Sunday, June 17, 2007

Egypt's Bias In Palestine

I don't know about you, but for me it is obvious ever since Hamas made it and took control of the Palestinian government, and Egypt has been biased to Fath group.

News of training and providing arms to Fath group among other things convinced me of that.

Since Hamas won was in the government and Fath were bullying them, rioting and doing ridiculous things that Hamas never did to Fath (when Fath controlled the government).

All in all, it is a pity what is happening between Palestinians.
The strange thing is, after Hamas already now controlled the Gaza strip, Egypt is sort of boycotting it?!!!!
Where were you Egypt when Fath was back-stabbing the Hamas government?
I wonder if Egypt would be boycotting Fath if it was the one controlling Gaza strip by now?!!!

No answer of course :(

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Anonymous said...

Of course, what do you expect, and why should Egypt treat Fatah and Hamas equally? Hamas has been sabotaging all peace efforts with Israel since even before they took power. They are a terrorist organization, pure and simple.Why would Egypt support an Islamic government that calls for the destruction of Israel?

Fadfadation said...

Hamas has been elected for 2 years. You can blame them (if you want) for stopping peace. But that is not reality, is it?

Where was peace all the years before that??

The problem wasn't Hamas Anon.

You got what i mean...

i hope!

Anonymous said...

There was Peace with Egypt since the 1970s, and Israel returned Sinai to Egypt, which is the biggest part of land occupied in 1967.
There is also peace with Jordan now, after the negotiations in the 90s.
Negotiations with the Palestinians did not start until the PLO denounced terrorism and recognized Israel's right to exist, unlike Hamas.
Terrorist attacks during 90s and 2000s delayed that process. Hamas in power delayed it even more.
All they have to do is stop terrorism, recognized Israel's right to exist, and negotiate with an open mind.
I think Egypt and Jordan are good examples for what could happen between Israel, and Syria and the Palestinians. Lebanon wants peace but as long as they are used by foreign powers as a base to launch attacks against Israel, nothing much can be done exept if the west helped Lebanon militarily (in which case they will be called traitors by their Arab neighbors just because they want to secure their own country). The other solution would be to deal with Syria and Iran directly, which means a full scale war.

Fadfadation said...

You have talked eloquently about what Egypt and Jordan did, and what Palestinians and Syrians should be doing.

You seem to miss out Israel. As if the whole deal is about the others (other than Israel) doing things to get peace. And what mistakes the "others" do (which in turn delays peace).

It is a two way thing Mr.\Mrs\Miss Anon.

The problem is, Israel has most of the cards and has the land that is not hers!
That's the main cause of all these ill feallings running around!

As for the word "Terrorist attacks" we can differ on it depending on what the event was and why they are doing it (in some cases and some countries they call it defending their land).

Even if you want to label all that Palestinians do as "terror" ( which Israel of course always does), what about the State Terror by Israeli?

Demolishing houses, killing civilians, wall of separation (illegal by international law may i add), taking land that is not theirs, confiscating land, building settlements on lands not theirs, diversion of water from Syrian land... and the list goes on.

Although i am sure, all this is considered nothing, because how dare those badies (so call "Palestinians") dare and fight back.

Anyway, enough said already.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.