Sunday, June 17, 2007

Book Review: The Alchemist

At last i read this book everyone has been talking about.

Yes, it seems i am the last one on planet earth to read it, and here is what i think:

Book Upsides?

No doubt it is a good book. Full of wisdom words and spirituality which touches base with anyone (from any religion) because it speaks of common things all religions share (hope, destiny, desires, pleads, faith...etc.).

To me as a Muslim, i was extra hooked because the characters (%80) were Muslims. And thank God they were portrayed in a good way (actually sometimes in a very good way).

I felt soft for the guy who wanted to go to Hajj (the merchant).

Quotes from the book?

Meaning of: "Always follow Omens, listen to your heart and make the best out of beginners luck".

Book Downsides?

The only part that the book could do without, is the part when the Arab chief requested that the boy (i already forgot the hero's was supposed to change into wind. This part was silly and i thought there was no need for it.

I have to say the other part i don't like about this book has nothing to do with the content of the book. Makes no sense, huh??! lol.

I mean the part that annoys me is that this book became Cliche.

Everyone "HAS" to read it and everyone "HAS" to like it. If you don't then you are not cool?!!!!!!!!!!

That's ridiculous besara7a! In Egypt if you didn't read it and like it you are not part of the cool club!


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jessyz said...

I first read this book back in 95 and loved it. I was still at school and it was like this strange fairy tale to me. I have two favorites about this book and they are that Santiago (the protagonist) finds the treasure exactly where he started his journey, which means that part of the journey was the treasure itself. The other thing I love so much is that there were so many different and colorful characters that symbolise different things.

Ma-3lina said...

I heard about that book from many people and i downloaded it , still didnot read it

so, many thanks for the overall review of the book and i will try to read it isa

Fadfadation said...

95??!!! wow i sure am late reading this then :)

Ma3alena, you'll like it. it is good but i think people are over doing the fuss about it.

Juka said...

If you read it and didn't like it, it makes you extra cool in my book!! I found it to be totally overrated.

Fadfadation said...

Bosi ya Joka...

I liked it.
Bas besara7a ana ma3aki "it is overrated"... el naas mezawedenha 2awy 3aleeh!

Ra3d said...

im glad u like it, welcome at my club,,the club of coool people :P:P

yeah u grabbed my attanetion to the fact that muslims are portrayde in a very good way "surprise". which is a very good credit to the author.
i second u as th ebook is full of inspiring words, one of my favorites as i posted b4.
thanks for making me identiy here :) bravo fadfadation