this post as a very humble thank you to the man who (with God's blessing and grace) put me on the right track (ISA).

Bravo Amr Khalid on this achievement (7aga tesharafna odaam el 3alam), and may God bless you.

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Sagacious Sara said...

Oh wow. I didn't know about that rating he got, but he totally deserves it! He was also my inspiration to increase my knowledge of Islam. I remember also not liking his squeeky voice at first, but you learn to listen beyond it.

Fadfadation said...

Seems everyone who ended up listening to him was repulsed at the beginning because of his voice, but as you said: "you learn to listen beyond it."

Of course our precious government media will not mention anything about his award.

The usual "afraid of any idols in Egyptian society" is the governments slogan...

fa23 mooot!

Ra3d said...

i disliked him for his voice mainly & for a message i won't mention here & prefer to keep it personal. I tried him few times after my friends's insistence on giving him a try to be fair in my judgement. but don't know why his words didn't recah my heart.
still i appreciate him for managing to positively change many people. i wasn't one but the fact remains he did & still doing.

Fadfadation said...


Akeed what works for some doesn't have to work for everyone.

Some people don't like him for various reasons, that's normal.

Amre El-Abyad said...

One thing i dont understand about Khaled, that is restricting his lessons to corrupt business men and disillusioned gulf people.

Fadfadation said...

lool...then i guess you have just labeled me and thousands of Egyptians of either being "corrupt business men and disillusioned gulf people"

lol :)

nousha said...

thanks Fadfadation !
I didn't know about this news, then I discovered that only el masry el yom and Orbit mentioned it ! How come the Egyptian media didn't cover this???

I must say that me too I hated the high pitch of his voice, and his way of jumping from one subject to the next. But all in all I appreciated his message so much.
I am not a big fan, but I totally respect him and from time to time I listen to his tapes while I'm driving.
rabena yewafa`oh

Fadfadation said...

Don't mention it Nousha.

What did we expect from the government media?

they ignore any bright example when they feel people are gathered aronud him.

Do i need to remind you of Ahmed Zoueil and how he was brushed aside ??