Sunday, June 03, 2007

Jokes: Advertisments And Signs "Only In Egypt" #2

And Finally:

Ahh ya balad :)

Mood: Cheerful :)


Ma-3lina said...


it's really hilarious despite it shows that we r really really a developing country still hilarious

"matermosh el zebal ya ...."

it seems that the man canot stand it anymore :)))

" el 2ola "

gamda gedaaaaaaaaaaaan

The end " ah ya balad " hurts coz we laugh at such disasters that never ends

nousha said...

haha :-D
nice one

Fadfadation said...

The words "EL 3ASHWA2YA" comes to mind :(

Ra3d said...

funnny, thanks fad.,,really needed such a thing now:)

gjoe said...

I like to categorize this as :Black Comedy.
But it sure did made my day!!
w ya3eeeny ya3eeeeeny ya 3eeny 3al balaad!

Fadfadation said...


good thing you liked it. We all need something to "sort of" cheer us up every now and then :)

zandy said...

I just loved the photos :D
comments like these i would never think wud be anywhere but in egypt :D
bs honestely el wa7ed mesh 3aref yed7ak wla yez3al :D

Fadfadation said...

The wrods "Om EL Doniya" just has another meaning

Anonymous said...

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