Thursday, June 14, 2007

Comments On The News This Week

About the Shoura Council elections in Egypt

From Salama Ahmad Salama's article in Al Ahram newspaper:

Wanting to exclude the unwanted, the government has arrested those who it feared would win against the government's NDP (so called "National Democratic Party) ruling party.

It has been reported that the security forces have arrested more than a thousand people from the Muslim Brotherhood, independent candidates and their supporters to prevent them from the participating in the elections (by claiming their affiliation to the banned MBs or using religious slogans). This has turned the election inta an atmosphere of fear and insecurity.


From Amar Ali Hassan's article in Al Masri Al Youm newspaper:

President Mubarak is killing the Egyptian political life, blocking all the channels for effective participation, and weakening the political parties because of strict procedures of the emergency law.

President Mubarak put pressure on the Muslim Brotherhood from every direction. Making them become in the eyes of people as «victims», «potential political martyrs».
This makes people stand behind them and sympathize with them.

Although the Brotherhood politically are not yet ripe, all this ridiculous cruel and vicious attack on them on government TV screens trying to make people avoid the Muslim Brotherhood is failing drastically.
What the government doesn't want to understand is that those rotten faces that come on TV and keep attacking the MBs are actually hated by the people.
They enjoy no popularity and are seriously hated by the masses because those faces are corrupt to their ears!
All this makes people want the MBs more, because they are sick of all these corrupt people (NPD and their co-s) who have been screwing the country.

There is an Egyptian proverb which says (something to the sort of) : «if an insult comes out from a rude\bad person, then it is not an insult».

You can figure out how this applies in this situation ;)


El 3'abawa leha nasha bardo! lol

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Anonymous said...

Mubarak killed the democracy in egypt and it's law put a lot of oppression in all the parties specially brotherhood also minor parties and it donot allow other parties to form ,it become a tyranny and egypt looked like a manor to Mubarak and his sons and we just his slaves .

Fadfadation said...

3ala ra2eyek..i7na ba2eena 3aysheen fy 3ezba